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Because Apparently it Needs to be Said Again

If there is one thing that drives His Imperial Majesty to despair, it’s how history keeps repeating itself. From our long time friend and fellow Old Guarder, Bill Quick: There seems to be something rancid in the air, wafting from numerous sources on both the left and the right. On the left, we get a

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They Told Us That If We Voted For Trump, Neo-Nazi Hordes Would Be Running Jewish Businesses Out Of Town

And they were RIGHT! How much might it cost a business owner to “come out” as pro-Trump in a blue city like Baltimore, Maryland? Stanley Drebin, the owner of Goldberg’s New York Bagels, a well-known kosher shop in town, has an answer: 15 percent of revenue, with 20 percent fewer customers walking through the door.

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Just a brief observation

A person I know was cuttingly commenting on the Australian Prime Minister, and how “he is a disgrace, and how he is a sick joke with US comedians” Personally, right now, I’d think that the US comedians and US as well as Australian “media” would be better advised to take a good long hard look

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“Even Fox News is outraged at Boehner and Netanyahu’s plan to undermine Obama”

Funny, I dont recall Fox News or anyone else getting their panties in a bunch when that classless, brainless waste of space they have the chutzpah to call a “President” came here and took a dump on OUR Prime Minister. In case anyone is curious, here’s what happened: Lost in the shuffle of Obama’s immigration

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Meet Neuropa, Same as Altropa

Everything old is new again, and Europe is rapidly returning to its anti-Semitic roots: In totally unrelated news, the British government revealed on Tuesday that they are suffering from a terminal case of moral equivalency and are prepared to cut off military aid to Israel if “significant hostilities” resume in Gaza. Secretary of State for

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Israel Firmly Rejects John F’n Kerry’s Israeli Surrender Proposal

…and the Dept of the New Ummah under Caliph al-Obama immediately cry like whipped little girls that their Botox-faced coward and traitor got dissed (as we said, a day of much hilarity). The Obama administration pushed back strongly Monday at a torrent of Israeli criticism over Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure

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Religion of Peace Spreading their Message of Love and Understanding in Paris

Or, more accurately, Kristallnachting the Hades out of the city (h/t Ace). Riot police fired tear gas and fought running battles with pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Paris this afternoon after a banned protest march turned violent. About 6,000 mostly peaceful protesters And we all know what it means when a bunch of supine, nutless Brit-twit “journalists”

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May You Live in Interesting Times

It would seem that we are, indeed. So a passenger plane is shot down by some of Dear Leader’s haji friends (unless you live in an alternate universe where planes routinely cease to function at high altitude and promptly disappear from existence, in which case you might be a Prozi), Ear Leader jokes about it

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Different Century, Same Old Socialists

Except now they call themselves Democrat Socialists instead of National Socialists, but they haven’t change one bit otherwise. While paleoswinians celebrate the kidnapping (and murder) of Israeli teenagers, as those sloped forehead simian subhuman scum are wont to do: …Democrat Socialist voters (ProZis) have another Hate-In in Seattle to protest Israel’s stubborn insistence on defending

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Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead!

After years of service as the standard bearer for the demise of organized journalism, Helen Thomas, at age 92, will revert back to original form as a minor demon of Hell, and slither back to that much warmer climate that serves as her immortal home.

Could You Run That By Us Again, Please?

Via Israel Matzav. It’s not that we’re unused to hearing stuff escaping the flapping maw of Her Cankleosity that makes our teeth ache, quite to the contrary, but every once in a while she goes so far off the rails into an alternate reality that we, even knowing what a vile harridan she is, have

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Reichsführer Ogabe Strikes Another Blow Against Israel

At some point, even the self-hating Jews who show up to vote Democrat National Socialist Workers’ Party every two years have to realize that the Jug-eared Freak, the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, is no friend of Israel’s. No friend of anybody’s actually, at least not anybody who is either the United States or

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Karma Is A Bitch, And We Love Her

Courtesy of LC readerjp, GLOR, we have this heartwarming story of an anti-Semite sow who got what was going around when it finally came around: An Atlanta-area woman who sent a threatening package with an anti-Semitic note to a U.S. congressman was killed after attacking a police officer. Jameela Barnette, 53, attacked a police officer

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But Let’s Not Call Him an Anti-Semitic Ally of Pisslam, M’kay?

Because that would be unhelpful, as it always seems to be according to the Establishment RINOcracy whenever somebody points out the truth about SCOAMF. Now we find that, after having given us the soon-to-be Pisslamic Republics of Egypt and Libya, the Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure, Ogabe, is busy trying to help out the

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Ogabe: Helping Pisslam Finish What Hitler Started

[Not sure why, Sire, but the original URL came up in the post as an error – at least, in my browser. Maybe this’ll work, I dunno. -Venomous] Our own nation is not the only one whose future existence depends on what we do at the polls in 2012. NEVER AGAIN!