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Free Range Goodness!

It seems to be all the rage these days. Free Range. Free Range Chicken, the cluckers get to roam around a pristine emerald green grassy field under an azure blue sky, whiling away their days bathed in lemon yellow sunshine. Right up until they are nice and plump….then  Ol’ Farmer Brown whacks their head off

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I dont know which is worse

A few days ago, this happened. Link Several British police forces have questioned newsagents in an attempt to monitor sales of a special edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine following the Paris attacks, the Guardian has learned. Officers in Wiltshire, Wales and Cheshire have approached retailers of the magazine, it has emerged, as concerns grew about

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British nannies set new standard in utter idiocy

Source An English theme park has barred all single people from entering — just in case they are a paedophile. No, this is not a joke. Yes ,you read that right. “We have done our research and, in line with all other parks, we don’t let single men or women in. So not only is

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The Prozis (Progressive Socialists) are Becoming Increasingly Unhinged

And His Imperial Majesty is feasting on their desperate, bitter tears. Like this article in the New Republic (now with less Republic, and even less new) (h/t Legal Insurrection): Congratulations, Voters. You Just Made This Climate Denier the Most Powerful Senator on the Environment. A “climate denier?” What’s that? Somebody who denies that there is

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King Putt was a little “latte”with his salute

Take the fucking coffee cup out of your right hand, put it on the ground or give it to someone, you useless, incompetent, half assed IMBECILE. You flunked kindergarten, admit it.

Hairy Wilde-beast terrorizes Columbus OH

The OH department of Wildlife and Preservation was called in to downtown Columbus Ohio today when a rabid Wilde-beast was mistakenly allowed to escape it’s minimum wage cage at Burger King and terrorize citizens. Wildlife officers said that this species is extremely low in intelligence but highly aggressive and should be treated with the utmost

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Alternate Reality

In today’s “alternate reality” segment we have discovered ….Elanor Clift of “The Daily Beast”  has stated that Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He simply died of smoke inhalation. You can watch her screeching here but the typical spew warning is in effect. Watching and listening to this washed up harpy screech ….. is akin to

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Suffer the little children

Source Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary By lisa schencker Up to 40 kids at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City picked up their lunches Tuesday, then watched as the meals were taken and thrown away because of outstanding balances on their accounts — a move that shocked and angered

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Starbucks to 80 million Americans – we don’t want you.

Can’t say as I ever really cared much for Starbucks swill – in a pinch – groggy after a extended shift and desperate for caffeine maybe, but – Caribou is my coffee of choice. Well, now…I guess I will just choke down a Red Bull or can of Coke or something if I need a

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Poster girl for a noose

I don’t even really know where to start …. According to a CBS Affiliate in Boston, A NYC City Woman, Audrea Gause – is being charged with attempting to defraud the Boston Bombing Fund out of a cool Half a Million…. H/T to “Mr. Conservative” Sadly, she damn near got away with it …. according to

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All’s I can say is she’s lucky it wasn’t me. Faced with the aggressive in your face attitude this woman displayed – depending on my own mood at the moment she might have been met with one of three or maybe four responses. An Apology – Highly unlikely, but sometimes it’s simply not even worth

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Shockingly Stoopid

Literally - W. Va. Man Electrocuted After Shooting Down Power Line To Steal Copper  A man was electrocuted when he picked up a live power line that he had shot down in order to steal copper from it. Another low information voter meets his much overdue demise. And there was much rejoicing and revelry in the Empire!

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Gay Marriage

Facebook has some fucking little red and white thingy that you can replace as your FB profile pic to show your support for gay marriage.  Yeah that always works.  I’m sure the nine fucktards called the SCOTUS will base their decision on a bunch of FBtards changing their pic.  Once again, sensitivity over substance.  Yeah,

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Is this at the border of each US state?

Watched this Youtube video and wondering where and how this is happening.

Obama’s death panels at work: woman deliberately left to die

Callous bastards Whoever that nurse is, I hope she has a good lawyer, because she is going to fucking well need one. AN elderly woman who collapsed at a US aged care home has died after a staff member refused to perform CPR because it was against the facility’s policy. Local media reports say when

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