Articles from November 2010

Power of Love and Prayer (Updated)

Our long term, salty Rotts will remember that Joe D’s princess Erika battled a terminal illness a while back. She wasn’t expected to live, and if she did her quality of life was supposed to be not worth living. That’s what the experts said. But being the daughter of a paratrooper, she didn’t much care

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Er, Julian Assmunch? Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

If we were that sniveling little turd, we’d seriously consider turning ourselves in to the U.S. at this point. National security officials say that the National Security Agency, the U.S. government’s eavesdropping agency, has already picked up tell-tale electronic evidence that WikiLeaks is under close surveillance by the Russian FSB, that country’s domestic spy network,

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The Wages of Treason in a Touchy-Feely Age of “Do Nothing”

We’re not going to spend too much time on that worthless wanker piece of shit Assange and his organization’s latest document dump, but anybody else is free to do so. To be sure, there might be some fun to be had laughing at the Ogabe administration being embarrassed but, when it comes down to it,

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I Probably Should Translate this Fascist Crap Back Into the Original German

Some wannabe politburo member has finally figured out how to deal with those “stupid independent voters” who keep voting against Comrade Hussein and the Party’s desires, and the solution is, as is always the case with totalitarians, brainwashing or, to use the original term, Gleichschaltung. As Judis shows, the only true independents are white working-class

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Skeet Shooting, Texas Style

Can you point out Misha? [flv][/flv] Oh, and this will be an open thread.

Latest Insanity from the Insane Commie Fuck in Pyongyang

Which we got from our very own Sir Christopher. DPRK accuses U.S. of orchestrating latest military skirmish We could stop right there, as it is beyond obvious that the current O-ministration couldn’t “orchestrate” a single incident of flatulence at a Bean Burrito Convention, but what would be the fun in that? PYONGYANG, Nov. 27 (Xinhua)

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GFWs at NYT Exhibit More Retardation than Usual

It is not like the editorial pages of the New York Slimes have ever been burdened by an over-abundance of actual logic, facts and reasoning, but their latest outburst of horror at the thought of law-abiding Americans being allowed to arm themselves is even lighter on substance than usual. Which, for them, is saying a

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First, They Came for Our Domain Names

Not ours, yet, but it appears that Nappy Incompetano’s Dept. of Homeland Insecurity has decided to protect us from terrorism and keep the homeland safe by seizing domains belonging to outfits making fake Gucci bags. No charges have been made, no suits have been filed because, well, the fascist O-regime doesn’t need that sort of

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“Quit Whining About the Transportmittel Sturm-Abteilung, You Babies!”

Found over at our friend Bill Quick’s place. Sometimes we have to wonder just how low the bar is set for “intelligent writing” in the blogosphere, and one of those times was when we’d read this screed from Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw in which he, apart from belly-aching about the peasants and their stupid Opt-Out

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Another Leftist Hate Hoax

And so we see for the umpteenth time the left, desperate for actual examples of extremist behavior from the allegedly “violent” right (the kind of behavior you see on a daily basis from the “rational” left), making up shit instead and smearing the right with it. Short version: Rachel Madcow airs a video of soon-to-be

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