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It is Wednesday.

“Alexis?  Shoot the bad guy.”

Space Force

Trump directs Pentagon to create military Space Force President Trump officially directed the Pentagon to establish a sixth branch of the U.S. military in space on Monday. Speaking at a National Space Council meeting at the White House, Mr. Trump called for a “space force” to ensure American dominance on the high frontier. Not that

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Why not?

While most of the nation (and the world at large) hang on every word that President Twitter-fingers tweets, there are people here in Seattle who are subjected to a similar fate by whatever nonsense comes out of the Seattle City Council. We have one of the largest homeless populations in the country — getting bigger

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Sunday in Seattle

What can I say?  It was beautiful last evening.

It is Saturday.

It’s Thursday, and we are still here

“Still Not Dead” – Willie Nelson I woke up still not dead again today The internet said I had passed away If I died I wasn’t dead to stay And I woke up still not dead again today Well, I woke up still not dead again today The gardener did not find me that a

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Read it and weep.

The Inspector General for the Department of Justice has just released it’s report on the 2016 Election as it pertained to Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Depending on where you stand on this, you will find some things that you will like, but mostly things that most of you will not accept.  Already, the spin from both

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The Last Covfefe

It’s Monday.

It’s Saturday.


It’s Friday, Ya Bastiges…

And no, this isn’t me.  I don’t drink.

Simon Sez in the Empire

I just can’t stop watching this.  Talk about being a sycophant… Oh, and it is Throat-Punch Thursday.

Another Day in the Empire

Seems Awful Suspicious

It is Sunday.

Another week has passed, and I am still posting placeholders.  Oh well, this can be fun. I am currently putting together a piece about Living in Socialist Seattle that I plan on posing on Tuesday.  It might actually shock some of you.  I also have a piece planned around social platform privacy and personal responsibility

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Spite, venom, hatred. The “tolerant left”

Words cant describe the disgust and revulsion that followed this diatribe. His daughter Ivanka also came into her line of fire. “She was supposed to be an advocate for women, but it turns out she’s about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons. She’s done nothing to satisfy women. So I guess,

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