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Reinforcements Have Arrived!

And there was much rejoicing in the Empire, as the Imperial Staff expanded further. It is His Imperial Majesty’s distinct pleasure to welcome LC CiSSnarl5.7 to the ranks of the Imperial Staff. First of all because we could surely use the help with His Imperial Majesty’s muse being temporarily incapacitated, but even more so because

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No, I’m Not Dead Yet

“I feel better” /montypython Actually, I do. It’s just the post-bug weariness/fatigue/notgiveashit syndrome. I’m very sorry that I’ve been away from the keyboard for so long and I appreciate both the efforts of the Imperial Staff and the loyalty of you fine LCs and other good sorts. Now, back to trying to get caught up,

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Oh, And An Inside Baseball Aside

If you include that Google “Like-alike” button on your site, could you please do yourself and your readers the favor of checking it out in various browsers? Because it’s really bloody annoying to have text you really want to read blocked out by that bloody button thanks to its preference for inserting itself wherever it

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This Is It, People

And we’ll let our good friend Bill Whittle explain it (h/t Bill Quick): Our personal motives are closely aligned with Bill’s, with the addition of us hating and despising the BlightBringer, the Butcher of Benghazi so much that if Lucifer himself ran against him, we’d vote for Lucifer just to get the trash thrown out.

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Stay Safe!

As Hurricane Sandy gets ready to make landfall, we want to offer our prayers to all of those in harm’s way, whoever you might be. Seek higher ground, preferably out of the danger zone entirely, don’t be idiots and think you can “ride this one out” (there are no merit badges for terminal stupidity), hunker

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Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well, not the first two actually, at least not as far as I know. I really hate doing this, particularly since I haven’t really been earning my keep around here lately, but it looks like things in the Empire have reached the point where I have to have a fundraiser in order to keep the

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Anybody Looking For a New Used Car?

Because if you are, then we’ve got news for you. Not ours, we’re not letting go of that one until it explodes, but we were finally able to check in on Roguetek, who is hanging in there well in spite of everything, and we learned that he’s got a car sitting around that he needs

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Gratuitous Book Plug, Get it Before Your Friends!

It’s not all that often that His Imperial Majesty throws out whole-heartedly endorsements of literature, because we’re a picky old bastard (and arrogant too), so we really have to be primed to go that far. Of course “not often” does imply that exceptions exist, and this is one such exception. When we run across a

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In Other News

Our buddy Roguetek could still use a hand, so if you have a shekel or two, it would be much appreciated. We’ll ship it on to him. To those of you who already have, thank you! To those of you who would like to but can’t, we understand completely. This Obamaconomy isn’t exactly doing any

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Pardon Me for Being Nosy… [Updated]

… But I have a couple of questions. I promise it won’t hurt. I am working on a project.  More specifically, a theme for this site.  I’m not looking so much at a facelift, but a major change in the foundation and architecture. What I need from you are the following five things: 1.  What operating

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For Your Information

When our very good friend (if it weren’t for him, the iconic Rottie at the top of this site wouldn’t be there) and fellow OG’er Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury fame stopped posting on July 6th, we weren’t all that concerned since we knew that he was in the business of moving and had, in

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Update from Roguetek

Which he asked me to post, so here goes: Teresa has reached a point where we’re talking about hospice. She’s been losing weight steadily, with no end in sight. Hospice is being… hospice. There are a pair of drugs she’s taking that are…slowing the cancer down, and they wont help her unless she stops taking

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For the Troops

In case you didn’t know, the TroopaThon is on! Give ’til it hurts! Thatisall.

Happy Fourth of July!

You might ask “what’s there to be happy about?” considering the direction the nation is going in, and I’ll tell you “we’re still here.” Oh sure, we’ve taken quite a few kicks to our tender bits and the future looks, to put it mildly, glum. But it ain’t over ’till its’ over and… We’re still

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Blog Update-age-ery

Just finished another update (graciously provided by Deej). Let us know if you guys find anything amiss.