Articles from September 2010

History Lesson

LC Rurik sent me this historical tidbit. Thought I’d share it with y’all. In 1872 Muslims invented the condom, using a goat’s lower intestine.

Another Weapon In The Battle

In spite of an energized population ready to vote in November, there are many who still remain on the sidelines. Unfortunately it’s a large group, citizens who just don’t care about “politics”. They are the ones we encounter who might respond when asked that “politicians are all the same” or a similar indication that they

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Ogabe “Fights Back”

Boy King Narcissus Ogabe is bravely rolling out the heavy guns to strike back against the evil meanies. So what does he choose for a target? It’s back to the Omnipotent Evil Conspiracy of FOX News. Sheesh, if that whiny little wanker gets any more pathetic…

Missed Me?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. In any case I know I’ve been a little absent so to make amends I thought I would throw y’all a littlle fwench bashing courtesy of Delta Bravo Sierra. Ya know, fwench bashing just ain’t as fun as it is used to be. They have Sarkozy, we have numbnuts. And

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Never Underestimate the Rangers’ Ability to Fuck Up Beyond Belief

All you need to do to change a 9-1 game into a 9-7 one in one short bottom of the eighth is to let whoever the fuck the retarded submoron is who makes these calls send in a butter-fingered Little League pitcher like Matt Harrison to give up 5 runs in a row. After helpfully

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Dr. Pangloss it ain’t, Part the Fourth, Reconstruction.

For the convenience of my fellow LC’s Parts the First, Second, and Third are here. This is the longest of the 6 Parts, but that is because it concerns what we can do with the House to strike back at the enemy. This is a Target Rich Environment, because once we have a foothold, we

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John Fuckface Kerry: “Those Voters are Just Too Stupid to Appreciate Our Brilliance”

A testy U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday blamed clueless voters with short attention spans for the uphill battle beleaguered Democrats are facing against Republicans across the nation. “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts

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Here’s How It’s Done, Establishment Fuckwads

It happened at last, and we’re sure that we’re going to hear it from the Establishment Camp for weeks now: A Tea Party candidate lost and decided to behave like Castle/Crist/Moocowshit/Specter etc.: A year after Doug Hoffman’s insurgent campaign became a national flashpoint for the Tea Party, he has lost a key supporter from that

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A Rott On The Rott

As some of you know, my latest endeavors in the field of security have led me to the TV/entertainment field. Specifically, working set security for NBC’s new series, “Chase”. The job involves some close brushes with celebrities, and working behind the scenes of a major production is interesting, to say the least. All that being

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Christopher Coates, Under Oath:

He said civil rights attorneys stick to cases that involve minority victims, and he said the Black Panther case was dismissed following “pressure” by the NAACP and “anger” at the case within the Justice Department itself. “That anger was the result of their deep-seated opposition to the equal enforcement of the Voting Rights Act against

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