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Sunday Picture Open Thread

As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words: Conclusion: Nuclear attack is less horrible than Democrat Socialist rule. Have at it. Thatisall.

Brace For Impact

Because the race riots that the OgabeMedia have been begging for, inciting and building a case for are about to hit as the ludicrous travesty of justice that is the “case” against George Zimmerman is about to reach the end with the defense making their case. Frankly, we don’t know why they’re even bothering, as

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Happy Father’s Day!

In which we get to congratulate ourself as well as any and all other fathers who might be reading this. You know, there are times when we, watching the foul mess that a once free nation is turning into and knowing, without a reasonable doubt, where it all will and, indeed, must end, wonder if

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“Jawohl, Mein Führer!”

Presented without further comment, thanks to the geniuses at The People’s Cube: Thatisall.

Which Is What His Imperial Majesty Has Been Trying to Tell Everybody For Years Now

…and we’re not as much as suggesting that SluBlog is one of those who hasn’t been getting it, because that’s definitely not the case, but we hope that his excellent post spreads to some of the more “civilized” and “pragmatic” ones on our side, because it’s yet another wake up call: Still, the president wasn’t

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Those whacky NORKS

Ahh the Communist workers Paradise of North Korea is at it again… go figure. The North Korean Army has stated that they have targeted South Korea and the U.S. “From this moment, the Supreme Command puts all of its field artillery including strategic rocket units and long-range artillery units into the No. 1 combat ready

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And To All of You ProgNazi Democrat Fucks

…yammering about how you “don’t really need a gun because most people never find themselves in a position where they could have used it”, here’s a thought: (Yes, we know. “thought”. How fucking scary is THAT to a brain-washed drone of the Nanny State?) Most people don’t have their houses burned down by freak lightning,

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Bitch, PLEASE!

So this is what Dianne “Hitler” Feinschwein has been cooking up while dancing in the blood of Connecticut kindergarteners (thanks, LC Ginghis, for letting us know). No, it’s not “just” a re-enactment of the utterly ineffectual and even more utterly un-Constitutional “scary weapons ban”, it goes so, so much further.

Other Leftist Union Swine News That Won’t Actually Make the, You Know, News (UPDATED)

Looks like the out of control leftist swine also known as Obama’s Stormtroopers were on a roll the other day, taking out anything in their path that looked like it might be Teh Enemy™. Such as the hot dog stand of a black guy name of Clint Tarver. It’s not known to us (or anybody

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Leftards Keep Being Predictable

As in Lansing, MI, where leftist union brownshirts, once again, assembled a mob and started behaving like howling, violent savages. Which should be no surprise seeing as that is who and what they are. Apart from brandishing knives with which they cut down a tent set up by Americans for Prosperity with 30-40 people still

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Leftards Are Oh So Predictable

Which makes our job so much easier, since writing about leftist idiocy would be so much harder if they ever exhibited any signs of cerebral activity whatsoever. Such as when the to the left of Stalin Mother Jones discovered that Nebraska just decided to teach their school children, as part of the curriculum, that the

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Atlas Shrugging

And now, for some wholly unexpected news out of the People’s Socialist Republic of California under the august leadership of Consul Moonbeam: California State Controller John Chiang has announced that total state revenue for the month of November 2012 fell $806.8 million, or 10.8%, below budget. Democrats thought they could hammer “the rich” by convincing

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You Fucked Up. You Trusted Him

Muahahahahaha! After Detroit turned out en masse to vote for the BlightBringer’s Second Term of Free Rubbers and ObamaPhones, they’re not feeling the love the way they expected (via BadBlue): City Council member JoAnn Watson said Tuesday the citizens support of Obama in last month’s election was enough reason for the president to bailout the

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OK, So We’re a Bit Confused Here

We hear a lot of blather about how the Ogabe Misadministration is ever so concerned about the Evil Rethugnicans “holding the middle class hostage” by refusing to extend the Bush Tax Cuts, but only for the middle class. The “rich” (those earning more than $250,000/year are apparently ‘rich’), on the other hand, must be soaked,

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Buyer’s Remorse? So Soon?

Some Obamarrhoids are already expressing shock, SHOCK we tell you that their “lord and savior” doesn’t appear to be in the least bit interested in doing anything but what he’s been doing for four years already, which is systematically destroying everything that made this nation great. Prof. Jacobson has more, and wonders: It’s hard to

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