Y’all Don’t Fucking Mess With Texas!

The commissars of the O-ministration just don’t seem to get it. You mess with the fucking bull, you’ll get the horns. As we’re sure you know, the Ogabe regime, not in the least bit respectful of the separation of powers (or any other inconvenient part of the Constitution, for that matter), decided to utterly ignore the fact that they couldn’t get their Knee-cappin’ Trade bullshit through Congress and tasked the EPA with enforcing it anyway.

The Republic of Texas told them to go fuck themselves. Not at all happy about this lack of subservience to the Ogabe Politburo, the EPA then sent Governor Perry a nastygram stating that if Texas wouldn’t obey their un-Constitutional power grab, then the EPA would just take over the issuing of permits in Texas.

To which Governor Perry, undoubtedly getting a bit tired of DC and Ogabe’s regime’s inability to understand plain English, replied that they can, once again, go fuck themselves.

“The EPA’s misguided plan paints a huge target on the backs of Texas agriculture and energy producers by implementing unnecessary, burdensome mandates on our state’s energy sector, threatening hundreds of thousands of Texas jobs and imposing increased living costs on Texas families,” Katherine Cesinger, a Perry spokeswoman, said in an e-mailed statement.

The American Petroleum Institute chimed in as well:

“In unprecedented fashion, EPA is now coercing some states to relinquish their authority and is directly usurping state regulatory authority in Texas,”

Yeah, well. Ogabe and his commissars will just have to find out how well “coercing” works on Texans, won’t they? They could start off by asking Santa Anna, the “Napoleon of the Americas”, how fucking well that worked out for him.

Come and get ’em, assholes. Here’s the thing, you puling socialist sucknozzles, y’all need us a whole lot fucking more than we need YOU.

We graciously let you yankee assholes join us in 1845, mainly because we felt more than a little bit sorry for you on account of what a bunch of effete, whining pussies you were and how much you were in dire need of a firm hand to stiffen up your non-existent spines, and we can sure as fuck throw you right out again unless you quit trying to mess with your betters.

Seriously, Governor Perry. You already once mentioned the word “secession”. We think it’s time you drag it out again to remind the worthless lemmings up north that you weren’t kidding. Let them fucking freeze in the dark while we down here enjoy the fruits of our labor and the land that G-d gave to us.




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    LC Old Dog bloviates:

    Looking over from AZ, if we could get New Mexico involved could we say SUSA!

    A special Kewpie Doll to the first Rottie who can place that reference!

  2. 2
    angrywebmaster bloviates:

    Just so you know, not all of us up north are worthless commies. I, for one, support Texas and hope they do start a full blown constitutional crises. Succession is a ways off though. First, refusal to kowtow to Obama, then start pushing for a constitutional convention to start stripping away the powers the Feds have assumed for themselves. (Probably a complete rewrite of the commerce clause to start)

    If all else fails, then pull out, and take as many right thinking states with you as you can. (NH flipped back to Red State status big time last election) :em96:

    I would have moved down there some time ago if I could sell my house and convince my wife. (She’s an immigrant and has put down roots. She also learned to read/write English)

  3. 3
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    angrywebmaster said the following:

    Just so you know, not all of us up north are worthless commies. I, for one, support Texas and hope they do start a full blown constitutional crises.

    Oh, I know. We all know, and we certainly sympathize with your plight, living behind enemy lines like you do. We also know that ripping power away from the useless socialist swine isn’t easy up north (although NH certainly was encouraging) and that moving ain’t as easy as some might make it sound. We’re all with you, just as we know that you’re with us and we greatly appreciate the support from our brothers and sisters trapped in socialist hell.

    As to the moving bit: You know, it might actually be more useful to the cause to have you there behind enemy lines to cause, erm, confusion and the like. Let the socialist tyrants lull themselves to sleep thinking that everybody behind their iron curtain is a “friend”, then watch their discomfort and confusion when they realize that it just isn’t so.

    Not all citizens of the Soviet Union were enemies either. Quite a few of them turned out to be quite useful, as a matter of fact.

  4. 4

    I stand with Texas, I stand with Arizona…..I stand with any state that holds fast against this regime’s raping of our Constitution.

