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Damn, a Whole Lotta Birthdays!

And on a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Texas, no less. It is our pride and delight to announce a few birthdays in no particular order: Our very own LC 0311 Sir Crunchie I.M.H., K.o.E., who looks not a day older than 60. He will, no doubt, be celebrating it in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Childrens’ inimitable

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Ask, And You Shall Receive…

And His Imperial Majesty is so very much in! His Curmudgeonly Eminence, Francis Porretto, has gone forth and established the following: Not only that, he has set up a website for it, which shall forthwith be found on the Imperial Blogroll. Now we just need to figure out the code to our own site well

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And Now, For Some More Serious News…

It has come to our attention, actually it has been known to us for a while but we were holding off the news a bit because the subject of it hates it when people fuss over him, that our very own LC Brendan, our favorite beer-swilling Oz, is about to undergo surgery for a parathyroid

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For all the Rottie Moms

Just a note to wish all the Moms out there…..   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY !!    

On the Occasion of His Imperial Majesty’s Birthday

And no, you don’t get to know how many times we’ve celebrated our 21st by now. Suffice it to say that when we were in the service, “Centurion” wasn’t the name of a battle tank, it was a rank. But seeing as how we can’t deny the fact that you can’t keep on being 21

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Anybody Heard From Deej?

Just found out (by finally catching up on comments and logging back into Facebook) that Deej seems to have gone back into surgery and that his Facebook account has been deactivated. I shot off an email but haven’t got a reply yet. Anybody know anything? A bit worried here (British Understatement Alert).


Noble LC’as and gentle G.L.O.R’s, it is my distinguished and unabashed honour to present to you our new Prime Minister, Mr Tony Abbott. Rhodes scholar, firefighter, qualified lifesaver and now an elected Prime Minister after an election that saw Labor’s vote reduced to its lowest in close to 100 years. The bizarro factor in ths

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Happy 5774!

L’Shanah Tovah from the Rottweiler Empire!

Happy No Labor Day Open Thread

It has long been His Imperial Majesty’s custom to hail Labor Day as “the day we celebrate labor by refusing to do any.” No longer. After 5 years of NuMerikan Obamunism, it has become the day when millions upon millions of Americans, more with every passing year of this Reign of Error, sit down and

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Sad Updates

And long overdue too, for which we apologize. We are amiss in keeping up with our email at times. We try, though. First, it is our sad duty to inform that our long term loyal Rottie friend’s father-in-law Syd passed a week before last. On our own behalf as well as on the behalf of

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Good Thoughts and Prayers Needed

First, we have a request for LC Draco who, LC Aggie Sith informs us, is undergoing surgery for an aneurysm. Having some training in the medical arts myself, I can only say that he’s lucky to have made it to the “undergoing surgery” part, but that doesn’t mean that he’s out of the woods. Prayers

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RIP, LC Beth, G.L.O.R.

News just reached us that LC Delftsman’s beloved Beth passed on to everlasting life. My heart aches for you, Delfts, and there is only so much that words can do to lessen the pain of losing a loved one. Rest assured, however, that this is but temporary, that Beth will be waiting for you on

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I Wish I Had Better News… (Stuck for now, new posts below)

It pains my heart, hurts me to the very core of my being to write this. This, which should have been a joyous update to our “Christmas in June” project. But at least I can tell you all what has been going on. The whole “plot”, which those of you who wrote to ask already

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And a Prayer Request For One of Our Oldest Sisters of the Rott, Beth

Also known among the Old Guard as our very old friend Delftsman’s significant other. A wonderful woman who was just admitted with mini-clots and abscesses in her brain. To call finding that sort of thing on your CT scary would be an understatement so gross that even I won’t use it. So if you have

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Christmas in June? (UPDATE and Bumped, New Posts Below)

OK, this is going to be the strangest and most likely least convincing sales pitch I’ve ever delivered for a collection because, well, you’ll see… One of our esteemed LCs came up with something that would make for a great surprise for another one of our very esteemed LCs and I’m all in, so that’s

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