Thought on the 2010 NYC Snowmageddon

And Mayor Bloomies’ incompetent non-response (not made any easier if increasingly convincing reports about a deliberate act of “work slow” sabotage by the unions turn out to be true):

You know, we kinda thought that NYC had gotten literally buried in a snowy hell of truly Biblical proportions, after all it took from Sunday to Wednesday for the city to get the situation somewhat under control, and then we read that the total amount of snow dropped on the city was, wait for it, two feet.

Two frickin’ feet? Really now? SERIOUSLY???

Where His Imperial Majesty comes from, that’s the kind of snowfall that we call “a minor inconvenience” and have cleared off the roadways in half a day or so. One pass with the plow and you’re good to go.

So we’re going to have to throw a bogus flag on that number, because there is just no frickin’ way that a city in a civilized country can be turned into a disaster zone for three days by two pathetic feet of fluffy, frozen water. Somebody give us the real number, please.



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    MasterGuns Imperial Swampmaster bloviates:

    It is obvious you have never seen the documentary produced by Art Bell called “The Day After Tomorrow”. That is what has happened in NYC. It’s the only answer.

    On a lighter note….can someone explain to me why “God’s dandruff” is cold and wet?

    Hmmmm…..1st maybe?

    Semper Fi and Happy New Year

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    Grammar Czar bloviates:

    Mark Steyn was talking about the snowstorm yesterday. One caller (iirc) said that during one of the last big storms, cities from all over sent their snowplows, only to be paid about 45%, and then not until May or June of the following year.

    BTW: where’s FEMA? Shouldn’t the president be DOING something? After all, this is Bloomie’s Katrina.

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    Cheryl bloviates:

    Believe it or not, Misha, the accumulations in NYC were just over 2 ft., allowing for higher measures from snow drifting. New Jersey had it worse. We’ve had worse storms here. But I’ve always seen plows working the same day. Not this time. There may have been some dodgy business with the Dep. of Sanit. union, but I would not believe Bloom-turd’s whining excuses about anything. New Yorkers have short memories. Several years ago there was a fire underground which burned out some electrical cables in the Boro of Queens, leaving neighborhoods without any power for up to 10 days during the summer. In apts. that means 10 days with no running water, toilets, in addition to no lights or A/C. Bloom-turds’s response was as per his usual snotty belittling of those that were going through it. To add insult to injury, he actually praised the “efforts” of the utility Con Edison.

    Bloom-turd and The Marxist in Chief: A couple of worthless shit bookends.

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    I lived in New York during he 1970s, the reign of Beame the Bumbler, a mayor who makes even Bloombitch seem competent – till now. Heavy snowfalls on narrow sidewalks and streets were always a problem, because there was no place to pile the stuff. But somehow it got done, even in places like Queens, where the East River was not available for dump[ing.
    Bloomie is en-fucking-titled. In his case not because of his race, but because he’s super rich, and politically allied with the entitled minorities.
    And as I type, 1020 hours CST, the glowbull wormering is coming down so thick I cannot see across my street. My back will suffer tomorrow.

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    LC Anniee451 bloviates:

    I’m from just outside NYC (20 miles or so by car) and I can tell you right now it WAS two feet, and two feet is INSANE for this area; especially this early in the winter (haven’t seen this since maybe 1978?) We were snowed in for a day and a half ourselves; there were cars on fire on the highway and sirens running for hour after hour; yep. We can be completely crippled by one foot of snow much less TWO. They didn’t freaking plow here until a day and a half after it stopped. And yes, it was shocking to look outside and see the depth. It just really doesn’t happen. Sometimes in March or early April we’ll get a blizzard that dumps 2 feet but it gets warm enough like the next day to melt a lot of it, so it’s not as big a deal.

    In the actual city it can only be that much worse; a newborn baby died; ambulances couldn’t get to the hospitals or the people, and the fucking mobster union bosses ordered them to leave it so they could fuck things up because of budget cuts. Bloomberg is an asshole who doesn’t know how to handle his teams- this shit would never have gone down under Rudy, never. Say whatever you like about him, but I know what he did around here and how he dealt with the various service teams. It didn’t fall apart until Bloomberg took over, that dick. He has managed not to let the place turn into the cesspool of crime and danger that it was under Koch (who I still liked; nice guy) but I don’t know if he’s just riding Rudy’s coattails on that or if he’s maintaining it…he sure as hell fucked up a couple of apartment fires that should not have killed so many tiny children as they did (yes, pretty much all children – 6 in one and I believe 8 in another – and he was already under fire for not handling those right. The guy’s just not competent to run the city.

