While We’re Counting Reasons Why Unions Should Be Outlawed

And their bosses sent to death row:

Selfish Sanitation Department bosses from the snow-slammed outer boroughs ordered their drivers to snarl the blizzard cleanup to protest budget cuts — a disastrous move that turned streets into a minefield for emergency-services vehicles, The Post has learned.

Yeah, well, it’s all harmless fun and justified protesting until somebody loses a baby because of it:

A blizzard baby delivered inside the lobby of a snowbound Brooklyn building died after an emergency call of a woman in labor brought no help for nine excruciating hours.

The baby’s mother, a 22-year-old college senior, was recovering Tuesday night at Interfaith Medical Center, where her newborn was pronounced dead at 6:34 p.m. on Monday. That was 10 hours after the first 911 call from the bloody vestibule on Brooklyn Ave. in Crown Heights.

“No one could get to her. Crown Heights was not plowed, and no medical aid came for hours,” said the student’s mother.

Line the union bosses and their worthless, rent-seeking underlings up against the edge of a freshly dug mass grave, then mow them down with MG42s.

And let their fucking relatives fill in the hole afterwards, then charge them for the ammo and the use of a backhoe.

“Look for the Union Label.”

If you see one, open fire until every last motherfucking pig wearing one is a bloody, gelatinous mess.



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    this is a tactic that I think we’ll be seeing more of when these democRat/progressive controlled cities go belly up and are forced to cut their budgets. Unions won’t let anything happen to their cash cows…aka….government contracts. So, they’ll resort to holding the mayors and councils hostage with slowdowns and other strongarm tactics, and more people will die. We’ll also see more budget cuts to things like police patrols and fire services and first responders and education and libraries closing and parks closing. Yes, yes, I know that most of those are covered by union jobs but they are essential services and it’s what we….the taxpayers….get taken away from us when we won’t give overspending government dictators more of our money to waste.

    We had a small fire up on a vacant lot on a hill above my house last night. The lot is a party place for the local kids and they had built a fire to keep warm while they drank in the snowstorm we had. Well, the fire burned a little hotter and larger than they had planned and when I saw it they had already scattered. I called the local FD, went up there in the dark and snow and put out as much of it as I could. The firemen did the rest and I offered them a hot cup of apple cider to warm up (needed it myself too). They took it to go, but I had a chance to talk local things with them while I heated it up, and the matter of coverage and staffing came up. Seems that they too are facing staff cuts. Their protection area just doubled in size with new incorporation, but the state and county in all it’s fiscal wisdom has cut their staffing. So they have to reduce their manpower while covering twice the area. One firefighter looked me and said “well, it’s the guys like us that get cut when you voters take their money away”…..he said it with a smile and I know what he meant…..he meant that they and the LEO’s and the libraries and the parks are the carrots that our lords and masters take away when we say no to tax hikes, which is what we the voters said in November….

    So, instead of cutting the fat union protected highway workers who I see every morning leaning on their trucks drinking coffee, or the fat union protected garbage collectors who don’t show up for two weeks due to a dusting of snow but bill us for pickups anyway, or the fat union protected state and district education bureaucrats who make MY life a personal hell, or any of the other thugs who hold us and the county hostage. we lose our cops and firefighters.

    OK, so be it….but I won’t let anyone break into my house knowing that they can get away clean due to reduced patrols and response. If I am home, and they force their way in, they will be met by a fully armed homeowner. M1, Winchester, Kimber, Smith and Wesson…..pick your poison goblin. Maybe the sound of gunfire will get me a quick response.

    Look for the Union label, it’s branded on the ass of every nutless politician like bloomberg.

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    LC PrimEviL bloviates:

    Those who fomented the shut-down in a weather emergency should be summarily fired, and definitely be brought up on charges. I can see
    conspiracy, negligence resulting in death, endangerment of a child, manslaughter, if not murder, and perhaps even RICO charges.

    Their dereliction of duty to the people who pay and rely on them is nothing short of despicable.

  3. 3
    LC PrimEviL bloviates:

    Jebus, the infant wasn’t the only casualty. From the same article:

    – In Queens, a woman tried to reach 911 operators for 20 minutes Monday and then waited for three hours for first responders to arrive. By then, her mom had died, state Sen. Jose Peralta’s office said.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/29/2010-12-29_help_arrives_too_late_to_save_baby.html#ixzz19eZm5HOp

    And then there’s this shit:

    New Yorkers, stop complaining about the snow: City Hall is doing its best to recover from blizzard

    By Lucius J. Riccio

    Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 4:00 AM

    “The public has been spoiled over the past 30 years: Starting with Mayor Ed Koch and Sanitation Commissioner Norman Steisel, we’ve had progressively better responses to big storms. In fact, we got too good at it. Mayor Rudy Giuliani was so proud of the city’s response that he publicly embarrassed the Port Authority for not doing as good of a job with the runways at local airports.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2010/12/29/2010-12-29_new_yorkers_stop_complaining_about_the_snow_city_hall_is_doing_its_best_to_recov.html#ixzz19ea46Rr0

    What. The. Fuck.
    Efficiency and competence are now considered something wrong.
    The asininity takes one’s breath away.

