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In a few short hours from now Brother M. and his lovely Missus, Mrs. M-ITT and Imperial Sniper will own this small, but significant chunk of Tejas. It brings Red and I to joy and comfort, knowing that friends and loved ones can find and enjoy the “True American Dream”, that of owning land, however small or large and the responsibilities that accompany it. The problems both big and small that are a certainty as well as the PRIDE of knowing that this is yours, come hell or high waters are a trivial price to pay. This friends, is the culmination of merely a small part of the American Dream. No dictator, tyrant or potentate can change regardless of intentions (we fought for this one and will do it again), it’s an American thing !
This piece of the Creator’s favorite state, Texas, will be theirs perpetually. As Brother M. has said, I’ll leave this land for the nursing home or (G-d Forbid) or the funeral home. I don’t think I could put it any better. Red and I could ask for no better friends, that we’re allowed to share a piece of this as lowly squatters. We had our own, but it wasn’t in His plan to keep it. To our friends here, welcome to our Brother and Sister once again with an extended welcome to the “American Dream” and may G-d Bless them for sharing it, with those in need of a new start. A man without friends and brothers, is without hope. Let’s lift a cup of our choosing to those that have well and truly earned it !!!!!
-JB and Country Red


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