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It’s should come as  no surprise that the yowling, ululating, sub-human paleosimians wastes of flesh like to protest as well as murder each other just for fun. That is when they’re not launching rockets at Eretz Yisrael civilians 6,000+ times, since they got what they wanted.

Of course it comes as no surprise that the MSM reporting on this is quiet silent, after all they wouldn’t want to put their pals in a bad light, now would they?

Friend of the Empire, LC& IB-Bob Parks had a “plant’” that videotaped a December 30 protest that got a bit sporty. Where did this occur, our inquiring readers want to know? Detroit…NO, How about Ft. Lauderdale !!!

The enemy is at the gates and I think the IDF has a nasty surprise for these Hamassholes. No mercy, eradicate every filthy one of them. Go take a peek at the Religion of Piss at it’s finest.

Pro-Hamas Demonstration in Ft. Lauderdale.

Please drop a comment while your there, that insider really pushed the evenlope and besides he need to pay for a full decon regimen after being close to that crowd.

We are all Jews, those of us that truly understand the malevolent, uncompromising goal of these murderers. America will stand or fall if it turns it’s back on one of our few remaining steadfast allies,that recognizes the malignancy of radical Islam. Europe and the UK in particular is toast, consigned to bending over and grabbing their ankles for the Saracen hordes . It’s a simple equation, eradicate Hamas and it’s allies or the extinction of Israel. There is no “peaceful” solution. Every time some blather-skate from Foggy Bottom opens his or her piehole, it involves even more concessions from Israel. You have to understand the mindset of terrorists. They kill us they get their 72 ham-sandwiches in paradise. If we kill them and innocents, by their tactic of co-locating military operations and weapons caches in civilian centers, as collateral damage, they achieve martydom as well, with the “global community” cheering them on at the outrage of Israel defending herself. Their final goal to bring about the tyrannic, savage boot of Islam to the throat of the west.

Deus Vult and Carry-On


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