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Open Thread

*Blowing Off The Cobwebs*’s entirely too quiet around these parts of late. My lousy excuse is that my current life has me working 90+ hours weekly. Not that it’s a bad thing, but sleep is at an all time premium for me. I’m on the mid-watch as I’m writing this, and this is my “full-time” job day off

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And NO, I do NOT know

Thanks for the seven emails I’ve gotten concerning the comments being automatically closed after a week.  I didn’t do it, and I haven’t had that kind of capability for about three years now.  All inquiries should be directed towards Misha. I do know that he really needs to upgrade the software here because he is

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Open Thread…

… since there isn’t anyone here to post something more substantial. So, scraping the bottom of the barrel again, you have to put up with me until someone else comes along…

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

Hell in a hand basket.

On Gratitude

I’m in a bit of a pensive mood tonight and finding myself the mid-shift Duty Officer, it seems as if I have the chance to get something up for us all to consider. Life indeed hands us some unexpected and downright unpleasantness. Be not troubled because He who is really in control has a plan

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Well That’s A Relief

I was really concerned that 6th grade girls wouldn’t be able to afford birth control. IUDs are now additions to the 6th Grade Curriculum in 13 Seattle area schools. The state sets aside medicaid funds for the Take Charge program offers free birth control for a year. Interestingly enough the Take Charge web page URL

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Spitting On The Corps

Hey I’m as tolerant as the next person on the gay ‘issue’, but some things are just too sacrosanct to use as props. Here is a prime example that just sickens me. The implication that last Friday’s SCOTUS ruling can be likened to the sheer hell that our courageous Marine Corps faced taking that mountain

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SCOTUS To The States….Screw Y’all !!!

Once again the Supreme Court has decided to become a law-making body in it’s ruling on the Obergefell v. Hodges case under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment Privileges and Immunities clause has always teetered on the edge of encroaching the states’ rights by the expansion of the federal government. In this case apparently the

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Darwin Weekly Award Winner [Update]

I think I’m safe saying that we’ve all had one of those “hold my beer and watch this Bubba” moments, but sometimes even those are exceeded by something that’s beyond any sane person’s understanding. This is one of them. This moron test subject decided to try placing a red, fire ant nest in his skivvies,

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Grinding Inside the Cogs of the “New and Improved” Veterans Affairs

I didn’t get that wrong, formerly the Veterans Administration is now the Veterans Affairs department or whatever. Let me say up front that the vast majority of the worker bees I’ve encountered at the VA are nothing short of awesome !!!. They actually care about people and go above and beyond to help you out.

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P.O.C…The Newest Acronym For Murder

I would be most remiss without starting this one off with a dead-bang, no-shit, barf-making article linkage and content WARNING !!!!!!   If you’re in anyway easily overwhelmed emotionally to the point of nausea, move right along and don’t EVEN think about continuing this post. You know, I’m hardly one that is sickened by much

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Well, It’s About Freaking Time

The Great Republic of Texas, long considered a bastion of Second Amendment rights, has outlawed the open carry of handguns since the post-Civil War days. 44 other states permit it, either unrestricted or with a permit. 44! But that just changed. Our state Congress Critters just finally decided to get in line with the rest

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Memorial Day 2015

Don’t thank me for my service. Today is not our, the living’s, day. And don’t wish me a “happy” Memorial Day. Today is not a celebration, it is a solemn remembrance of those who should be sitting in the empty chair. But it is only held in reverence by the few who understand. The rest

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Living Wage Comes Home To Roost

The proof really is in the pudding. Click on the photo below to see it full size. It’s a parking receipt from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport Valet Parking Area. (Use the back browser when you’ve had your peek, to get back here) Yeppers, that’s a $6.93 surcharge (.99/day) for Seattle’s new $15/hr “Living Wage” law, that

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