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We have created computer models that project 100 years into the future (the fact that they are inaccurate and bullshit within two days being irrelevant) that says “the world is warming”…so we have to tax you heavily, whilst of course doing what we say you should not, flying everywhere, driving everywhere”

“We cannot of course prove any of this, its only a theory, as the only way to be sure is to get a time machine, but YOU MUST BELIEVE.”

“Dont ask us for the original data, we destroyed it. We cannot replicate any of our tests or graphs or experiments…but you must BELIEVE”

“We say it is so because of “consensus”, please of course disregard the thousands who say otherwise as they are all being paid by the oil companies”

“You will disregard the masses of data that contradicts us as we quickly burn paper and delete emails that show the data we have used is faked, because if you dont believe, then you also deny the Holocaust and the Moon landing”

“We will use every tactic at our disposal to spread panic and fear at will, whilst charging exorbitant fees and charges for every service, like giving a speech at $1300 a pop, you will buy our DVD’s asnd books that tell you more of our lies whilst we line our pockets.

Walk whilst we fly in luxury to exotic locations to hold conferences and summits.

Get trains whilst we ride in air conditioned SUV’s.

Do not argue or we will destroy you.

Do not dissent or we will smear you mercilessly.

Do as we say , not as we do.

We are the masters and you will do as you are told.



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