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We’ve Got Nothin’

Not much to thrill you three remaining, steadfast, loyal readers with today, so er… This is where we traditionally proceed to hammer out umpteen gazillion words anyway, but we really are drawing blanks. Except a timely reminder of just exactly how much attention anybody should pay to anything coming out of the mouth of a

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Holiday Open Peni… Oh Shite, We Mean Thread. THREAD, Dammit!

Because it is the season for a reason or, wait… Nevermind… It’s beginning to look a lot like peeeen… STOP IT! OK, Imma go sit down for a bit. *Hic!* UPDATE: In keeping with the season, er theme, er… Fuggedaboutit. We stole this from Cracked. So what?, you say. Watch it again. Only this time

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Palate Cleanser Open Thread

Because we just needed something that was just, well, beautiful for a change, and The Imperial Library Czar was kind enough to provide us with such. Just… Awesome:

Meanwhile, in the Führerbunker

As the cheap communist concrete is chipping and raining down over his head, Ear Leader reaches out to his Useless Idiots for moral support: A downbeat President Barack Obama Führer repeatedly asked his worried supporters Monday night to help resurrect his spirits, following weeks of political disasters and personal humiliations caused by the cascading collapse

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The Imperial Sniper Snipes Again!

The Imperial Sniper is back! After suffering a stroke that left her with, as she called it “wonky vision” and not shooting for over two years, she went to the range today. First, she tore the X-ring up with her beloved Springfield XD-9. Then she moved to the 100 yard range, where she proved she

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Sunday Night Funny Open Thread

Stilton Jarlsberg brings teh funneh: Meow.

Great Moments in Vehicular Homicide Open Thread

Because we got nothin’ so we’ll just steal this proposed Mercedes commercial from Ace. Mercedes chose not to go with it, which we understand. Because if you DON’T get the reference… Open thread! Thatisall.

Happy 5774!

L’Shanah Tovah from the Rottweiler Empire!

Happy No Labor Day Open Thread

It has long been His Imperial Majesty’s custom to hail Labor Day as “the day we celebrate labor by refusing to do any.” No longer. After 5 years of NuMerikan Obamunism, it has become the day when millions upon millions of Americans, more with every passing year of this Reign of Error, sit down and

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Infographic Open Thread

From Sipsey Street Irregulars: Any questions? Thatisall.

Question for those of you who know of these things

Guys, a question (which can be a semi-open thread, or not – your choice). I have a relative who has a talent for hand-loading ammo. This relative would prefer to begin preparations for the moment when the fecal material impacts the oscillating device. Questions: How much total layout, and how easy to acquire? (Meaning, of

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Do not try this at home…..

…these people are Russian drivers. And with that I declare an open thread. The Imperial Booze cabinet is open, canapes are on the right, and if anyone can work out the new combination to the Emperors private liquor stock, be my guest. I have been reliably informed by certain sources he is busy elsewhere. Mwehehehe…..

Let’s go racing!

Well maybe not just yet…. Fridays were race-night in the environs of Ohio where I grew up – it’s all we had to do. Tinker with our cars, and race them. Today it’s Honda’s & Mitsubishi’s out there warring on the streets – sometimes with disastrous results. It took long years and an street  racing

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One of Two White, Tea Party Right Wing Extremist Boston Bombers Dead, Other on the Run

Except, of course, that it turned out that the two were, in fact, Chechen mooselimbs. Yes, we know. Shocking, right? Who would have thunk that a pair of radicalized mooselimb youngsters could possibly have been behind a terror attack on a crowded, guaranteed to be on prime time TeeVee place? Haven’t they heard that pisslam

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The Deathstar was an inside job

We all knew it There was skulduggery afoot the day the DeathStar died. Call those responsible to account!! Palpatine lied, people died, no war for DROIDS!!!! And with that, Rotties, I call an open thread. Let the conspiracies be revealed!!!