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“The Dog Ate My Emails”

Oh yes, now pull the other one. Lois Lerner, the she-wolf of the Waffen-IRS, the one who carefully orchestrated, at the behest of her lord and master, Barack the Jugeared, the deliberate and targeted persecution of conservative organizations trying to upset Barackovich’s reelection, appears to have “lost” all of the emails that would prove her

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Der Führer’s War on the Constitution

The only reason we link this article is that it is good to be reminded, in clear language, of just how spineless, cowardly and unworthy a nation we’ve become. It’s certainly not to raise anybody’s hopes that anything will actually be done, but read it nonetheless. The author clearly, irrefutably, sums up just a few

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SCOAMF paid the Dane

You snivelling,mewling,puking, appeasing COWARD

Goodnight, America

It’s really terrifying to somebody who grew up under actual socialism to find that this allegedly “free” society looks more and more like something that not even our former socialist masters would DARE foist upon us for fear of being strung up. Yet here, in the “land of the free” (don’t make us laugh), it’s

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The Naked, Unvarnished Truth

If there’s a Rant Hall of Fame, this one should be right up there in the Pantheon of all-time greatest hits. Before you go and click on the link, be sure to empty your bladder, grab a fresh beverage to sooth your throat from shouting “Fuck YEAH!”, over and over, as you read the post.

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We Have Done the Impossible, and that Makes us Mighty

OK, so we haven’t done it yet, but others have done it before us. Get the reference? Geek points if you did. We’ll try to keep this short, but to those of you who have suffered through our ramblings over the last decade and a half, you also know that when we start by saying

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Gee, it’s Almost as if We’ve Seen this Movie Before

Kiev Warsaw was on edge Saturday after Russian parliament’s upper house the German Reichstag unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin’s Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s request for a military intervention in Ukraine Poland, according to a Kremlin Reichstag statement. The approval came within two hours of Putin Hitler appealing to parliament the Reichstag, saying the move is needed

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Ah. NuSpeak. The Glory of NuSpeak

Anybody who didn’t see this coming ages ago when the whole PC craze and “hostile work environment” (meaning potentially anything at all from incoming mortar fire to ‘oppressive odors’) needs to go right back to the very back of the class, put on their dunce caps and write 60,000 times “they TOLD me so, but

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Deja Vu All Over Again

From the ever awesome Francis W. Porretto, to whom I’ll always owe a debt, there’s this from Oleg of the People’s Cube: I have seen the future and ran away. At first the move to America from the former USSR made me feel as though I had made a jump in time, from the stagnant

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Two By Two, Hands of Blue

Apparently somebody, at least as far as the ObamaMedia is concerned, so take that with a grain of salt, wasn’t too enamored of BlueShirts fingering 6-year-old girls and making grandmothers leak their colostomy bags all over their clothes in order to “stop terrorism” and ended up ventilating one of the “do you want fries with

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Open season on law abiding citizens

Tyranny – this is what it looks like, and no surprise….. it once again rears its ugly snout straight out of Chicago, H/T to the blog at Guns N’ Freedom. Chicago Police Superintendent Says Cops Will Shoot Gun Carrying Citizens Because of His Training “You put more guns on the street expect more shootings,” McCarthy

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Stop the Insanity

Presented without further comment: [youtube][/youtube] What will we tell them indeed? Thatisall.

ProgNazis, Almost at the End of Their Long March Through the Institutions, Prepare to Destroy Their Main Enemy

Which, sadly, was utterly predictable, but those of us having wasted our lives predicting it might as well have been pissing in the wind, being the “paranoid, extremist, conspiracy nuts” that we are. (h/t Bill Quick). Boy, are we going to be wearing out our We Told You So Drum™ before long. A Department of

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First as Tragedy, then as Farce

From Athens, to Rome, to Jerusalem, to Vienna, to Paris, to Sarajevo, to Munich, to Washington.  We’ve been down this road many times: Why the law does not matter to Obama Obama can do this not because the Constitution or law authorize it. Most definitely they actually prohibit it. He is getting away with it

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Killing the Golden Goose and Forcing Your Citizens into Exile

From the Imperial Sestrichka, Nicki: I never thought in a million years of leaving the country my parents fought so hard to enter – or the citizenship they worked so hard to attain. I have always been proud of my American citizenship. I joined the military, because I love this country. I serve, protect and

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