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Sorry, Alligators Snapping at Our Arse Everywhere

But that’s no excuse for not at least making a noise, we suppose, so we apologize. What’s been going on in the world? The only thing we know of, having been too busy to do much of anything other than try to keep up with the running of the Imperial Palace, is that this must

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The Salt of Your Bitter, Disappointed Tears… It Nourishes Me…

We know we’re probably going straight to hell for this, but we just can’t help it. It just brings tears of laughter to our eyes when the progressive retards who have been huffing unicorn farts for five years finally get the bill in the mail and realize that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A

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Looks like the Congress Staff Whores for the Socialist Democrats aren’t enjoying their new, improved ObamaCare plans either: Veteran House Democratic aides are sick over the insurance prices they’ll pay under Obamacare, and they’re scrambling to find a cure. Easy: Suck start a Mossberg. If you don’t know how, His Imperial Majesty will be happy

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Principle, Schminciple

Here’s the Nevada Pederast, Harry “Candy Van” Screed (we’ve heard that from somebody that we absolutely won’t tell you who is, except to tell you that it’s up to Harry to prove him or her wrong) explaining to us how doing away with the filibuster in judicial nominations is just about the single most low,

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Leftist Mythology, Part the Umpteenth (UPDATED)

So, 50 years ago today, a communist loser who’d lived in the USSR for a while until it didn’t work for him, then been rejected for residence in Cuba for whatever reason, shoots a U.S. President presumably, if he had any motives at all other than being bug shit crazy, because he didn’t approve of

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ObamaCare fails – Fiddytwo’rs hit hardest.

I couldn’t decide when I started this post to run with the title above or make it “Reason XXXVII I fucking HATE Obama and his Base”. Like they say – there is NO fixing this, there is NO fixing the abject level of plain fucking stupid for people that slavishly support this fucking shit pile

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Tough Love

OK, so the fix really was in in VA and the “Old Dominion” appears to have well and truly accepted Stalin’s offer and meekly put on their chains. Jefferson et al must be drafting a motion in the hereafter to never ever let it be known where they came from, ever again. But that’s not

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Meet Edie, The First Entry on Obama’s Death Panel Kill List

…that we know of, at least. And you’d best hurry up meeting her, because his UnAffordable UnCare Act is in an awful hurry to get her killed off (h/t LC Gladiator). To “bend the cost curve”, we presume. Then again, he does freely admit that “he’s pretty good at killing people“, by which he means

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Sure, But Cowardice is NOT a Winning Strategy

A perfect example of how well-meaning, and we do mean that in the most positive way imaginable, conservatives continue to allow the Leftists to define and dominate the battleground of the Narrative™. And we’ll remain uncharacteristically civil throughout, which we know will come as a huge disappointment to our more, ahem, spirited LCs and GLORs,

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Just when you think that Moochelle cant get any lower….

Michelle Obama to release rap album Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus aren’t the only stars readying albums for the new season; First Lady Michelle Obama is as well. Today it was announced that Ms Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign will release an album titled Songs for a Healthier America next month. The 19-song compilation

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Reprinted in full

Because Donald Sensing nails it…hard.  This is exactly what the Stuttering Cluster Fuck of a Miserable Failure is trying to accomplish, with the help traitors McCain, Graham, Rubio, Boehner et al. Obama is boring? That is exactly what he wants By Donald Sensing Peggy Noonan: Obama Got To Point Where People Stopped Listening To Him Faster

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Sunday Picture Open Thread

As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words: Conclusion: Nuclear attack is less horrible than Democrat Socialist rule. Have at it. Thatisall.

Brace For Impact

Because the race riots that the OgabeMedia have been begging for, inciting and building a case for are about to hit as the ludicrous travesty of justice that is the “case” against George Zimmerman is about to reach the end with the defense making their case. Frankly, we don’t know why they’re even bothering, as

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Happy Father’s Day!

In which we get to congratulate ourself as well as any and all other fathers who might be reading this. You know, there are times when we, watching the foul mess that a once free nation is turning into and knowing, without a reasonable doubt, where it all will and, indeed, must end, wonder if

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“Jawohl, Mein Führer!”

Presented without further comment, thanks to the geniuses at The People’s Cube: Thatisall.