Articles from January 2010

Free-For-All Time (aka “Open Thread”)

Since the Imperial Muse™ seems to be out turning tricks in a back alleyway these days, here’s an “Open Thread” for y’all to cut loose on. Just make sure that you clean up the blood and beer bottles and turn off the lights on your way out. F.E.T.E.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I just found out, thanks to random clickage of links I don’t hardly ever get a chance to click on, that our very own Deej is in a bit of a dump, financially speaking, right now. And obviously he can’t be arsed to let his friends know because, well, he’s got the same kind of

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Speaking Of Guilty Bastards…

After teaching indoctrinating an entire generation of kids with their the Glow Bull Worming fraud, the Ponzi Scheme Prophets of the Church of the Wholly Hypocritical Goreacle™, such as Phil “Delete The Data, Dammit!” Jones and Rajendra “Choo-Choo” Pachauri, should be hanging from tree branches, instead of gallivanting around the world in tax payer-funded chartered

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The Guilt by Association Award

Goes, nope, you guessed wrong, not to Chuckles “Six Degrees of Vlaams Belang” Johnson, but to some clownshoe blogger at SF Gate who decides that if you ever use a word also used in the past by some white supremacist cock biter, then it’s proof that you’re a RAAAAACIST! (h/t DPUD). No, really! President Barack

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Okay, It’s Settled Science Now

After years of derisively dismissing Teh Great Goreacle’s message of the impending Thermageddon, due to those Eeeeevil things such as affordable electricity, transportation, food, medicine, etc., ad nauseum, we’ve come to our senses and now believe, whole-heartedly, in His Wholly Hypocrite’s message, now that pReznit Obongo’s fellow traveler has chimed in. Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin

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It’s a Change From “Tingles”, We Suppose

Most idiotic comment on Ogabe’s Soviet of the Union speech came from Chris Tingles Matthews, when he noted that Teh Chosen One’s speech was so magnificent that he, Chris, “forgot that he (Obama) was black”, true quote. We must congratulate Chris Tingles on finally coming to grips with his own latent racism and pushing his

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Why People Who Vote For Liberals Are Functionally Retarded, Part the Umpteenth of a Possibly Ongoing Series

…unless we lose interest, of course. Add “and should therefore never be allowed to vote” to “functionally retarded.” We’ve spent decades wondering how anybody with an IQ above that of a turnip would ever vote for somebody (a liberal) who actually believes that expanding government and spending tax funds to “stimulate” the economy would ever

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Captain Awesome Just Can’t Let Go of the Condescension

…Baghdad Bob presidential spokes-tool Gibbs with a preview of the SotU tonight: “The president’s going to explain why he thinks the American people are angry and frustrated,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said on “Good Morning America” today. Something we’re sure that those angry, bitter, bible- and gun-clinging sister-humpers will be thrilled to have

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More Dead Tango’s

So Misha and I were talking and, as such is the case whenever there is a meeting of such momumental intillects…er… I mean towiring intillegience…no not that, I uhm.. fart smellers… no, smart fellas, yeah that’s it, well the Good Idea Fairy™ paid a visit and we decided that since The Snipers Dead Tango Demotivators

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Well, He Does Have a Point…

Much ado is being made about the latest auto-fellatio by King Narcissus Teh Won Obaminable as more and more Democrats decide to abandon the Titanic to “spend time with their families” rather than being butt-reamed in November: Berry recounted meetings with White House officials, reminiscent of some during the Clinton days, where he and others

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