  4. 4
    Tallulah bloviates:

    I know a Dept. of Sanitation guy, New York City, retired. He’s 58 now.

    He was able to retire at age 45 with a full pension.

    Jimmy says when he WAS working, he could get his route done in three hours, then he’d go to the union break room and get drunk with the rest of the garbagemen.

    “Great jobs. Made good money. Enough to buy a house, raise a family. I can’t complain. Life is good,” he says. He works a part-time job now, just to stave off boredom, not because he needs the dough.

    So, do the math: He worked SEVEN YEARS TOTAL for LIFETIME SECURITY. :em98: And they STILL WANT MORE $$$ ???

    Oh, yeah, they definitely did a slowdown. And Bloomerpants definitely skimped on the preparations, too: not calling in workers and paying them holiday + overtime wages. Result? a total balls-up. :em96:

    And yes, they’re in the hands of the Mafia, folks. No way Bloomerpants has the gonads to take on the Mob.

  5. 5
    Tallulah bloviates:

    Also, go on Youtube: the beleagured citizens of NY are posting videos of sanitation workers fucking off on our dime. Like the guys who parked THREE SNOWPLOWS at the Dunkin Donuts, and went in there to eat and, I dunno, spank the monkey for ELEVEN HOURS. While the road outside was UNTOUCHED.

    Out-of-towners are rightly annoyed that New Yorkers are stupid enough to elect Bloomerpants. But consider this — our alternatives were Stalinist Mark Green, racist Freddy “La Raza” Ferrer, or the Mighty Midget.

    Gaaaack. . . .

    If you look at the NYC ballot, there’s a full slate of Socialists, and only half a slate of Republicans. The Repubs don’t even fight for the pie, apart from Staten Island and part of Queens (if it weren’t for those boroughs, we’d be a lot closer to being Detroit Part II).

  6. 6
    bloodyspartan bloviates:

    Well unless you worked for them Like I did I say Bull shit he got full pay after 7 years.

    I worked 8 years got hurt at least half a dozen times and walked away with Disability and NO PENSION!!!.

    It depends on what tier he was in. the shortest was 20 years, I had 35 unfortunately unless he had prior service for the City who knows.

    And as for doing his route in 3 hours and going home year there were stupid old timers like that who had great routes and would run it and go. Never thinking of the guys coming on.

    I was stabbed by needles 7 times only 2 times I was unsure eventually what kind they were and waited the years out. I also ruptured 2 discs and herniated 2 others in my 2 back injures.

    As far as the routes go some were great many sucked. and they got worse over the years as kiss asses and selfish pricks only did what what good for them , kind of like America. now.

    I received no pension so if you guys think the JOB is so great Apply for it. I did many a route and picked up from 25 to 40 tons of garbage on bad days, We used to do the Apartment buildings and could fill up a 25 ton truck on one block on a very bad day.

    Yea you could run that too, skip lunch breaks and go home if you lived in the City,

    But you paid for it in the End.

    So go for it guys the job is so good in 8 years I had no cartilage left on both my shoulders,

    I just love the joints rub together YUM.

    By the way they Actually are a para military service if you guys know what the means.

    Assholes with rank feed you shit and keep you in the dark.

    It is Considered one of the City’s 3 uniformed Services, you could be made or ordered to work 12 hour shifts or more with only 8 hours in between for as long as an emergency would last.

    Many a night I slept in a filthy smell garage.

    I remember falling a sleep after working 3 days during a snow storm. I could not figure who the hell was waking me up from a great dream. Until I realized I was plowing Off Queens Blvd.

    I took out at least 10 cars with the Plow. Thank GOD I hurt no one.

    Technically During a snow emergency these accidents would not count. But hey the QW6 community board bitched so much or had ao much pull it wound up on my Insurance. So hey apply for that great Job.
    I spent 6 weeks in Bed with a ruptured disc waiting for permission to operate on a 7mm ruptured bulge. It hurt so damn bad I slept with my 45 under the Pillow refusing to get addicted.

    NOW I cannot give a shit it is medicine give it to me. I have to take piss test like a criminal.
    So take the job when you are offered it.

    I cannot believe some of you fuckers believe the Treasonous Media.

    I think we should just shoot Traitorous S.O B. s

    Maybe you will wind up like me Hurt with no pension bitching on the internet.

    P.S. Many times you are ordered to Park a Plow and wait for Orders.

    Disobey and loose 2 weeks pay .

  7. 7
    Lady H bloviates:

    I don’t think I want to visit NYC anymore.

    Sheesh–all of Guiliani’s good work; going going gone?

  8. 8
    Shaitana bloviates:

    If the unions were being controlled by the mafia, things would have been done efficiently and quickly. Say what you will about them, but they take care of things and keep them running. No this is a DEMOCRAT mafia. Not the real family.

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