Articles from June 2010

A Titular Tête–à–Tête

Yeah, you’re wondering what the Hell the title means. You’ll see what we mean when you go here and check out the poll. F.E.T.E.

I’m Really Starting To Love This Election Cycle

Thanks Fmwoods!(Via Hot Air) [youtube][/youtube] Way to twist the liberal panties into a serious Gordian Knot darlin’. Easy on the eyes to boot. 🙂

Devil Docs

I’m way late in this, but what else is new. June 17th was the 112th birthday of the corpsman rating (pronounced “core-man” for my Kenyan readers), dating back to 1898. Since that time Navy “Docs” have been with the Marines every time the bullets flew, and the times in between. Fittingly, one of the six

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True Colors

His Imperial Majesty read a rather amusing column by frothing liberal columnist Dana Milbank [who is a man — Ed.] that, apart from being the usual mindnumbingly predictable liberal pablum we’ve come to expect, is quite illustrative of the liberal mind or whatever the Hades it is that passes for one. First, a little background:

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If your antennae are not twitching, you are not paying attention.

In the last few weeks, there have been three occurrences that should have you preparing to have your pucker factor measured on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Let us start listing. In early June the Federal Trade Commission issued a draft of a plan to “save” journalism. and In short, direct and indirect subsidies

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God’s Gifts

I don’t know how many of you ever go over and check out any of Deej’s Daily Video Picks, but if you don’t you should. Most are funny as hell, but some will touch your soul, like this one did me. [flv][/flv] I’ve always marveled at the patience of parents with mentally retarded or disabled

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Meno Tasse, Piu Liberta

That’s a lil’ Eyetalian lingo there. It means Lower Taxes, More Freedom. Sounds familiar don’t it? Well it should, but this time it’s the motto of the Italian Tea Party. They are even using the Gadsen flag. As has been said many times, freedom and liberty are the natural state of man, and the fundamental

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Common Sense, and Blathering Idiocy, From the Supremes

McDonald v. Chicago is settled. The Supreme Court, in the now standard 5-4 decision, ruled that in essence, the 14th Amendment means that the 2nd applies to city and state gubmints the same as it does the Fed. They did not specifically strike down Chicago’s fascistic gun laws, but ruled that it be sent back

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Working Stiff Plebe Hits Bite-me’s Nerve

VP Biteme graced the plebeians with his presence in Glendale Wisconsin and bought a custard. When he asked what he owed, the manager joked “Don’t worry, it’s on the house. … Lower our taxes and we’ll call it even.” Biteme couldn’t allow the uppity serf’s impertinence to stand of course. “Why don’t you say something

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Ogabe Regime Finally Finds a Sovereign Entity to Act Against

Two federal agencies have joined the “boycott Arizona” trend and nixed conferences there out of concern over the state’s immigration law, a Democratic Arizona congresswoman said, calling the development “very troubling.” Any cancellations by the Department of Education and the U.S. Border Patrol may have been more out of a desire to steer clear of

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