There IS Such a Thing as “Over-Zealous”, You Know

In which His Imperial Majesty indulges his Inner RINO. At least we’re sure that we’ll be told that we do.

Is the Tea Party set to primary Scott Brown, who took over Swimmer Kennedy’s liquor cabinet and double-wide chair, for crimes against conservatism?

Granted, it is the Boston Globe, so we’re not entirely sure about their sourcing and quoting but, according to them, Scott’s acts of Heresy are the following, near as we can tell:

1) Repeal of DADT. Yes, we disagree with him on that one, but it is one of those cases where we, although we know which side we’re on, have to recognize that there are arguments to make for the other side. Not enough to sway us, but enough to have a reasonable and intelligent discussion where one can disagree without being disagreeable.

2) START. OK, that was a serious fuckup. Unless you’ve lived the past 55 years under a rock, you know that the gain of signing a nuclear arms treaty with Russia is entirely on the Russian side. The only side likely to adhere to the terms in that treaty are us, and that’s hardly what you’d call a mutually beneficial agreement. You can disagree with us all you want on that one, but we’ll just turn around and smack you over the head with almost six decades’ worth of evidence that you’re deluding yourself. Whether it will be a death blow to our status as a hyper-power is doubtful, but it sure as Hades isn’t to our advantage.

All it did was give Hussein Ogabe a “win” for the press to crow over when they would otherwise have been forced to admit that their Messiah had been taken to the cleaners.

And then there’s:

3) The tax cut extension deal. We’re still not quite sure how that can count as a minus on Scott’s ledger, but apparently the argument goes as follows:

Brown has also upset some former supporters by voting for President Obama’s compromise on extending the Bush era tax cuts, a plan some Tea Party activists oppose because it will add nearly $1 trillion to the deficit.

OK. Wait. Stop. Shut the fuck up. This is where we suspect that we’re listening to the Boston Globe’s spin rather than any actual Tea Partiers. “It’ll add nearly $1 trillion to the deficit?” How, exactly?

We will freely admit that we haven’t read every line item in that compromise, why should we when even our legislators can’t be arsed to read what they vote on?, but near as we can tell, the only major outlay in it was the extension of the 99-week unemployment benefits for another two years and, correct us if we’re hideously wrong, the cost of that one was about $54 billion or so. So where is the other $946,000,000,000’s worth of spending in it?

Unless they’re saying that the government NOT taking our own hard-earned money equals “spending”, in which case we’d like it very much if those “conservatives” would kindly go sit in the back of the class, stick a gun in their mouths and pull the trigger. Kindly roll out some plastic first so’s not to ruin the marble in the Imperial Palace. At any rate, we’re not listening.

I don’t ever, EVER want to hear anybody calling themselves “conservatives” equate tax cuts with “spending”, and if they insist on doing so they can quite unceremoniously go fuck themselves with highly unsanitary and sharp implements.

If there really, truly are individuals within the Tea Party who believe that letting citizens keep their own money is a government outlay, then we should be more concerned about starting a purge among our own ranks before we continue purging RINOs.

And as to agreeing to extending the 99 weeks of unemployment insurance being a “loss” or a “surrender”, we’ve only ever heard that retarded argument from conservatives who are already gainfully employed. But really, if you want to be the ones to go out and say “hey, it’s time the adults cleaned up the mess the Dem Cong and their Ogabessiah made, but you unemployed people who are victims of their crimes against our nation are on your own” and use that as a winning strategy…

Why don’t you just cover yourselves in BBQ sauce and jump into an alligator-infested swamp first, because that’s the exact same thing.

Millions of our fellow citizens have lost their livelihoods as a result of Ogabe and his National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party. I don’t really think telling those people that we don’t give a shit is the way to show that we care and that we need them in order to clean up the mess.

So back to the point: Allegedly the Tea Party is ready to primary Scott Brown, the first non-communist Senator from Taxatwoshits since Karl Marx wrote “Das Kapital”, because of this?

Listen, if you can find a better candidate, then so be it. Ultimately it’s not for us to decide, it’s for the people of Massachusetts to decide, but really.

