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Speechless…just f*cking speechless.

Self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four other Guantanamo Bay detainees will be brought to trial in a civilian federal courthouse in New York, blocks from site of the devastating 2001 terror attacks.


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A jihadi bastard who also happened to wear the uniform of the United States Army goes on a pedophile worship induced rampage and murders 13 of the best our nation produces. Another 30+ are wounded. Those are the known casualties.

But let us not forget what his MOS in the Army was. He was a psychiatrist, tasked with administering to the emotional and psychological well being of our warriors. Warriors who had fought against his fellow savages in a war that he himself, by his own words, opposed.

How many other unknown victims are out there, suffering unneeded emotional duress because the man who was supposed to ease them back to this side of the wall was an ideological brethren of those they had been fighting against?

Pray for them as well as for the known victims of this savage follower of the cult of death.

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