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I have had a strained relationship with my youngest daughter for several years now.
Her mom and I have been divorced for almost a decade now but the timing of my leaving the household ( my daughter was 13years of age) could not have been any worse. Because we used be close. Leaving was worse then if I had never been in the home at all. I know that now.

My daughter has turned into your typical dependent; dependent on the government, dependent on the system a slave to her own self destructive behaviors and attitudes. For a number of years I have blamed myself for not reaching out to her more when she was still young and now I worry about not being more sympathetic to her situation and current circumstances.

What my daughter has become is exactly why I tend to be so pissed nowadays. I’m pissed at our political situation right now and I’m pissed at this president for turning our nation into political comedy theater. I can’t help but to be pissed at black folks who willingly ignore the warnings signs about this disastrous presidency simply due to his skin color. But I am most pissed that my own flesh and blood has denied her upbringing and failed to use her high IQ to help herself become a productive and contributing member of society.

The seemingly stereotypical horrifying statistics that have been recited by black right wing bloggers hits a raw nerve with most black conservatives because we can see first hand the results of government dependency, lack of education and lack of focus . I’m not naive. I understand that the problems connected with fathers and daughters are nothing new and my situation is no different. My daughter engaging in self destructive behaviors on her own is bad enough. But she is now passing on her self destructive behaviors to her two children. And it’s not just my daughter and her family’s future that is at stake. We are losing a whole generation of black children to this nonsense! Yet another generation encouraged and rewarded for being permanent victims.

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