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Deej Started It

Well, sort of. My contribution to the weekend frivolity. A man is driving down the road and his car breaks down near a monastery. He goes to the monastery, knocks on the door, and says, “My car broke down. Do you think I could stay the night?” The monks graciously accept him, feed him dinner,

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Crunchie, Here’s The Challenge

No complaining about “I was messing with my sights.”  We’ll shoot a Triple Threat Drill, timed by shot clock. A single miss is a zero for the round.  Only hits count.  Each target zone is a 9″ circle.  We shoot from 25 yards, rain or shine.  Any AR platform, any optic. Fastest round without a

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A Blogiversary

Rusty over at My Pet Jawa, or The Jawa Report, or whatever he’s calling it this week, is celebrating 10 years of blogging excellence and fatwa’s today. Head on over and spill some grog on his carpet, he likes that. Be nice though, he’s kin. A shout out to Emperor Misha of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller.

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I’m Speechless

I’m just gonna leave this rancid display of Stoooooopidity (capital S multiple ooooo) here for y’all to play with. I really don’t now what’s worse, this former community organizer’s incoherent mental diarrhea, or the abject wasteland of mental flotsam and jetsam of the idioacracy that elected him.

Speaking of Congrats…

A little birdie (OK, a huge fucking albatross, same thing only different) reminded me that it is a certain Vile Imperator’s birthday. I would advise against asking how old he is though, he’s out of ewoks to wipe his ass with and has been a bit grumpy as a result. If you have hair on

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Kosmic Karmic Klimacomedy

In an ironic twist of fate that is so comical that Keepers of the Fates are pissing themselves from fits of laughter, the Apostles of the Church of Algorean Asininity who are stuck in non-existent ice aboard the SS Klimate Klusterfuck have asked for REAL, UNADJUSTED weather data from none other than the Sultan of

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Here’s to hoping that your New Year is starting out right.

Another One Under The Table Ya Mutts

This would be me in a few hours, but I have a borrowed liver that would probably get really pissed off at me.  *sigh* Stupid liver. Anyways, have a great transition into the next one.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which usually didn’t leave much).  Don’t drink and drive. I will be doing some

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Gun Pr0n

Well, sort of. So what’s the most embarrassing gun you’ve ever shot, or the most embarrassing thing you ever did or saw on the range? Like say, using Israeli surplus green tip penetrator ammo on a poor, defenseless Dallas indoor range. Not pointing any fingers or anything, but those of us who were there know

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Adeste Fidelis

“For unto you a Savior is born!” Merry Christmas to all of my beloved Rotties, my dear friends who have been such an incredible family to me for the past ten years. I pray that the blessings of Christ the Redeemer, God made man, who humbled Himself to become all that we are so that

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Stupid is as Stupid does

I can honestly say that I’ve said some really stupid and hurtful shit in my time (mostly under the influence of various beverages) and paid the price.  The difference was it didn’t travel around the globe at warp speed.  Meet the newest member of the Forrest Gump alumni association: Ms Sacco is formerly a PR

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As most of you have noticed I haven’t been real active around here much lately. There is a valid reason for that, several actually, but the one that is relevant here has to do with my work. My captain caught the flu back in early November. By November 13th it was bad enough that he

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The Time Machine

I stumbled across this recently on a progressive website laughing at the “meltdown” of the Right’s “wing nuts” following the election of 2008. I couldn’t help but wonder if they all feel the same way now? Still joyous that the incompetent community organizer has brought to pass exactly what we predicted he would? Compare how

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A Most Righteous Rant

One of our fine LCs — HempRopeAndStreetlight drops a righteous rant on our heads in my previous post that is waaaaay too awesome not to give it a post all it’s own. Take it away my friend. What in the hell is stopping you? light it up and see how far you get and how

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The Hill We All Must Choose

I’m sitting here on the back porch this morning after few busy but awesome days of Thanksgiving. I have a nice warm fire going in our pit that’s taking the slight chill off the morning air and 25 feet away there are 8 does, a buck and two fawns munching away at the corn we

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