Articles from August 2010

Paul Krugman is Pissing Himself

It appears the famous ENRON consultant and New York Slimes “economist” has finally gotten out of denial and started reading the polls, now that they show a 10 point gap between Republicans and Democrats in the “what generic candidate will you vote for?” poll. It’s not just historic for being the first time in the

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Wanna Buy Some Books?

Well here’s your chance. I’m sure you’re all familiar with LC & IB Baldilocks, since she and I go back a looooong time, not to mention that she’s one of the more famous blogmeisters out there. She’s been using her immense talent for writing to put out a book, all she needs is some PR

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Mid-Term Election Outcomes

Take a guess at the total number of seats held by the Democrats and Republicans (don’t forget to subtract the seats held by the Green Party, Socialist Party, Libertarian Party, etc…) after the 2010 Mid-Terms. The winner, or closest guess, gets a bottle of their favorite hooch.* My guess (and I hope that I am

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Why Do Hippos Have Sex In The Water?

Roguetek Update

Alright y’all, I know yer working yer asses off praying for Rogue and his missus, and it is deeply appreciated. He sent me an update and I have a general idea of some help he needs. If’n y’all want to lend some material assistance as well as spiritual, drop me a line and I’ll get

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Glenn Beck Rally [Updated]

Here is what I could find to piece together. If you have more segments, lemme know and I will splice them in for you… [flv][/flv]

Prayer Brigade, Teeeen-SHUN!

A bit overdue, as I’m sure you all already know that LC Roguetek’s beloved wife is battling cancer. So far, she has won the first battle through surgery and is reportedly doing well, which is fantastic news. But the war is not yet over, and this is where you all come in. Countless times we’ve

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The Salute

Rurik once explained to me his dedication to the Patriot Guard Riders and their commitment to our current crop of veterans. He told me that he had pledged once that no generation of vets would ever again be treated the way his was, and that was why he and the other PGR’s do what they

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The Emperor’s New Ride

Spotted in Dallas.

What The Fuck Is In The Water Out There?

It’s not that it is in any way unexpected that Arizonans rushed out to re-nominate John “I Chose Lying” McVain for Senate, it’s just that His Imperial Majesty cannot for the life of him figure out what the everloving Hades is wrong with Arizona. We mean, this is a state, the only state so far,

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