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Everything Going As Expected…

Problem is, we don’t much like where it’s going. We seem to have seen it before. But first, a bit of fun: Mr Putin laughed off the US sanctions that targeted his inner circle, promising the Russian government would “have the back” of those on the list, and even opening a personal account at a

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So… How’s That Reset Button Working Out For Ya, Barky?

It is to laugh… President Obama on Monday slapped Russia with the kinds of economic sanctions not seen since the Cold War, but the administration’s supposed hard line was met with mockery and a “collective shrug” in Moscow, Kiev and Washington. Ahem… Those “slapping economic sanctions not seen since the Cold War” turned out to

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Bend Over Obam-bam, Here It Comes Again

Imagine our surprise: Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution that declared a planned referendum on the status of Ukraine’s Crimea region “can have no validity” and urged nations and international organisations not to recognise it. “This is a sad and remarkable moment,” Samantha Power, the American ambassador to the United Nations, said

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Obam-bam vs. Putin

From the geniuses at the People’s Cube (below the fold as it’s quite long):

Point and Counterpoint

From DrewM: I know it’s popular on the right (and even among some liberals) to say that Obama’s weakness, as evidenced by his failure to follow through on Syria, emboldened Putin but I don’t buy it. Recall that in 2008 Vladimir Putin undertook a similar operation in the South Ossetia region of Georgia. Was George

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Unless, Of Course, You Have an IQ Larger than Your Cup Size

A Politico report calls it “a crisis that no one anticipated.” The Daily Beast, reporting on Friday’s US intelligence assessment that “Vladimir Putin’s military would not invade Ukraine,” quotes a Senate aide claiming that “no one really saw this kind of thing coming.” Read the whole thing for a beautiful example of the ObamaMedia going

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Gee, it’s Almost as if We’ve Seen this Movie Before

Kiev Warsaw was on edge Saturday after Russian parliament’s upper house the German Reichstag unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s request for a military intervention in Ukraine Poland, according to a Kremlin Reichstag statement. The approval came within two hours of Putin Hitler appealing to parliament the Reichstag, saying the move is needed

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Thank G-d For “Smarterer” Foreign Policy

…and that it arrived just in time to save us all from that horrid, amateur, jingoistic cowboy Boooosh and his many misadventures. So now Putin’s guys have rolled into the Crimea (that’s the peninsula at the far south of the Ukraine, for those wondering) in an invas… sorry, an “uncontested arrival”, as King Barack Definitely-Not-Hussein

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So, Leftists, How Are You Liking the Consequences of Your Votes?

Getting a bit peeved, it would seem. If only they could make the synaptic connection between their votes and the results of their messiah’s policies, that is. Which they can’t. (h/t Ace). After overcoming website glitches Still clinging bitterly to calling the sinking of the Titanic plus the crash of the Hindenburg times a hundred

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Jugears Ogabe Nominates Mumia to Head DoJ Civil Rights Division

Not quite. It’s “only” the asshat race-baiting fuckwit who got his death sentence overturned. Ear Leader might as well have gone all the way. Now watch as the GOP and the rest of the country takes another obvious jab in the eye from the Marxist cuntmuffin and roll over. OK, they’re going to issue the

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Oh Please, ENOUGH, I Can’t Laugh Anymore, It Hurts Too MUCH!

So the glorious ObamaCare.duh Epic Fail™ isn’t done being the gift that keeps on giving, huh? Well, if anything was to shake His Imperial Majesty out of his post-Thanksgiving tryptophane-induced somnolence syndrome (that’s a real medical term. We just made it up almost entirely ourself), a rip-roaring belly laugh would do the trick. And we’re

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We See What You Did There…

And so did everybody else capable of reading a 1st grade textbook without moving his lips. Step 1: In a pathetic attempt at avoiding election consequences for the most colossal clusterfuck in the history of the United States and to try to pass blame for it on the insurance industry, illegally offer a “delay” of

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Meanwhile, in the Führerbunker

As the cheap communist concrete is chipping and raining down over his head, Ear Leader reaches out to his Useless Idiots for moral support: A downbeat President Barack Obama Führer repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse

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Schadenfreude, Thou Wilt Be the Bane of Me…

Seriously, at this point we’re beginning to think they’re doing it on purpose to make us die laughing. Which, granted, is a damn sight more pleasant than the death we’d otherwise face as the death panels put us on nil per os to starve us to death. So we heard that the Sebelius Road Show

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ObamaCare Clusterfuck, Day 49

Just cut the crap and repeal it already. No, that’s not us, that’s the, wait for it, Chicago Tribune. Those horrible, bomb-throwing, suicide vest wearing, arsonist hostage taker kidnapper RACISTS from Chicago. Oh wait, that’s no longer the approved Socialist Democrat talking point, is it? One question: Can one die from a popcorn overdose? Thatisall.