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Hildabeast’s First Campaign Commercial

Think she’ll run it?


is what a Commander In Chief SHOULD sound like. Before mentioning the National Rifle Association or even firearms at the gun rights group’s annual meeting in Nashville on Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, asked all the men and women in the audience who serve or have served in the armed forces to stand

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He Is Risen!

I wish you all a  very Blessed Easter. May the joy of Christ’s Resurrection fill your life and renew you, and may the courage He showed in taking  up His cross give you the courage to live daily as Christians. And may the courage shown by Christians around the world who face death for living

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BC Asked…

for it, and Steven Crowder delivered. And put the shoe on the other foot. Watch and enjoy the tolerance.  

Remembering EFA

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years to the day since we lost our brother-in-arms, LC EFA. We’ll be sending up a toast to him, as he’s swapping tales and getting our ancestors drunk on his homemade rum. Here he is a few years ago, happily cradling his twins. He was such a

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There’s Still Hope

Yes, we have been notably absent, and for that I apologize. I will explain why later on, but for now I beg your forgiveness and ask for your patience. Yes, I’m still alive, as is Misha (although in his case barely so. Nothing serious, some penicillin and a few shots of vodka will clear him right up,

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On February 19, 1945, Marines of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Marine Divisions landed on a volcanic island in the Bonin Island chain of Japan called Iwo Jima. The strategic importance of the island was self evident and the Marines had no doubt of the ferocity of the battle that they were about to commence.

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A Short History Lesson For The One

So Ogabe was speaking to a bunch of Christians at the National Prayer Breakfast. What a better time to bash Christianity and engage in a little false moral relativism by dredging up the old Crusades. Let’s get one or two things out of the way. The Crusades were a defensive war started after almost 600

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Another Glorious Chapter In The Age of Ogabe

For 239 years my beloved Corps has fought more battles, incursions, expeditions and wars than I care to count. In all that time they have retreated from the field of battle only once, at the Battle of Bladensburg during the War of 1812 after the rout of the Army and militia forces. No Marine under

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THAT’S gonna leave a mark!

Ya gotta love Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. That man can verbally put a boot up someone’s ass and stomp their nads from the inside. He’s not afraid to give the middle finger to Mooslim apologist either. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss how ISIS – also

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The Bacon Bill Challenge

So what wins out in ‘Merica, greed or orthodox Pisslam? The challenge goes like this, smear some currency with bacon fat and offer it as tender at a Mooselimb business. I say that Muslims in America will take the bill. A FB friend of mine who is studying the Arabic language, and consequently learning more

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Bring Me the Head of a Pig and a Tankard of Ale….

because there’s a feast to be had! Why you may ask? Because it’s somebodies birthday, that’s why. But whose you ask? Why, our very own Cabana Boy Imperial Vileness himself, that’s who! So let the celebratory debauchery begin! Happy birthday Misha. You’ve been a true brother to me all these many years. The trust you

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Operation Galvanic, the code name for the invasion of Tarawa, was not the bloodiest battle in total numbers, 953 Marines and sailors KIA, 29 MIA, and 2,296 wounded, but when that casualty figure of 3,301 is out of a total landing force of 11,000, it’s one of the highest rates in the Pacific. Of the

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So There I Was…

As our Imperial Vileness will attest to, I have a vast repertoire of stripper stories. This is mainly due to the fact that for many years before I met Bangie Thing I was known to occasionally, only occasionally mind you, frequent gentleman’s clubs. This was done purely for altruistic reasons, but we’ll just leave that

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Veterans Day

This year Veterans Day shares the week with the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a moment that started the end of the Cold War. It was a moment that many of us didn’t see at the time for what it was, our victory over the Evil Empire. We had won. But

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