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Just so we are clear

To all of the Prozis who tell us “we will reach across and now we can be friends” Newsflash I intend to treat the President- select with the same amount of compassion, understanding and tolerance that you showed to Pres. Trump over the last four years. I.e NONE. Heres a nice recap of the last

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Trump to CNN: Shut the fuck up

Watch this [youtube][/youtube] A thing of beauty. About bloody time that CNN was called on their BS, it’s about time the LameStream Media™ got a good swift kick. No one, anywhere, can ever argue that the average person has had it up to HERE with their slant, bias and spin. Thats the message. We are

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What’s Hot, and What’s Not…

Three weeks ago: “Refusing to accept an election result before the vote has even been cast = DIRECT THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!!!!” Today: “WE WUZ ROBBED!!!!1!!1!!” Thatisall.

Star of “Hamilton” Cast Advocating Raping White Girls

Coincidentally, the same member of the cast lecturing VP-elect Mike Pence about his “hateful, racist ways” on Friday. (No, numbnuts, you can’t delete it. It’s a screencap) So… You’re saying that Saint Paddy’s day is a great day for black dudes to run around date-raping drunk white girls, are you? #RapeCulture! #Triggered! #Misogyny! What’s that

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Oh Dear, More ProgNazi Hypocrisy on Display

So the other day, this happened: At a performance of the Broadway smash Hamilton, Pence was booed (with some cheers mixed in) before the show started. While the cast performed the hip-hop musical about the Founding Fathers, debate raged on the internet about the etiquette behind booing the vice president-elect. There he was, trying to

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The Tolerant Big Tent Left in action

After a fair and free election in the United States, one side didnt like the outcome. So they protested peacefully. Wait. No they didnt. Remember those claims of Trump supporters not respecting women and being “misogynistic”? After Obama, was elected and after he was re relected, the opposition sighed, went to bed, got up and

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Pope Visits; Flood of Tears Washes Boehner Out of Office

So I have resolved to try to post a little more often, at least while the boss is on hiatus. The greatest difficulty, however, has been choosing a topic from the cornucopia of stupefaction that describes politics in America these days. I finally gave up and decided to refer to the more newsworthy of the

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Welcome to Hell

It seems to me that NBC has it’s collectivist panties in a knot about the treatment of various scumbags amongst us. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon bomber,  should he avoid the death penalty, is destined to wind up at a Super-Max facility in Colorado called the Administrative Maximum Facility — aka ADX, or “supermax”. First

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Excuse me?

2 posts in 48 hours, I’m burning up da’ intertubes for sure!! Actually – not really, I just got to feeling like a slug and a little ticked at myself for letting the awesome privilege of being allowed to scribble my thoughts here at the AIR sit on a virtual shelf and gather dust. Anyhow,

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A Question For The TransQueerLesboWhateverTheFuckThey’reCalling ThemselvesThisWeek Community

If you’re so fucking “brave”, “progressive” and “inclusive”, why don’t you “tolerant” fuckweasels go and try to force a Moose-slime bakery or a mosque to cater to your “marriage” demands? We’ll be waiting, with incredibly bated breath, for your “enlightened reasoning”. F.E.T.E.

Ferguson burns while Eric Holder whines

You’d have to put your brain in a box – lock it with chains and a padlock – and send it into orbit for the next year to actually take anything Eric Holder says seriously anymore. Holder criticizes police response in Ferguson, says he is ‘deeply concerned’ about use of military equipment Attorney General Eric

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As I seem to recall..what was her name again?

White House accidentally blows cover of CIA chief in Afghanistan THE Obama administration has accidentally revealed the name of the CIA’s top official in Afghanistan in an email to thousands of journalists. The officer’s name — identified as “chief of station” in Kabul — was included by US embassy staff on a list of 15

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ObamaCare fails – Fiddytwo’rs hit hardest.

I couldn’t decide when I started this post to run with the title above or make it “Reason XXXVII I fucking HATE Obama and his Base”. Like they say – there is NO fixing this, there is NO fixing the abject level of plain fucking stupid for people that slavishly support this fucking shit pile

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Open season on law abiding citizens

Tyranny – this is what it looks like, and no surprise….. it once again rears its ugly snout straight out of Chicago, H/T to the blog at Guns N’ Freedom. Chicago Police Superintendent Says Cops Will Shoot Gun Carrying Citizens Because of His Training “You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy

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University of Kansas Professor Beclowns himself

It’s down right plain old scary some-days to think what we, as rational adults with kids, are paying for when we send our tykes off for some higher edu-me-cation. You’d think that sending your kid off to a school in the Midwestern state of Kansas, would perhaps even help to shield Jr. or your darling

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