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On fishes and stage fright

So – Handed the keys to this shiny and sexy machine called the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler earlier today – I careened home through the desert in my SUV – O -DOOM at high rates of speed… Hey I can do that – gas is 80 cents a gallon over here, and after stomping on Mother Gaias’

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Of Coughs, Phlegm and General Malaise

“General Malaise” being the medical catch-all phrase that His Imperial Majesty learned in school for “I don’t know, doc, I just feel blech”, since “patient feels blech” doesn’t look very professional in writing. Caught ourself a secondary just as soon as we’d triumphantly announced that we’d beaten off the first bug, so off we went

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Okay Rotties: call it

I’d ask that each Rottie post their gut call for November. Mitt or Barry, over to you. Post reasons and any theories. this isn’t a “how will you vote”, I’d like to ask a realistic gut call on how this will go down. We’ve all seen the poll models, and they swing so far and

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Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well, not the first two actually, at least not as far as I know. I really hate doing this, particularly since I haven’t really been earning my keep around here lately, but it looks like things in the Empire have reached the point where I have to have a fundraiser in order to keep the

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Truth in silence

Time to Stop and Smell the Roses For a Bit

In which I wax long-winded, because that’s what I do, so I’ve taken the liberty of burying the rest under the fold. I just need a little break.

For Your Information

When our very good friend (if it weren’t for him, the iconic Rottie at the top of this site wouldn’t be there) and fellow OG’er Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury fame stopped posting on July 6th, we weren’t all that concerned since we knew that he was in the business of moving and had, in

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We Guess That’s It Then

Goodbye, America. It was a nice run while it lasted, but it’s time to tell the band to pack up, fill in the hole and chisel the date into the tombstone. United States of America 1776-2012 The end. She’s dead. Now it’s up to us if we’re up to building something to replace her, but

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Of Useless Brats and Attacking the Defenseless

We haven’t written about the elderly lady bus monitor who was verbally abused, mocked, threatened (yes, threatened with actual violence), ridiculed for her looks and telling her that she didn’t have a family because they’d all killed themselves to avoid being near her. Real life fact: Her son committed suicide 10 years ago. There’s a

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Slow News Days

But we hear that the next few days could get interesting, as the Supreme Court may or may not finally get around to rule on OgabeCare. Also, in other news that give us hope, E3 is finally over. To those of you who don’t know what E3 is, and let us tell you that we

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Confessions of a Neo-Luddite

Well, it had to happen, and if it weren’t because we’re the Ruler of All of the Universe (and Outlying Counties) and, as such, can do whatever we please, we’d be hanging our head in shame. You know how we feel about Twitter (operative word “Twit”), and that hasn’t changed. However, we could not deny

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Is It Safe To Come Out Yet?

A somewhat belated SITREP from the Imperial AO (note to self: Remember to stock can of WD-40 in storm shelter as hinges tend to rust.) I keed, I keed. We’re all safe and sound. No damage to life, limb or property. Which, we’re sad to say, is not the case for everybody across the Metroplex.

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That’s What Happens When You Allow Yourself to Think that Things are Looking Up

Here we were, thinking everything was well, and then the chest pains came back. Back to the ER, third time this go around (we ought to get a plaque or a frequent flier rebate. The latter would be particularly great). They did the whole nine yards. Enzymes, EKG, X-ray and CT angio and, thank G-d,

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Prayers, please.

LCs, the report has come in that the Empress Sophie is in the hospital with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. Drop what you’re doing, and pray. We are over here at Chez Venomous.

Gabby Giffords to Resign

Sad news. Not all sad news, let’s not forget the Good News™ that she survived the cowardly assassination attempt and that her recovery has been, and continues to be, quite marvelous. Also, respect is due for a politician who puts her ability to properly represent her constituents above her personal desire for office. The sad

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