    Interesting, in that video at about 1:00 into it is an image of Confederate soldiers singing while holding the line in battle. The story behind that picture is this:

    During the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, there was a salient or bulge in the line known as the Mule Shoe. This particular part of the Mule Shoe took a massed assault by Union troops and the troops tasked with turning back the assault were Stephen Dodson Ramseur’s North Carolina troops. During the battle, Ramseur went down wounded, temporarily breaking the chain of command….in the confusion of battle that followed Private Tisdale Stepp started singing “The Bonnie Blue Flag” and scores of his fellow Rebs joined in as they poured fire into their enemy. The North Carolinians pushed the Yankees back to their starting positions, sealed the breach in their lines and held the Mule Shoe in the most bloody close quarter fighting of the Civil War.

    a larger image is here

    What unbelievable courage and devotion to a cause. The question is:

    Do we still have that will today?

  5. 5
    LC Old Dog bloviates:

    Crap, no takers so far. HINT # 1: Ben Raines

    If necessary more to follow! :em41:

  6. 6
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    LC Old Dog said the following:

    Crap, no takers so far. HINT # 1: Ben Raines

    I got it, but I ain’t spoiling it. It would be unfair, wouldn’t it?

  7. 7
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery said the following:

    Gulf ports, Gulf energy production, Gulf seafood industry, Southern sugar production, major industry like boeing relocating to business friendly states like South Carolina…..

    You forgot the bit about where the majority of our service members come from. Without them, Canada could take over the Northern United States with a Girl Scout Troop. :em01:

  8. 8
    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An bloviates:

    #’s 1 & 7 LC Old Dog

    Got to the thread late. William Johnstone’s “Ashes” series. I commend to the attention of all his recent books dealing with the southern border.

    And if I had the money, I would have some property in Texas, just so I could claim residency at need.

    Have to do something about the New Mexico version of the Danzig Corridor though, between Texas and Arizona.

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

  9. 9
    LC Old Dog bloviates:

    Response to LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An @:
    I think a short conversation with cmblake6 could solve our corridor problem. He would not lack for flanking fire! :em95:

  10. 10

    a little trivia regarding the Bonnie Blue Flag:

    Today, the flag flies in most of the Florida Parishes of Louisiana, and is used on road signs along Interstate 12, which has been designated the “Republic of West Florida Parkway.”

    hear any calls of removing that “racist” symbol of the Confederacy by Sharpton and others? Of course not, they’re too ig’nant of our country’s history to know that

  11. 11
    Library Czar bloviates:

    Arizona has coal, uranium, natural gas, gold, silver, copper three to four growing seasons per year and grows more cotton than even California now. Which is to say we are the number one cotton producer in the country. As Texas goes so do we. NM could be a problem however. Ship enough ETOH to NM and they will follow.

  12. 12
    LC HJ Caveman82952 bloviates:

    Give ’em hell, Misha!!!! :em69: :em04:
    From behind the lines here in Central Kalifornia. We have no luv for demorats here after what they have done to our economy. To be sure, they will seek to belittle you, to ridicule you, but one thing they will not do is fight you. I will stand in support, in word and deed. I’d be there now but for one detail, I married her thirty years ago…..we sit at Stanford now, she getting chemo but feeling OK. Tell bongo to go fuck himself, a lot of haughty lefites say let you go, use that to your advantage. :em04: The South is the future of this country, not the north.

  13. 13
    Library Czar bloviates:

    Even states like Alaska, which is rich in oil and timber would have problems galore if they didn’t get federal money.

    Much of that federal money goes to tribes not the average Alaskan. The tribes are paid billions in federal dollars on top of the oil and timber money they get. Alaska has oil, timber, ocean products, coal, gold, silver, diamonds and much more. Stop the federal dollars and let them sell their products on the open market and they would do just fine. Make the Skimos work for their dollar rather than sit in their government provided home with government provided EVERYTHING. Otherwise they can just eat stinkheads and go back to the stone-age lives they had even as late as the 1920’s.

    You have it wrong, Alaska has problems because of the federal dollars. Do away with them and they would be just fine.

  14. 14
    BigDogg bloviates:

    Emperor Misha I said the following:

    Without them, Canada could take over the Northern United States with a Girl Scout Troop.

