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I hope everyone had a good and safe Independence Day.

I’m enjoying my Sunday on the back deck, drinking Crown and listening to some old classic rock.

Oh and much to the chagrin of my lovely, beautiful, wonderful, caring, forgiving wife I am the proud owner of a motorcycle.

It’s a beast, old 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 cruising bike. Have not been on a motorcycle in 20 years, but could not resist.
Been enjoying just simply riding around the neighborhood for now. Will use it for trips to and from work and rides on the back roads here in Northeast Kansas.
I have a whopping five minute commute through some nice neighborhoods to work.
Love living in Lawrence.
So it has been an interesting weekend.

But seriously now folks, I need the Rott Empire’s help here.

As I am dozing off relaxing at a friends home (many may know John Donavan from Castle Arrghhh).
I’m enjoying cool day on the deck as the folks fire some guns, I shoot for a bit too.

While we take a break I listen to my daughter-in-law and young friend talk about 9/11.

Long story short basically this young man STILL believes that the government did it and also says that there are “mountains” of evidence supporting this claim.

Now I will say I had a few drinks and was relaxed, eyes closed, and what I heard likely was complete bullshit all verbal diarrhea designed to arouse my usual response that I have towards folks who talk crazy shit due to having been deprived of brain cells due to excess alcohol or drug consumption or those who have little or no common sense.
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