If you’re looking for useless shits who might as well be Dem Cong, you could start looking at Lousy Moo-cowshit (thanks a pants-load, Alaska!). Yes, we know that she can’t be primaried for quite a little while, but there are other ways. We could turn Alaska back into a territory so they’d lose their representation or, better still, we could sell them back to the Russians. We’d be screwing both the Russians and the pork-addicted fucks at the same time. If Putin is daft enough to buy them, of course. Or, alternatively, from what we understand about Princess Moo-cowshit and her “habits”, we could hand her a straw, a mirror, a razor blade and direct her to the nearest drift of snow and wait for her to die from hypothermia. Provided she doesn’t snort the whole mountain first, that is.



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    OK. Wait. Stop. Shut the fuck up. This is where we suspect that we’re listening to the Boston Globe’s spin rather than any actual Tea Partiers. “It’ll add nearly $1 trillion to the deficit?” How, exactly?

    We will freely admit that we haven’t read every line item in that compromise, why should we when even our legislators can’t be arsed to read what they vote on?, but near as we can tell, the only major outlay in it was the extension of the 99-week unemployment benefits for another two years and, correct us if we’re hideously wrong, the cost of that one was about $54 billion or so. So where is the other $946,000,000,000?s worth of spending in it?

    The way it was explained to me is the following…

    The CBO makes a projection as to what it believes the tax revenues will be for any particular year, and the budget is based on that projection. It does not take into account any tax cuts that might be passed, because, obviously, it’s not an oracle. Nonetheless, Jugears and the Libtards (sound like a really bad band?) submit their budget (and spend every last red cent of it and more) based on said projection. The CBO’s projection was based on the current law at the time, which set the Bush tax cuts to expire. Now that the tax cuts have been expended, that’s a gazillion dollars they don’t have to fuck with, even though they still intend on spending the gazillion x 10 they had planned on to begin with.

    Hence, the deficit…

    Make sense?

    As for Scott Brown. He’s a VERY liberal Republican, and I don’t think he ever made a secret of that. What the hell did people expect from Massachusetts?? While he’s not a true conservative, he’s about the best we can expect from that shitbag state.

    Brown also happens to be a friend of a friend. One of the officers I was deployed with to Kosovo knows him rather well – they’re both in the Mass. Guard. Tim says he’s a great guy, even though his politics are way more liberal than ours. (Tim is one of maybe 3 libertarian true conservatives in the entire state) He’s an LTC in the Army Guard, and he (like many other officers in the military with whom I’ve spoken) has much bigger things to worry about in the field or in a battle zone than whether or not one of his Soldiers is going to come out of the closet. There are simply more important issues in the military.

    I’d say Scott Brown is about the best we can do from there, and we should thank goodness we didn’t get that festering megacunt who ran against him.

  2. 2

    Uhhh… why twice??? Someone erase that second, pleeez!!! Tanks! :em41:

    (Got it— B.C.)

  3. 3
    0352crumb crunch bloviates:

    So far I’m not that impressed with the rhetoric from the Tea Party lately. Americans don’t want a complete freeze in spending. We simply want some fiscal responsibility. The tax extension certainly isn’t frivilous spending. It seems to me like they’re taking the no government spending pitch as just another election engine rather than thinking things through. Mabye they think were not capable of thinking, so they just have to dumb things down by saying “no spending” instead of responsible spending. From one extreme to another…

  4. 4

    Thanks, BC!

    You know what I could really use today?

    A Photoshop of Murcuntsky snorting a mountain of white powder, as mentioned above.

    Or a Photoshop of Julian Assmange getting ass raped by a horde of rabid yak.


    Just sayin’

  5. 5
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    Granted, it is the Boston Globe, so we’re not entirely sure about their sourcing and quoting

    Well, seeing as the Globe is owned by the NY Slimes, I’m entirely sure that they made this story up out of whole cloth.

  6. 6
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    We can argue the pros and cons of tax rates all day long, and the lark of getting to “keep your own money” ad infinitum. But that is an entirely different subject.

    It is no “lark” to wish to keep what you earned.

    It is not the government’s money, never has been.

  7. 7
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    I know that this is kinda lost on you, but you live your current life of luxury because people before you paid for it through taxes — at a MUCH higher rate than you pay now. It has been part of the social contract for a long time and has built up a lot of things that you now take for granted.

    I know that this is kind of lost on you, but it ain’t YOUR FUCKING MONEY, you Marxist Pussy.

