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Welcome to TN Beretta !!

Remember this missive I penned back in April of ’13 (Wow have I had the keys to the Imperial booze cabinet that long already?!?!) Welcome to the Rust Belt Well here’s an update  -  it looks like Beretta has now decided on Gallatin TN for its new home. 45 Million dollar expansion – Hell yes….TN

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Open season on law abiding citizens

Tyranny – this is what it looks like, and no surprise….. it once again rears its ugly snout straight out of Chicago, H/T to the blog at Guns N’ Freedom. Chicago Police Superintendent Says Cops Will Shoot Gun Carrying Citizens Because of His Training “You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy

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University of Kansas Professor Beclowns himself

It’s down right plain old scary some-days to think what we, as rational adults with kids, are paying for when we send our tykes off for some higher edu-me-cation. You’d think that sending your kid off to a school in the Midwestern state of Kansas, would perhaps even help to shield Jr. or your darling

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Starbucks to 80 million Americans – we don’t want you.

Can’t say as I ever really cared much for Starbucks swill – in a pinch – groggy after a extended shift and desperate for caffeine maybe, but – Caribou is my coffee of choice. Well, now…I guess I will just choke down a Red Bull or can of Coke or something if I need a

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The Only Thing “Phony” is King Hussein Ogabe

…Sister Toldjah concludes after reminding us about just a few of King Hussein’s “phony” scandals, as he refers to them. Like those 4 “phony” dead (who couldn’t be reached for comment, that’s how phony they are) in Benghazi. Or the hundreds of Mexican “phony” corpses along with a couple more “phony” dead Americans, all assuming

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All’s I can say is she’s lucky it wasn’t me. Faced with the aggressive in your face attitude this woman displayed – depending on my own mood at the moment she might have been met with one of three or maybe four responses. An Apology – Highly unlikely, but sometimes it’s simply not even worth

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We told you Aussies were blunt

Take a look at what Aussies do when they are fed up with a politician. We dont mince words.

Shockingly Stoopid

Literally - W. Va. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line To Steal Copper  A man was electrocuted when he picked up a live power line that he had shot down in order to steal copper from it. Another low information voter meets his much overdue demise. And there was much rejoicing and revelry in the Empire!

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Obama Supporters get taken to the woodshed.

As the tag says… Fucking OUCH! This one rests on its own laurels folks – I can’t say anything or enough about it. But I can applaud – wildly. Go read and oh yeah, send linky thingys far and wide!! Lloyd Marcus clue-bats his family members  

Biden advises women

To follow up on the most awesome thread Lady M-ITT – of  Imperial Sniper Fame just posted…Another Democrat, no other than the highly esteemed (in the fever swamps of D.C. that is) VP himself gives out his sage advice to women on self defense….I guess at least Joe is not telling them to bite the

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TSA Violates the 4th part 10,000,000,000

Morning Rotties! Since I am off in the environs of the sand – multiple time zones ahead of the majority of the Empire’s Citizens here I sit with my morning coffee – it’s 5-ish – and in case you’re wondering no I don’t sleep much – but here I am slaving over my keyboard so

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Romney Speaks at the Al Smith Dinner

A few hours ago, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the other guy he is running against attended the annual Al Smith Dinner. It is tradition for presidents to attend, and in election years, for both candidates to be present. Romney spoke first, and when he did, he revealed a sense of humor I doubt many

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“Tickle-Me Biden” Beclowns Himself

Usually, political debates between individuals with more than 20 years age difference are pretty lopsided affairs. Wisdom, the theory goes, is a byproduct of experience, and is earned over time. But in the VP Debate last night, delivered in a format and with a moderator that the Republicans should be excoriated for agreeing to, Biden’s

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Oh gawd…………

I just saw this After leaving office, Nagin founded CRN Initiatives LLC, a firm that focuses on Emergency Preparedness, Green Energy product development, Publishing and Public Speaking. He wrote and self-published his first book, Katrina Secrets: Storms after the Storms which gives a first-hand account of how New Orleans overcame the storm. Ah yes, a

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An Inconvenient Truth

Inconvenient, that is, if you’re a liberal fascist gun-grabber :Friday’s horrible shooting in Colorado occurred in yet another place where guns are banned. And that’s consistent with a trend: With a single exception, every multiple-victim public shooting in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed since at least 1950 has taken

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