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The new Dem pork bill got vetoed. Heres why.

Some of the entries include $505 million in aid to Central American countries; $25 million for gender equity and democracy promotion programs in Pakistan; $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt; and $219.5 million in aid to Southeast Asian nations. Heres the kicker The HEROES Act, a proposal backed by Pelosi, would allow tax-paying immigrants

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Question for the day

Q: Whats the capital of Venezuela? A: About $1.25. I’d feel sorry for them, but… Nope. Got nothing. Fuck ’em all.

To the French people

Everything Old is New Again

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching something that you’ve seen before, something that you’re intimately familiar with, something that holds no surprises for you? Like watching an old, old movie that you’ve watched a dozen times? That’s the feeling we get when we read about this, courtesy of LC readerjp, GLOR,

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Welcome to TN Beretta !!

Remember this missive I penned back in April of ’13 (Wow have I had the keys to the Imperial booze cabinet that long already?!?!) Welcome to the Rust Belt Well here’s an update  –  it looks like Beretta has now decided on Gallatin TN for its new home. 45 Million dollar expansion – Hell yes….TN

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It’s the Apocalypse!!11!!

It’s the end of time!! The Seven Seals are broken – the Apocalypse has officially started!! War, Pestilence, Plague, and Famine are on the loose and people are dying by the millions !! Or maybe not. Yeah, it’s sarcastic hyperbole – it’s what I do here, so sue me. You almost wouldn’t know it for

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Starbucks to 80 million Americans – we don’t want you.

Can’t say as I ever really cared much for Starbucks swill – in a pinch – groggy after a extended shift and desperate for caffeine maybe, but – Caribou is my coffee of choice. Well, now…I guess I will just choke down a Red Bull or can of Coke or something if I need a

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Detroit, Poster Child for Obama’s America

In the midst of the national paroxysm of idiocy that is the Trayvon Martin story, did anyone else happen to notice that the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy today? Yep, that’s right, the progressive model city for dozens of interventions schemed up as part of the War on Poverty over decades, nay, generations, has up

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We told you Aussies were blunt

Take a look at what Aussies do when they are fed up with a politician. [youtube][/youtube] We dont mince words.

Welcome to the Rustbelt – Enjoy your stay.

As a former denizen of the RustBelt I’d like to extend a hearty “Hi-ho Neighbor!” To Accokeek MD, Accokeek MD is The latest and greatest ProgNazi addition to the infamous “RustBelt” Welcome to the suck folks!! Wait a minute – the Rust Belt is places like  MI, OH, & PA isn’t it? Isn’t that where

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Not.In.My.Back.Yard. Ahhhh the ‘Green’ cadres strike again. This article on Fox details a fight in the progressive utopia of Cape Cod. And before I get accused of painting with an overly broad brush, because after all  “NOT, all of the fair people of Cape Cod can be DNC trained seals!! “ let me say –

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Atlas Shrugging

And now, for some wholly unexpected news out of the People’s Socialist Republic of California under the august leadership of Consul Moonbeam: California State Controller John Chiang has announced that total state revenue for the month of November 2012 fell $806.8 million, or 10.8%, below budget. Democrats thought they could hammer “the rich” by convincing

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Truth in silence

It’s the Economy, Party of Stoopid!

Todd Akins is sacrificed on the alter of political correctness, but unfortunately for his addle-pated GOP executioners, he won’t hold still for the killing stroke.  OblameBush‘s fifth column in the fourth estate wields Tropical Storm Isaac like a chainsaw in a ‘B’ grade horror movie to threaten the RNC in Tampa.  The forecast calls for

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Gee, Poindexter, You Don’t SAY?

The economy must be getting bad out there, since See-B.S. is now allowing their writers to acknowledge what’s been obvious since, we don’t know, 2009 to anybody who wasn’t a board certified Ogabe Scrote-Licker. The depression is here — it’s just invisible The Great Depression that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claims to have averted

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