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Biden doesnt waste any time lurching to the Left

He will rejoin the Paris agreement. If carried out, the energy regulations agreed to in Paris by the Obama administration would destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, harm American manufacturing, and destroy $2.5 trillion in gross domestic product by the year 2035. So called “climate change”? You mean the supposed catastrophe theories that cant be

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Dear me, the Prozis really do have short memories

[youtube][/youtube] Looks like someone needs to build a wall.

Kermit’s Kernels of Klue

Shamelessly stolen borrowed from Irish. F.E.T.E.

Welcome to the Imperial Presidency

And no, sadly, not the Imperial presidency of His Imperial Majesty, Misha I, but that of His Colossal Ineptitude, princess Obola I. So Empress Obola, safe in her knowledge that nothing would happen if she did so (nothing ever happened on the umpty-million times she took a piss on the Constitution and ruled by fiat

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Just One Question For the Leftards

Preznit Obola can barricade WWII vets from their monuments and ordinary American citizens from their own national parks, but he can’t barricade potential guaranteed Ebola carriers from entering our country? F.E.T.E. PS: All Hail Emperor Misha! (May Beers Be Upon Him)

The Coyote-In-Chief Strikes Again

Imagine reading these headlines before 2009:  “Endless wave of illegal immigrants floods Rio Grande valley.”  “Unaccompanied alien children being relocated across the country.”  “Texas Rancher finds Urdu dictionary along illegal immigrant pathway.”  “68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records caught and released in 2013.” They are not easy to find now, as the captured media are

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See-B.S. Continue Slurping Their Halfrican Muslim President’s Cock

While pretending to cover an incident in California (h/t Jeff Goldstein): MURRIETA ( — Dozens of protesters blocked the road Tuesday so buses full of undocumented immigrants couldn’t make their way to a U.S. Border Patrol Station in Murrieta. The word you’re looking for, See-B.S., is “illegal aliens”. We guess some good citizens were a

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The Fix Is In, O’Boehner Fully Aligned With Barack the Bastard

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise, so we’re just putting it up here to complete the record: Boehner told the House Republican membership in a [confidential] telephone meeting a short while ago that the Republican leadership will NOT pursue defunding Obamacare, that they will only pursue saving from the sequestration Yet another “oh we’ll

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The face of Amnesty

This is the face of Amnesty that your Democrat and Republican elected officials want to shove down your throat. Remember it. 19 Year old illegal sexually assaults and murders 93 year old woman in Omaha Make sure you Watch the video, it’s important – the print article makes NO mention of his status as an

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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It (and If You Haven’t Tried It, How Do You Know It’s Even Broke?)

First off, we were off reading Hot Air’s “Quotes of the Day” as they provide us with much fodder in our quest to root out Idiotarianism wherever it may be found. After face-palming ourself through the first third or so, it’s amazing what levels of stupidity allegedly “smart” people are quite happily putting on display

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They Said if We Voted For McCain, We’d Live Under a Tyranny

And they were right! John McCain is so confident in the Corker-Hoeven amendment’s strengthening of the border that he compared it to another well-known, controversial barrier. “We’ll be the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” the Arizona senator said on CNN this morning. He said that border security in the amendment

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Did We Mention That You’re Dead to Us, Rubio?

Yeah, we believe that we did. After having babbled incessantly that what he called Amnesty in 2010 is now no longer Amnesty (it is, in fact, according to Rubio v2013, Amnesty to NOT pass what Rubio v2010 considered Amnesty a mere 3 years ago when he was running for election. Imagine that!) and babbling even

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Yeah, Let’s Open Up Them Borders Some More. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Our crack teams of uber-professional, federal immigrations officers are right ON THAT SHIT. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who nevertheless could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence conviction, according to a Judicial Watch source. That means the Obama administration

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Is this at the border of each US state?

Watched this Youtube video and wondering where and how this is happening. [youtube][/youtube]

King Ogabe Overrules Congress, Nullifies Immigration Laws by Executive Fiat

He really needs to tone it down a bit. He’s beginning to give tyrannical thugs like His Imperial Majesty a bad name. The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a

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