Time to take stock, a deep breath and Ruck Up.

In a few hours 2010 will be a memory…painful and at times humorous, but all in all, a year that I think not many will regret leaving behind.  As in all other years preceding,  it’s habit to want to pause and take inventory of what we’ve been through and see what we have in store for the coming year.  I for one just want to get the new one started so I can implement changes in the simple things..such as just how I start the day.  How I use my time, and how I face, and react to, daily situations. Hell, just how I organize and run my home is an area that needs enough work to keep me buried for months.

Screw the world stage at this point.  If I’m not willing to deal with my own here and now, then the rest doesn’t matter very much does it?  We all have to make those choices.  What happens out there can influence what happens in our personal space, but if you don’t make the effort and choices to change how you deal with each breath you take, then there’s no chance of that influencing what happens out there.   Just once I would like to feel like I can make changes to myself and my personal environment without the invasion of all those outside influences beating the door down to rob me of the motivation.   I want to start influencing out there for a change, but it has to start inside first.  In my mind, in my heart and in my home.

Yeah we all know that in theory, but how many of us actually do it….do it with conviction, with motivation and without letting other people and other forces having some small part to play?  It’s damn hard, but it can be done.  You decide, you implement, you tell everyone else to f**k off until you’re done.


All that being said, I want to wish each and every one of you a New Year of Love, Faith and Laughter.  If you have those three things, it doesn’t matter what lands in your lap.  You can deal with it.

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