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The Iron Lady has passed

Somewhere in that Bright Shining City on the Hill Ronald Reagan and John Paul II just welcomed home the last of the Three Great Cold Warriors who brought the Evil Empire down.  Godspeed Maggie, have a pint.  

So Long, Eric Faine, And Thank You For Being You

Eric, it’s now been almost exactly 48 hours since I found out that you have passed from this plane of existence. I will never forget you, my brother, and I know that I will never enjoy, as much as I did with you, staying up until all hours of the morning just talking about all

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Equal Opportunity – Unequal Risks

Looking through various headlines I came across this: Marine General says women ready for Combat This is sure to be a hot button topic- so At the risk of crossing swords with the G.L.O.R’s here across the mighty Empire I have to say simply this – it’s wrong. It’s just flat out wrong. The General

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The spirit of their ancestors shall keep them

Less than a few days ago, three soldiers of the New Zealand armed forces were killed in a roadside bomb blast. The soldiers were part of New Zealand’s Provincial Reconstruction Team, which for many years has worked tirelessly to bring peace and security to the lives of the people of Bamyan province. At each base

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Five Diggers lost in one day

Three of them murdered by a Taliban fellator in Afghan Army uniform, who shot them in the back like the cowardly goatfucker he is, two others dead in a chopper crash. Names not released yet by request from the families. Pray for them, please. Glass the place. Nuke em till they glow, then shoot em

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For the Troops

In case you didn’t know, the TroopaThon is on! Give ’til it hurts! Thatisall.

I bid you stand, and remember.

They say this land makes for hardy souls. Harsh and unrelenting, freezing rains and floods, fires and storms, wonders beyond description, and terrors to chill the soul. This land breeds men, known as Diggers, keepers of a tradition spanning centuries, honoured and respected by their fellows, and feared by those who stand against them. This

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“If Not Me, Then Who?”

Poignant post as Memorial Day descends upon us. Hopefully a day of reflection, thankfulness and renewed courage and confidence. You should read the whole thing (but keep the Kleenex handy), I’ll just go with the headline here: Tom Manion: Why They Serve—’If Not Me, Then Who?’ I’m fairly certain that my fellow vets around here

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Picture From the Front

(Thanks to Director Blue). G-d Bless ‘Em. Thatisall.

Prayer Request

Just got notice from one of the Rotts that one of our nation’s soldiers, Tim Senkowski, stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan and is currently listed in critical condition. Tim is married with children. Any prayers would be much appreciated. Thatisall.