    I miss Rudy. Thank God he was the one here when the towers were hit. Because of the cohesiveness of his teams and quick action, 30 thousand people were evacuated who might otherwise have died, and it was a very small window with the second. Bless him.

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    I remember when I grew up in Canton, Ohio, during the Blizzard from Hell – late 1970s. The barometer had dropped to a record low – somewhere around 27.8 inches of barometric pressure, and winds were at 60 MPH plus and we had a couple of feet on the ground from the blizzard. Snowplows had covered all the major streets more than once a day, and the minor streets got it once a day. IMHO there’s no excuse for this, and no explanation except for deliberate inaction.

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    Also, I’d love to see this just once before I die … a good old Ohio snowstorm appearing here in So Cal – to where the snow reaches the GROUND, en masse. Not because I love a snowstorm – I don’t – but just to watch everyone here go completely batsh*t insane on the roads. I’d be perched up on the roof of my building with a lawn chair, soda and something to snack on just laughing my *ss off … :em01:

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    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An bloviates:

    What is the most damning indictment of Bloomberg’s lack of competence [and he is trying to position himself as the “no labels” competent technocrat for a presidential run] is the little detail that New York City has routinely handled far worse blizzards in living memory, and indeed all the way back into the 1800’s. This is before the deliberate sabotage by his own employees. They have the infrastructure and equipment to handle these storms, and the standardized plans to do so.

    Having done the rescue bit with my 4WD Suburban, pulling econoboxes back onto the road, I will vouch for what Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery said. One of the most amusing things, if you have a sufficiently morbid sense of humor and you can watch from safely on the side of the road; is the first real storm to hit Colorado Springs every year on Academy Boulevard. A lot of large, steep hills on a major arterial with the stop lights either at the very bottom or very top of the hills.

    The Springs gets a lot of flatlanders moving in every year, plus the normal rotation of troops through Fort Carson [two active divisions + 10th SFG + cadre for reserve units]. Add to the normal rotation the fact that we seem to swap units [4th Mech Inf. and 3rd ACR] with Ft. Hood, Texas every decade or two so we get 10K soldiers plus dependents at a shot who are used to Texas winters and who somehow believe that 4WD means they have 4 wheel stop on ice; and it gets downright dangerous.

    That said, I note that while New York City had their blizzard; the same storm system had moved through Colorado a few days before. While we did not get hit that bad at all here, the mountains west of the Collegiate Peaks got SIX FEET of snow overnight. With 50-90 mph winds pushing it into drifts. We had the highways to the mountain towns completely plowed and drying within hours of the end of the storm, and the towns had dug themselves out within a day. It is what we consider part of the normal facts of life.

    LC Subotai Bahadur, Lord Pao An

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    Library Czar bloviates:


    Rudy saved no one that day however Rick Rescorla was a real hero. The security in the buildings that morning were telling people not to evacuate but Rick Rescorla new better and saved thousands.

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    LC Anniee451 bloviates:

    LC I know what the city was like before Rudy and after, though…and until he got there it was a sewer of crime and decay. Afterwards it was a pretty pleasant place to visit (you didn’t dare go before) and you didn’t have to feel like you were taking y our life in your hands the minute you got there. Mr. Dirty-rag ‘cleaning’ your car window (i.e. filthing it up) and banging on it “begging” (i.e. trying to rob) you for money in the tunnel was hardly even seen. I’m saying there was cohesion between the police, the firefighters, etc. that hadn’t existed, and they were doing their jobs…well. Now you can’t even get a fire put out without 6 babies dying alone? When 30 thousand people were evacuated from the falling towers of 100+ stories just years earlier? Something’s broke that wasn’t broke then, but was broke before Rudy (my God, the blackouts alone were terrifying – looting and rioting – he even broke up the increasingly violent “Million Youth March”).

    More than anything, like we were all doing, he cried with us as it happened. That alone will never be a dead memory for me. You don’t see it every day, not that you want to.

    Ah well; others don’t feel as I do, but he deserves some credit.

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    LC Anniee451 bloviates:

    Subotai – I’m glad you’re aware of the deliberate efforts of the mob union to stop the cleanup. But Bloomberg is rightly going to leave his share of blood on the floor too – he’s certainly not fit for the presidency (much less NYC.)

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    LC Anniee451 bloviates:

    I just got a private message from one of the writers on cracked; he’s looking for a funny clip of Olbermann. But it has to be funny. Anyone know of any? I hate olbermann. But if I was cool at cracked I would totally rule the planet.

  13. 13

    Response to LC Anniee451 @:

    I’d think any clip where he shows his face would suffice?

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