    You don’t even have the balls to steal the money, you have the fucking government to steal it for you.

    Theft is theft, no matter who does it, or for whatever benefit.

  8. 8
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    It isn’t your money either. It belongs to the government, because that is the social contract that was made long before you came on the scene.

    Spare me your sanctimonious Bolshevik drivel. The government has not, is not, and never will create anything.

  9. 9
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    What fucking “social contract?”

    The only social contract I entered into was for me to pay to keep our nation safe, our contracts enforced and that’s just about it. Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention an obligation for me to pay the Fed to keep midnight basketball programs running, to pay money to those who can’t, or worse, WON’T work, to pay trillions to agencies determining for me that CO2, also known as “plant food”, is “pollution”, to police what I can and cannot say (the First Amendment is actually quite a bit against that), to regulate the amount of water I can flush when I pull the handle on my toilet, to mandate how many miles my car is supposed to get on the gallon etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    I WILL pay for what is actually enumerated in the Constitution as part of that “social contract” of yours, but every single fucking penny above and beyond that is nothing short of fucking THEFT and we WILL reach the point where We The People will react to thieves the way you’re supposed to.

  10. 10
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    My point being that I’m not necessarily opposed to the every single idea regarding funding, but we have an amendment process designed to deal with that. The Constitution is not immutable, but if you want to change it, you have to follow procedure. You can’t just “interpret” your way to your desired result through penumbras and emanations.

  11. 11
    MasterGuns Imperial Swampmaster bloviates:

    Response to SDN @:

    Whereas DJ and I have trouble agreeing on damn near anything, he actually is a bit more conservative/libertarian than he appears. He just stirs the pot. I agree that for the most part he’s a flaming liberal. He also is a “equal opportunity” basher of anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

    He is allowed his opinions just as the rest of us normal people(Muzzy……this statement of mine does not make you anything resembling normal).

    Just my opinion……….Semper Fi

  12. 12
    MasterGuns Imperial Swampmaster bloviates:

    And by the way, I refuse to accept the premise that I have a “social contract” with any asswipe in DC. I am a CITIZEN……..not a damned contractor.

    My government doesn’t owe me a friggin thing except my retirement check(that was a contract between me and it). The American people at large owe me nothing. I owe nothing to anyone unless I choose to. I do not object to taxes that are responsible for maintaining what Congress is required to do as stated in the Constitution………I object strongly to my taxes paying for what is normally BS given out mostly to keep the votes so my so-called representatives can remain in office.

    ’nuff said……Semper Fi

  13. 13
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    Yet it provides you the opportunity to drivel here.

    Actually it doesn’t.

    My family has been on this little plot of paradise for over a century, and before that, from around Connecticut. I can trace my father’s lineage going back to Ethan Allen.

    I thought you were Canadian-Iranian-Israeli-Leftist.

    So you really are a northeast corridor Marxist.

    What a lot of people here seem to miss is that I am not necessarily advocating anything. I offer a counter opinion and if your position is a stronger one, then convince me. Calling me names or some kind of personal attack isn’t convincing me of anything except that person doesn’t have a valid argument.

    You are advocating many things here.

    For example, you wanted government owned healthcare, despite all the reams and volumes of evidence that government owned healthcare doesn’t work, dehumanizes the individual, and gives the government the power to decide who lives or dies.

    We pointed out country after country, which either let people suffer, let people die, or stopped treatment because it was not “cost effective”.

    You called us uninformed knuckle dragging Nazis.

    So, I did a little research.

    Anything you have espoused on this blog has been lifted (not quite word for word) from various Leftist web sites. The list is too long for me to quote you on right now, but rest assured, given time and a generous donation from you, I can find exact quotes.

    So, I have come to the conclusion that you are a person that is hoping for a Marxist utopia, where all are equal, but you hope that you will be more equal than others.

    BTW, I will take you up on moving to Darfur. You are so kind to pay me $5 million dollars a year to let me escape into a Marxist hellhole.

  14. 14
    Grammar Czar bloviates:

    We, The People, get to choose how our legislation is shaped through regular elections.

    Bzzzt. Wrong. There are several alphabet agencies that have been given UNELECTED power to levy taxes and fines. I believe it’s the EPA that is planning on doing so even without CONGRESSIONAL approval.