    Isn’t that the extent of Canada’s military? :em93:

  15. 15
    Light29ID bloviates:

    I do hate to be the bed wetter of the Empire but because, under certain conditions, talk/actions of secession can be “interpreted” as sedition and, unlike treason, the laws are a little more vague, therefore more prosecutable .

    Remember, we can/will/are/possibly watched on this, or any other site.

  16. 16
    LC Rabidfox bloviates:

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    Light 291D, we have a good prescidence to follow

  17. 17

    Response to LC Old Dog @:
    William W. Johnstone, “The Ashes”.

  18. 18

    LC Old Dog said the following:

    Response to LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An @:
    I think a short conversation with cmblake6 could solve our corridor problem. He would not lack for flanking fire!

    Indeed. 😈

  19. 19
    LC Patton bloviates:

    It may come to that and, if it does, it certainly is a better solution than the current situation.

    Nonsense. Secession would be an awful solution. The United States of America would never allow a state to secede, as the United States constitution does not permit it (Texas vs. White, 1869) and the US military is more than equal to the task of defeating any number of rebels. Furthermore, the military would side with the federal government, as soldiers are sworn to uphold the constitution, which as previously stated does not permit secession. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans would die in the ensuing war, and whether or not this hypothetical Second Confederacy succeeded in its aims or not it would devastate the United States and likely end our status as a superpower forever.
    The solution to the current Obama administration is the same as the solution was to the Carter administration; at the next Presidential election, take back our government through the democratic process.

    bring back serious tariffs

    Any decent economists can tell you that tariffs always hurt consumers more than they benefit producers.

  20. 20
    LC Thresher bloviates:

    Response to LC Patton @:

    You seem to be assuming that the Second American Civil War will simply be a replay of the First with smart weapons in place of musketry and cannon.

    I strongly suggest you read Tom Kratman’s A State of Disobedience to see what another civil war would look like in this country. It will likely be a pronounced, highly visible constitutional crisis with some relatively light kinetic action thrown on top.

    Assuming things do go completely tits up and we settle in for the long fight, do you really think the Left has the stomach for it? I have no doubt they’ll fight to the last ATF agent or the last Oath-breaking soldier (and yes, it IS a violation of the Oath), but how many Congressmen, Senators, senior bureaucrats, sympathetic journalists and actors, traitorous Supreme Court “justices,” and White House staffers are they willing to sacrifice?

    There won’t be front any front lines. No true Patriot centers of gravity for the Enemy to destroy. Their enemies will be every American who loves their liberty and has the courage to acquire a weapon and use it. Fighting a 4th generation war against American patriots would be more than they could stomach, methinks.

  21. 21
    LCRedneckProgrammer bloviates:

    Hail Rotts :em04: :em04: :em04:

    I found out recently that my Great Great Grandfather fought with the North Carolina 26th regiment.
    I don’t know if they fought at Spotsylvania, but I’m pretty sure they fought at Gettysburg.
    I do know one thing for sure, the Battle Flag flies over the fanily farm and has nothing to do with race.

    P.S. Happy New Year. I’ll toast you and all the Rott’s with an RC and a Moon Pie.

  22. 22

    Response to LC Patton and LC Thresher @:

    It would be relatively clean and nice if thd coming civil war were a replay based on classic board wargames, with two neatly organized and divided teams having a go at it. I expect reality will be so much messier and worse.

    Consider the developments in irregular warfare. Look to more recent examples such as (former) Yugoslavia, Lebanon, , or the North Caucasus. Or for that matter, Spain in 1935-36, before things settled into a “conventional” pattern. Or if you really insist on a rematch of Blue and Gray pay more attention to the Missouri theater. :em95:

    While all my current neighbors are decent sorts, there are several from recent past years that I was resolved to go eliminate in the event of civil unrest – or maybe greet them in ambush when they came to pop me. :em96:

    The coming war will be violent and very messy, with numerous “sides” and shifting alliances – Whites (Conservative vs Left), Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims. And it will get even messier when some of the local groups get crossed-up because they’re not nimble enough to keep track of the latest changes in their side’s alliances.

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