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Going back to their roots

Found at SondraK’s: Left-wing students at the University of California, Berkeley are protesting again. This time, however, these students are calling for “safe spaces” for transgendered people, as well as “spaces of color” at the University Spaces of color? What are they talking about? Oh, the ProgNazis want to bring those back: The Demorats have

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Seems Like Somebody Needs a New Pusher

Since we have nothing much else to say right now, and since it is our Imperial Duty to make you throw up in your mouthes every once in a while, here’s a picture of a drunk, stoned, brain damaged felon who looks like she could use another snort of the white powder, right about now:

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They Just Can’t Quit ‘Em

Meaning that the new ProgNazis can’t let go of their ideological forebears, the old Nazis, as exemplified when Kaine referred to the Trump organization as “an Octopus-like entity with tentacles all over the world“. You know, like this one: We have a saying in our native country: “What the heart is full of will spill

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“Whatever They Say, They’re Lying, We Tells You!”

We laughed and laughed and laughed. Fetid Vapors’ John Sexton is still hunting Russians under his futon, assisting the National Socialist Democrat agitprop distraction campaign 24/7. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is among those sounding that alarm, echoing security experts Unnamed, unknown, unsubstantiated “experts”, mind you, which translates to “something we just made up out

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That’s Some Strange Company the Hildebeest is Keeping

We’re sure you’ve already heard about this one, but we had to mention it anyway because, seriously… Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally on Monday in Kissimmee, Florida, a town just 30 minutes south of Orlando, Florida. She spoke to the crowd about the victims of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub.

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Those Were Some Bitchin’ Yoga Routines!

So, Trump jokingly suggests that the Russians, in case they happen to have also hacked the 30,000 or so emails that her FBI lapdog Comey couldn’t quite find, release those as well. To which the increasingly deranged Prozi Campaign responds: Erm… OK. So those same yoga routines, wedding plans and harmless “private” emails (those were

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Whose Side Are They On Again?

And, just like clockwork, Flat Air is doing their damndest to play up the “The Russians did it!” angle, because that’s the REAL story here, dontcha know? Forget about the DNC/MSM/Clinton Famiglia colluding to rig an election, the REAL story is that THE RUSSIANS DID IT! Also… “LOOK! SQUIRREL!!!” We just got word that PMSNBCCNNABCCBS

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Hacks, Corruption and Russians, Oh My!

Did we call it or what when we said that this election season would become really entertaining after the primaries or WHAT? So now Wikileaks is releasing thousands of the ClintonCrimeFamily, aka “The DNC”, aka “The Mainstream Media”‘s emails, that have apparently been hacked. Perhaps they were all being stored on Cankles’ Toilet Server? The

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The War on LGBTs

So, Princess Obongo, Cattle-futures Cankles and the rest of the Marxist Muttfuckers come out and blame an inanimate object for the massacre of 49 innocent souls, instead of blaming the goat-raping, Pisslamic fuckstain who used said inanimate object. Then, in the next breath, they say that they want to suspend the Constitution and take away

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Leftist Swine… Leftist Swine Never Change…

@Zack_Parker_ Property Destruction Is Not Violence — Emmett Rensin (@emmettrensin) June 3, 2016 By that loony Progressive Socialist’s definition, here’s some more “not violence”: Different age, same old leftists. Now tell us again that we’re going too far when we state that the only good leftist is a dead one. Thatisall.

No, You Can’t

A link to a post (via LC & IB Mike) by a #NeverTrumper which is actually worth reading in full. He’s still wrong, but he’s certainly not frothing at the mouth and, we would add, quite reasonable when it comes down to it. But he’s particularly wrong on this particular bit: I get that you

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Leftist Animals Being Animals… Imagine our Shock!

Whew… Been quite a week and we’ve managed to stay far away from the news too, so… win! We can’t possibly hope to cover everything, but one thing that did stand out was the BernieBros and #OnlyBlackLivesMatter leftist thugs, led by Bill “Bomb Man” Ayers, doing what leftists always do when they can’t win an

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Same As It Ever Was

In honor of the two Marxist Muttfuckers running on the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s platform of “Free Shit! No Borders!”, we present you with the following Public Service Announcement: Feel free to steal, borrow or re-post wherever you wish. Let’s make it go viral like a Kardashian STD through the NBA! F.E.T.E.

Return of the Superdelegates

“Superdelegates.” Remember those? Those are the “delegates” that Democrats use to make sure their preferred candidate always wins regardless of what the voters say in their sham “democratic” primaries, because why would the People’s Party give a shit about the people and their actual votes? Unlike normal delegates, the kind that get elected in real

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And Now, From the Stalinist Side of the Primaries

We guess they’ll have to start calling the Hildebeest “Lucky” now (h/t LC & IB SondraK) We all know by now that the Prozi Party primaries in Iowa ended up as a dead heat between Comrade Senility and Her Thighness, Queen Hillary!, but that’s just the beginning of the fun: Sen. Bernie Sanders’ voters will

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