Articles from October 2010

Game 4 — Yikes!

One heck of a performance by Bumgarner on the mound made for another shutout of my team, who is now 1-3. Once again, Giants pitching proves to be what’s killing us. It doesn’t matter that you have some of the best bats around if they can’t get near the ball. Still, it ain’t over ’till

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How ’bout them RANGERS!

Looks like the world series is still on! Open thread!

Remember, Remember, the 2nd of November

I was just forwarded this by our local TEA Party, and it contains information that should be passed on. We can guarantee that the Democrats are going to continue to commit vote fraud in this election. The blatant stuff, armed thugs standing in the way, probably are going to have to be dealt with without

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Kinda Explains A Lot

Tim Spear,  NSDWP-North Carolina, recently sent out a campaign flier, the purpose of, I guess, was to  tout his support for veterans and probably his VFW-PAC endorsement. (H/T John Lilyea at This Ain’t Hell…) There was a picture of some grunts and the caption “In combat, you always want another soldier covering your back.” There

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Those Poor, Underappreciated Teachers

We guess they’re right when they say that the solution to our publik skool sistem’s record of turning out drooling, barely literate drones really IS throwing more money at them. After all, how can teachers possibly be expected to perform when they’re limited to a $9,000,000 budget for plastic surgery on the taxpayers’ dime? I’ve

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Ogabe Supreme Court Appointee Worried About Safety of Lethal Injections

No, we’re not kidding you. Joining her in dissent was Ruth Baader-Meinhof Ginsburg, Stephen Braying Jackass and Sonia “Wise Latina” Sotomayor. (h/t the Jawa Report): The newest member of the Supreme Court is in the minority in backing a stay of execution over questions about the safety of a drug to be used in a

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They Told Me That If I Voted For Palin, The Government Would Be Policing My Food!

And they were right! (h/t the Imperial Library Czar) BALTIMORE — The Baltimore City Health Department issued its first environmental citation for repeat violations of the city’s trans fat ban. The Health Department issued Healthy Choice, a food facility in the 400 block of Lexington Street, a $100 fine on Thursday. *SNORT!* Sorry, that’s just

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Watch This

Then forward it to anybody you know. [youtube][/youtube] Yes, it’s from Marco Rubio and you might say that if you’re not in Florida, it doesn’t matter. And you’d be wrong. The message is to ALL Americans, all of us who still believe that we’re exceptional, that two and a half centuries of sacrifice deserve better

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Different Day, Same Old RINOs

Doing the oppo research that the NSDWP just doesn’t have time to do. Congrats, Powerline, for doing unpaid work for the NSDWP. If, that is, you are actually unpaid. Which isn’t all that clear at this point, seeing as how you’ve devoted a great deal of time to attack conservative candidates, candidates NOT endorsed by

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About that “Curb Stomping”…

It’d be hard to miss it with all the rending of clothes and tearing of hair on a great swath of the Rightosphere, but in case you missed it anyway, here’s a representative link. Short version of the currently circulating meme: Some protester was viciously assaulted and curb stomped by violent Rand Paul supporters

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