Articles from July 2010

A curse by any other name…..     Yes, those gleeful, gutless, cowardly, closet sadists.  Here in America, our own social cancer, it is metastasizing and will kill many if not excised.      It matters not that Mary and I paid for insurance for decades, dutifully coughing up our premiums, praying they would never be needed.     Well…we rolled the dice,

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Obamanomics 101

Soon-to-be-lameduck pResident Obongo was asked by a fawning, soaked-crotch Lamestream Lapdog reporterette what he was teaching his offspring about money. Go read the hilarious economics/life lesson at I Hate The Media. We’ll give you a little teaser: 1. The more ice cream you eat, the less chance there is for poor children to become obese.

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Who’d Have Thunk?

…and after months of overblown hysteria over the Gulf oil spill that was going to herald The End of the World as we Know it™, we now learn that Mother Nature, apparently, is taking care of business. As usual, we might add. Remember how the Exxon Valdez spill was going to forever destroy the coastlines?

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Charles Sherrod, Husband of Shirley and Civil Rights Hero

…now that we’ve all realized that Shirley, although unfairly treated by the Ogabe Administration as a result of an anecdote that was anything but racist, probably didn’t internalize her lesson learned quite as well as she ought to have. What, with her subsequent railing about all of the “raaaaacists” out to get her (here’s a

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Dad Life

Yes, we know it’s dreadfully late but, nevertheless, we couldn’t resist shamelessly lifting this little gem from Protein Wisdom: [As LC & GLOR Emily notes in the comments, you owe it to yourselves to click on the link for Jane Austen’s Fight Club. Hilarious! — Emp.M.] [flv][/flv]

The Rott Goes To Crapcanistan!

Via Sooper Seekrit sources, we have obtained this Exclusive!™ photo of a US Air Force F-16, fully-loaded for a mission to go out and kill Talibeaners. *Sniff* If that don’t make your eyes tear up, you ain’t human. Thank you for your service, every last soldier, sailor, airman and marine out there. F.E.T.E.

Kosmic Insomniacal Ruminations

Whilst fighting a losing battle against insomnia, amongst all of the thoughts tumbling around inside our skull, the seed of an idea was planted into the fertile soil of the imagination and immediately began to germinate and grow. Now, before an-all out religious flame war starts, let’s make a couple of things clear— First, this

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Deep Thoughts & Open Threads

Is it deep-rooted, subconscious Racism!™ if one types in “big lips” while doing an InterWebTubeNet™ pr0n search? Discuss. F.E.T.E.

The “Horrors” of Gaza

Thanks to a tip from Sir Christopher. We’re sure you’re all already more than familiar with the horror that is the “besieged” Gaza and the horrible, horrible Jooos who force the poor innocent paleoswinians to live in squalid conditions of famine and pestilence due to their “siege” and “blockade” that won’t let even the most

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Shirley Sherrod?

Yeah, you know, the woman everybody is talking about all of a sudden after the whole Breitbart video kerfuffle. First, let’s get a few things clear here: Breitbart is saying he only published what he had and that he didn’t have the rest of the video, the part that sort of changes the whole context

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