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Humbled indeed. Humbled by the many blessings that God has given me, undeserving as I am. Humbled by my son’s service, by my daughters’ love, by the woman who agreed to be my wife. By many things.

But I am also humbled by the friends that I have made here at the Rott, and even more humbled that I was asked to be an admin here. And now I have been even more humbled, this time by a reader.

Back in September I posted this. As Misha and I have discussed many times, sometimes the words just start flowing as soon as you begin typing. This was one of those times. It was as if I wasn’t even thinking of what to say, the words just appeared.

Apparently those words resonated with a reader, LC Norm from Arizona. He put them to music and created this. As I watched it, I couldn’t believe I had actually written that. Norm told me in an e-mail that he reads those words every day, and that he has shared them with his family and Navy buddies (Norm was a Yankee Station sailor in Vietnam, which makes his video even more humbling).

It is amazing to me that words that I wrote can have such an impact as the one that Norm said he experienced. So often you write something and wonder if anybody really read it. And then your question is answered.

So I am not only humbled, but I am honored, to have people like you all, and like Norm, as my friends.

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