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Same As It Ever Was

In honor of the two Marxist Muttfuckers running on the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party’s platform of “Free Shit! No Borders!”, we present you with the following Public Service Announcement: Feel free to steal, borrow or re-post wherever you wish. Let’s make it go viral like a Kardashian STD through the NBA! F.E.T.E.

Welcome to the race comrade!!

Bernie Sanders – S-VT has declared his candidacy for President. That “S” in his qualifier is for Socialist. That’s me being 100% honest. He’s admitted it freely. The NYT and other MSM lemmings  can call Bernie Sanders an “Independent” until the very depths of hell freeze, it doesn’t make this particular leopard change it’s spots.

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Just One Question For the Leftards

Preznit Obola can barricade WWII vets from their monuments and ordinary American citizens from their own national parks, but he can’t barricade potential guaranteed Ebola carriers from entering our country? F.E.T.E. PS: All Hail Emperor Misha! (May Beers Be Upon Him)

Houston – You’re Screwed

It would appear that Annise Parker,  Mayor of Houston and her DA needs to go to jail. Do not pass go – do not collect 200.00 Let me get this straight: If I deny a black man his ability to work and it’s proven I did so intentionally based on his race- I’ve committed a

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“The Dog Ate My Emails”

Oh yes, now pull the other one. Lois Lerner, the she-wolf of the Waffen-IRS, the one who carefully orchestrated, at the behest of her lord and master, Barack the Jugeared, the deliberate and targeted persecution of conservative organizations trying to upset Barackovich’s reelection, appears to have “lost” all of the emails that would prove her

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Oh, is that so, You Old Pederast?

Harry Dingy Screed, the most perverted, corrupt, lying, thieving, felonious piece of shit to ever disgrace our nation is now up there calling patriots “terrorists” because they foiled his land grab in Nevada by daring to disagree with FedGovCo thinking it has the right to “own” 87% of a sovereign state. “Those people who hold

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Everything Old is New Again

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching something that you’ve seen before, something that you’re intimately familiar with, something that holds no surprises for you? Like watching an old, old movie that you’ve watched a dozen times? That’s the feeling we get when we read about this, courtesy of LC readerjp, GLOR,

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Welcome to TN Beretta !!

Remember this missive I penned back in April of ’13 (Wow have I had the keys to the Imperial booze cabinet that long already?!?!) Welcome to the Rust Belt Well here’s an update  -  it looks like Beretta has now decided on Gallatin TN for its new home. 45 Million dollar expansion – Hell yes….TN

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The Salt of Your Bitter, Disappointed Tears… It Nourishes Me…

We know we’re probably going straight to hell for this, but we just can’t help it. It just brings tears of laughter to our eyes when the progressive retards who have been huffing unicorn farts for five years finally get the bill in the mail and realize that There Ain’t No Such Thing As A

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And That’s Why the Tolerant ProgNazis Hate Our Country Hick Asses So Much

Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Awards: The reaction from the “tolerant” ProgNazi crowd at being made fun of was as predictable as it was… intolerant. It was also every bit as misspelled, grammatically incorrect and generally retarded as you’d expect from a crowd who still thinks that “public schooling” is a

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Open season on law abiding citizens

Tyranny – this is what it looks like, and no surprise….. it once again rears its ugly snout straight out of Chicago, H/T to the blog at Guns N’ Freedom. Chicago Police Superintendent Says Cops Will Shoot Gun Carrying Citizens Because of His Training “You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy

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Happy No Labor Day Open Thread

It has long been His Imperial Majesty’s custom to hail Labor Day as “the day we celebrate labor by refusing to do any.” No longer. After 5 years of NuMerikan Obamunism, it has become the day when millions upon millions of Americans, more with every passing year of this Reign of Error, sit down and

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The Stoopid™ is strong with you

If you thought the ProgNazis couldn’t get any more lower on the intelligence scale without digging, well we have this: Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn is partnering with Washington CeaseFire to launch a new program designed to help local businesses become “Gun Free Zones.” A Monday press conference to make the announcement is planned. Hospitals in

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First as Tragedy, then as Farce

From Athens, to Rome, to Jerusalem, to Vienna, to Paris, to Sarajevo, to Munich, to Washington.  We’ve been down this road many times: Why the law does not matter to Obama Obama can do this not because the Constitution or law authorize it. Most definitely they actually prohibit it. He is getting away with it

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Oh Dear, Comrade Hussein, This Doesn’t Look Good At ALL

Not when even the CNN get caught committing random acts of actual journalism. So Benghazi was swarming with CIA agents after the murder of four Americans and now the Agency are busy threatening the agents as well as their families should they ever dare to speak out about what actually happened? It is being described

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