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Breaking: Arizona to audit Dominon machines in Maricopa County

Nail by nail, the fraud is exposed. One by one, the dominos fall.

Makes you go hmmm…doesnt it?

Alan Jones has been a political writer and broadcaster for decades. And now THIS Right. No election fraud here, folks. Move along…those empty ballots are for decoration….

On tearing down statues and the current victim industry

We have all seen it. We have all seen where this may head. Black armband history, screaming mobs baying for blood in the name of “racist pasts”. Statues being torn down in the name of ” racist acts in history”. Revisionist history. Professional victimhood. From Bradbury’s classic novel: “Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo.

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Van drives into mosque crowd

WITNESSES say up to three ‘attackers’ escaped after a van ‘intentionally’ swerved into a crowd of pedestrians near London’s Finsbury Park Mosque. and here’s the money quote “They knew there would be people there. “They were white extremists.”< and yet the pussified media refuses to label Muslim terror attacks as “Islamic extremists”. Nope. Nothing to

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To the French people

Charlie Hebdo shooting: 12 people killed, 11 injured

In a video filmed by journalist Martin Boudot, who was taking refuge on a nearby rooftop, the men can be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest) between rounds of gunfire. Police said another witness heard the attackers shouting “we have avenged the prophet” I had a large post planned, but decided not to bother.

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Bonus Schadenboner, and Could We Please Remember Who This Country BELONGS To?

We were hoping for some added schadenbonerifficness in the wake of Mary “ObolaCare” Landrieu’s cataclysmic beating in the runoff election, and we weren’t disappointed. The Prozis reacted in their typical, dignified, gracious fashion to having been slapped about the face with a wet catfish and made to resent it. Oh, who are we kidding?: I

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First Australia, now Canada.

Source TERROR has struck the heart of Canada today after a gunman shot dead a ceremonial guard at the war memorial, before being killed in the halls of Canada’s parliament. A known jihadi walks up to a soldier at the memorial (What price your extensive gun laws NOW, Canada? Didnt stop this guy, did it?)

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The Time Traveller – Pause and reflect

This story has made the rounds several times. In light of this little piece of news, I believe that the story needs to be retold. A cautionary tale for all..well before its time. And one we will do well to listen to. Source Greetings Readers, Friends, and Other Visitors: The Time Traveler appeared suddenly in

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The face of Amnesty

This is the face of Amnesty that your Democrat and Republican elected officials want to shove down your throat. Remember it. 19 Year old illegal sexually assaults and murders 93 year old woman in Omaha Make sure you Watch the video, it’s important – the print article makes NO mention of his status as an

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This is the draft list of banned guns under the new “laws”

This is is almost a total gun ban, and is in direct contravention of the Constitution. Rifles (or copies or duplicates):M1 Carbine, Sturm Ruger Mini-14,AR-15,Bushmaster XM15,Armalite M15, AR-10, Thompson 1927, Thompson M1; AK, AKM, AKS, AK-47,AK-74, ARM, MAK90, NHM 90, NHM 91, SA 85, SA 93, VEPR; Olympic Arms PCR; AR70, Calico Liberty , Dragunov

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Okay Rotties: call it

I’d ask that each Rottie post their gut call for November. Mitt or Barry, over to you. Post reasons and any theories. this isn’t a “how will you vote”, I’d like to ask a realistic gut call on how this will go down. We’ve all seen the poll models, and they swing so far and

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Truth in silence

47 Days Left to Talk About the 47 Percent

Today marks 47 days to the election, and given the liberal whining and caterwauling about Romney’s characteristically factual and actually understated assessment of the state of American dependency, it is a good time to reflect on these last days leading up to November 6th. If it is possible, we should all expect the statist-owned and

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Must Watch !!

Just in case you didn’t think the fucking anarchists calling themselves “Occupy Wallstreet” actually had a discernible agenda. You found one here, it’s called E.V.I.L. This is an unholy alliance of unions, alleged students, all organized by our old commie bastard friend, Van Jones. Now with the unions becoming actively involved violence is assured.

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