    I don’t think that our Constitution provides for that.

  15. 15
    Grammar Czar bloviates:

    IMO, anyone who claims allegiance to two (at least) different countries has no business preaching to us about what our Constitution says. Make your choice. In my view, if you’re not an American citizen ONLY, you’re a traitor.

  16. 16
    lc purple raider bloviates:

    Without tax dollars, there wouldn’t have been such a thing as the Internet, or a whole number of conveniences that you take for granted today. Your precious “free market” would never have electrified the nation, built the highway system, put a man on the moon (which, incidentally, gave us all sorts of technology that you take for granted today.

    Actually, the internet was expanded by the private market.

    Private industry electrified the nation.

    And private industry put a man on the moon.

    Government didn’t build the electric grid, or built the rockets, space capsules, or space shuttles, private industry did.

    As far as a “Leftist” goes, not as much as you might think. Of course anyone who is even slightly to the Right of what you might think is some commie pinko.

    When I say you are a Marxist, it is not name calling, it is an accurate description of the perp.

    And I can tell you from experience that I use a government system and I am quite alive and kicking — even though I have had multiple health issues that would NEVER have been covered under the US system.

    And yet you get most (if not all) of your treatment in the US. It must be a miracle that you are still living after the substandard care you get here.

    *sigh* Read your Constitution. It is all in there.

    The Constitution doesn’t account for unelected agencies that pass regulations.

    But you keep thinking the Constitution allows for the EPA.

    I can claim allegiance to any number of countries as I see fit, and be well within my rights. Especially since the three countries in which I hold citizenship in are all allies.

    But you are not an American. Like Obama, you are an anti-American.

    You do not believe in the power of the individual, but believe only in what your government provides for you.

    You do not believe in the spirit of American Exceptionalism, that all men are created equal, to reach for the brass ring.

    And, you are still a Marxist.

    And remember, I’m not calling you a name, it’s an accurate description of the perp.

  17. 17
    Emperor Misha I bloviates:

    Whoa, everybody back up the truck on the “traitor” bit here. Treason is a pretty hefty charge not to be cheapened by throwing it in any direction you see fit, and it’s a charge based on actual actions.

    As such, I’m a traitor. Yeah, you heard me right. Not to the U.S., but to my native country.

    You see, I willingly, without coercion, in full command of my senses, in front of G-d and several hundred witnesses, stood up and renounced any and all allegiance, loyalty etc. to the country that gave me birth and shaped the man I became. You think that was easy? It was the hardest damn thing I ever did and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    But, undeniably, as a result my former countrymen would be perfectly within their rights and the definition of the word to call me a traitor. Yet somehow they never did, at least not anybody I’ve talked to since I took the Oath. A gracious bunch, they are.

    So I have a bit of a hard time throwing “treason” charges at somebody just because they happen to disagree with me. I’ll call them every other fucking name in the book as I’m sure you’ve all learned over the years, but it takes a bit more than a misguided opinion on something for me to drag that particular word out of the ammo box.


  18. 18
    Grammar Czar bloviates:

    Emperor Misha I said the following:

    but it takes a bit more than a misguided opinion on something

    And it’s misguided to you only because you see it differently, and, as with all opinions, you are entitled to believe that it’s misguided. :em04:

  19. 19
    Lc ORWN engine builder for Rottie Racing bloviates:

    Grammar Czar said the following:

    please cite the part of the document that provides for the unelected alphabet agencies being given the power to circumvent congress to levy fines and taxes.

    You need to see it as a” living document ” to appreciate all the vast powers of unelected agencies.

    A.T.F. should be a convenient store not a government agency

  20. 20
    Grammar Czar bloviates:

    Lc ORWN engine builder for Rottie Racing said the following:

    You need to see it as a” living document ” to appreciate all the vast powers of unelected agencies.

    Ah, so Section 8 which says:

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises,

    really says: The Congress (and the president and anyone whom the president designates whether elected or not) shall have the Power To lay and collect Taxes…

    And, I suppose that while it does say that congress has the power, since it DOESN’T say that the alphabets DON’T, then we can interpret it to mean that they can…

  21. 21
    Lc ORWN engine builder for Rottie Racing bloviates:

    Response to Grammar Czar @32:


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