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windows-7-logoI got up Thursday morning, like every other morning, and went to my computer to check my mail. The reminder that I put in place eight-something months ago popped up on my desktop telling me that Window 7 was officially released.

Up until then, I really didn’t care. Sure, I’ve seen all of the headlines in Google News about the upcoming release and all of the hype behind it, and every now and then I would glance through some of the articles saying the same thing, but I never felt the urgency or anticipation of the release.

My 32-bit Vista Business was working alright. While over four of the eight gigs of memory I have on this computer was being wasted, I was in no real hurry to make any changes.

But then, after reading the reminder that popped up on the desktop, later that morning I found myself pulling into the parking lot of a major computer box store on a quest to buy the Windows 7 upgrade. I don’t even remember driving to the store.

But suddenly, I had the blue Windows 7 Professional upgrade box in my greedy paws, and my wallet was $220 lighter. (okay, the plastic debit card felt lighter, but you get the drift)

Never one to want to lose data on my computer, I first wanted to make sure that if I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 I wasn’t going to lose anything. Everywhere I read, it all told me basically the same thing: a simple upgrade, painless, quick.

So I went for it, and here are my experiences.

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