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Happy 239th Birthday United States Marine Corps

“It is notable that the world doesn’t tremble before the USMC, only its’ enemies do, and that is the finest tribute to the greatest assemblage of fighting men that the world has known in almost two and a half centuries.” My dear old friend Joe D said that many years ago on the occasion of

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Please no one tell Piers Morgan, he’d have a stroke

source Well done to the police. FOUR men have been arrested for allegedly plotting a terror attack possibly to coincide with this Remembrance Day weekend. Um…what? It is understood police were suspecting a gun attack rather than bomb plot. I an having a hard problem believing this. Wasnt it the Brits who told us their

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We Won

Obola famously quipped “I won”. Typical of a narcissistic Nero wanna be. Well Ogabe, this is how “We the People” feel about that now. This is really the only schadenfreude I’ll allow myself. There is now a hell of a lot of work for us to do to undo the destruction the Progs have inflicted

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And That’s Why I Love Country

Just thought I would pop in this little vid that gives another reason to love country music. While the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes etc. usually turn into blatant exercises of liberal masturbation, there is at least one group willing to tell Obimbo to go pleasure himself with a barbed wire wrapped fence post. Of course

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“They Came In Peace”

At 0622 on October 23, 1983, thirty-one years ago today, a yellow Mercedes truck drove up to the entrance of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon; headquarters of the 24th Marine Amphibious Unit and its ground combat element, Battalion Landing Team 1/8. The Iranian driver triggered his load of explosives, equivalent to 21,000 pounds of TNT,

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I have such a huge, raging freedom boner right now I could impregnate North Korea! Imagining the prognazi heads that would etplode when they see this is like the post-coital seegar.

Yes He Does Answer Our Prayers-Awesome Update !!!!!

No offense to our gentle readers about whether there is or isn’t a L-rd and Master of the Universe, but I’ve been blessed by Him. After a brief, unexpected and outright dishonest loss of employment, He, who is in control (and created) what we choose to call the Universe has chosen to bless me personally

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Life Takes Some Unusual Turns, Eh ?

In a bit of a pensive mood tonight and of course with the ever-present sleep disorder that controls my wake/sleep cycles, it seemed as if I might have chance to get up something for us all to consider. Life indeed hands us some unexpected and downright unpleasantness. Be not troubled because He who is really

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The Daily Must Read

The inimitable Victor Davis Hanson, scores one with a brilliant piece over at NRO. “Making Harding Look Good”. Hanson gives a well put together, step-by-step outline of just how utterly incompetent and viciously partisan the Ogabe administration really is. A great snippet to get the article started here: Many have described the Obama departure from

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Ebola Anyone?

To get started, let’s take a little trip back in time on JB’s personal lifeline that plays into the growing threat of Ebola here in the U.S. of A. As a High-School lad, I had the enjoyment of getting employment at Ft. Detrick in my hometown of Frederick, Maryland. The base was previously an R&D

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Without Comment

I Have No Words

Seriously folks (or as Algore would say “Serially”) I am at a total loss for words to fisk this heaping pile of…of…you see, speechless. I’ll just leave it here and allow you pups to have the honor. But do, please, read all the comments in the link. It will give you back some of the

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King Putt was a little “latte”with his salute

Take the fucking coffee cup out of your right hand, put it on the ground or give it to someone, you useless, incompetent, half assed IMBECILE. You flunked kindergarten, admit it.

O’er the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

200 years ago today the sun broke over a haze filled Baltimore harbor. The acrid smoke of black powder burned the eyes and throats of the sailors as they stared over the gunwales of the British men-of-war. What they saw surprised them, and inspired a “guest” who was on board to write four verses of

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Jim He’s Dead……..

Not really, but there has been some signs of rigor mortis. Well it has been a wild ride this last year, but things are looking up. I’ve completely escaped the Hell Hole of Travis County for residency and work. I’m rebuilding slowly from a life torn asunder by unpleasant (meaning just plain shitty) and unexpected

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