He’ll have a LOT of explaining to do when he sees MoHamHead


SAUDI security forces have killed a suspected militant dressed in women’s clothes after the man opened fire at them at a checkpoint, the interior ministry said.

Well, gotta give them points for marksmanship. One splodeydope assumes room temperature.

Two men, one wearing a woman’s all-black abaya with the face veiled, were stopped at a checkpoint in the early evening yesterday in Wadi al Dawasir, about 600km southeast of Riyadh, said interior ministry spokesman General Mansour al-Turki. The one dressed as a woman got out of their vehicle and began shooting at the guards, who shot back and killed him.

The other man in the car was arrested.

No word if the second man was caught in bra and panties as well, but it’s a safe guess.

No word as to why he did it. I guess someone got his goat.

None of the security personnel were injured.

“We suspect them to be related to al-Qaeda for the techniques they used to get through the checkpoint,” said Turki, pointing to an incident in October 2009 when security personnel killed two men dressed as women when their car laden with weapons and suicide bomb vests was stopped on a highway. But he said yesterday’s incident required more investigation to confirm if the two men were militants.

No, they were members of the local Baptist church, you jackass.

Woman’s dress: $10.00
Ammo for gun: $10.00

Explaining to the Paedophile Prophet (may bees pee upon him) and his seventy heavily fellated goats why he won’t be in Paradise because he died in the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie?


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