Articles from May 2010

The Price

Unsung Glory, Cpl. Jacob C. Leicht, USMC

Cpl. Jacob Leicht was born in a Navy Hospital on the Fourth of July and grew up with his adoptive parents on a 130 acre ranch nestled deep in the Texas hill country of Kerrville. Chopping cedar trees and hiking the rugged limestone hills he grew into an imposing man physically, but a soft hearted

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For the splodeydope on those long lonely nights…..

NASA Knew Glow Bull Worming’s Basic Physics Were False For 40 Years

In a sane world, Teh Great Goreacle and his priests of the Wholly Mann-Made Church of Glow Bull Worming would have been tarred and feathered and thrown into a pit full of rabid, shaved weasels hopped up on Viagra® and genetically-modified with tigers’ teeth, grizzly bear claws and blue whale phalli, years ago. But, since

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The New Brownshirts— Same As The Old Brownshirts

Democracy is so passe’ these days. Since the wheels have been coming off of their Great Glow Bull Worming Hippie Bus over the past couple of years, thanks in large part to the yeoman’s work being done by the modern-day Martin Luther’s of Anthony Watts, Steve McIntyre, Steve Goddard, Donna Laframboise, A.W. Montford, Lord Monckton

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Told Ya Prayers Work. Thank You.

Received an update from LC Thresher about his grandpa. Grandma contacted me tonight. Grandpa is being discharged from the stroke rehabilitation center and is going home on Thursday! He’s able to perform all the physical functions needed to take care of himself, or at least not require intensive facility-based care, and the only stuff he

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On A Lighter Note

LC Caveman sent me a link to a wonderful lil article over at Grouchy Old Cripple. All of the sea faring warrior types who ever manned a rail will get a real kick out of it. Hell even some of you lubbers and land crabs will chuckle. But what’s even better is the sea story

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Ear Leader Finally Keeps A Promise

Seems Ogabe promised Chi-town that he and the First Wookie would return every six weeks or so after seizing power. He already had all those vacations, strangely un-commented on by the MSM, planned out. That and I guess he needs to keep close to the Chicago Crime Political Machine to refresh himself on tactics and

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Yes, They Really Are That Stooopid In Bocuuuh

Boca Raton (us local good ol boys pronounce it boca ruh-tone, the uptight yankee assholes that have taken over south Floriduh pronounce it boca ra-tahn) has become the mecca of Damn Yankees. Like a plague of locusts, they’ve descended on our tranquil paradise after having devastated their own home states, usually New Yawk, with their

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It Is Official: You Have No Natural Right To Food.

Yeah, you read that correctly.  The FDA informs us that you do not have a right to choose what you eat or drink. So THERE, take THAT.