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Kosmic Karmic Klimacomedy

In an ironic twist of fate that is so comical that Keepers of the Fates are pissing themselves from fits of laughter, the Apostles of the Church of Algorean Asininity who are stuck in non-existent ice aboard the SS Klimate Klusterfuck have asked for REAL, UNADJUSTED weather data from none other than the Sultan of

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Check’s in the mail

Or so our beloved Congress Critters would have the Veterans and Active duty, Reserve and Guard believe. This is almost one of those “Careful what you wish for – you just might get it” moments After nearly 6 years of not passing one – we have a budget but it’s a Socialist’s wet dream. Here’s

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Oh Please, ENOUGH, I Can’t Laugh Anymore, It Hurts Too MUCH!

So the glorious ObamaCare.duh Epic Fail™ isn’t done being the gift that keeps on giving, huh? Well, if anything was to shake His Imperial Majesty out of his post-Thanksgiving tryptophane-induced somnolence syndrome (that’s a real medical term. We just made it up almost entirely ourself), a rip-roaring belly laugh would do the trick. And we’re

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Schadenfreude, Thou Wilt Be the Bane of Me…

Seriously, at this point we’re beginning to think they’re doing it on purpose to make us die laughing. Which, granted, is a damn sight more pleasant than the death we’d otherwise face as the death panels put us on nil per os to starve us to death. So we heard that the Sebelius Road Show

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Lovely Bipartisanship!

Isn’t that what we’re told that we need more of? Isn’t that what the Liberal Fascist Party screams and howls about every time they can’t find GOP votes for their latest tyrannical power grab? They must be positively ecstatic now that Upton’s Keep Your Health Plan Act passed with a massive, bipartisan majority in the

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It’s the dues dummy!!

It’s all about the Union dues coffers. How else to explain this? You can’t. Not with out a straight face at least. The very idea of two of the most powerful Teacher Unions in the country fighting this bill is so utterly repugnant I can’t even find words – oh who am I kidding…I got

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Another square peg in a round hole

And someone is using a mighty big damn hammer to make it fit. TENNESSEE Ranked most “Dangerous state in the US”.  Okay full disclosure – I am a TN resident, having moved there from Tampa in 2006. I love my home up in the Smokies. I love EAST TN…they can keep Nashville and Memphis….Clean air,

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Because Fuck You, you’re supposed to die for us

From the files of “Pissing on those that Protect You:”  Via ZeroHedge Filed under “you can’t make this shit up,” in perhaps the most ironic thing to come out of DC, the Washington Times reports that the White House Gift Shop has gone broke. Long run by a nonprofit group that helps uniformed Secret Service officers and their

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The One And Future Chad, The Boy Who Enrolled In 404Care, Actually… Didn’t…

In other not quite as covered news as a terrified nation hunkers down under the ShutdownPocalypse, not knowing when they might, once again, be able to rely on the safe operation of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (also a real agency, we’re still not making things up) and thus be able to find Upper Volta

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Okay folks who’s got the popcorn

Our election is on Saturday. All arrows point to a conservative victory, and the Ruddster, who was Prime MInister, then wasnt when they threw him out ,because they put Julia Gillard in , because Julia was better than Kevin, may be thrown out again. By us this time. With me so far? Then Kevin’s mates,

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There Are Several Reasons Why You Should Never Hit a Woman

…this is yet another one of those reasons. Yes, His Imperial Majesty thinks that it’s just about too perfect to not be fake, but it is so flat out magnificent that you just have to see it. (h/t LC Igor) Thatisall.

Poster girl for a noose

I don’t even really know where to start …. According to a CBS Affiliate in Boston, A NYC City Woman, Audrea Gause – is being charged with attempting to defraud the Boston Bombing Fund out of a cool Half a Million…. H/T to “Mr. Conservative” Sadly, she damn near got away with it …. according to

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Detroit, Poster Child for Obama’s America

In the midst of the national paroxysm of idiocy that is the Trayvon Martin story, did anyone else happen to notice that the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy today? Yep, that’s right, the progressive model city for dozens of interventions schemed up as part of the War on Poverty over decades, nay, generations, has up

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Or Else WHAT, Baracky the Circus Clown?

In the rest of the world, the Baraaarrghh Leftist Junta apparently aren’t all that thrilled with Russia and China not handing over Snowden just because Teh One™ tells them to. It’s almost as if the effeminate, noodle-spined fucktard from Kenya thinks that anybody is still taking his pansy-arse self seriously. (Yes, we know we’re linking

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Do not try this at home…..

…these people are Russian drivers. And with that I declare an open thread. The Imperial Booze cabinet is open, canapes are on the right, and if anyone can work out the new combination to the Emperors private liquor stock, be my guest. I have been reliably informed by certain sources he is busy elsewhere. Mwehehehe…..