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Friends pardon my flirtation with the past here. As a retired auxiliary trooper we were assigned to a squad with a leadership befitting their station in life (maggots of course, as we were constantly reminded) as well as their ability to train raw recruits to pass the un-yielding system of selection imposed by the state, a slow process with only a select few chosen to advance (I was one that reluctantly took that call and served in his position to maintain discipline in the ranks, not that I was deserving at the time) . I was fortunate in that I was assigned to the toughest, meanest SOB ever serving the state for my training. I was expected to turn-out in a flawless uniform of the day, to pick up our platoon leader usually at divine services, of course in uniform dress, that would make our brother Marines blush. Wally was a task-master par extraordinaire and would send a young trooper home to polish his brass if it didn’t pass His muster. NO harm, no foul, He didn’t tolerate slovenliness in his State Police department. Yet at the same time there was no long-term guilt for not meeting his standards. I expect Cesar’s Centurions had the same outlook.

I had the privilege of being his driver and padawan, long before our Creator called him home, to his true reward. Wally taught me a lifetime of lessons in a few short years that kept me safe throughout my Law Enforcement career. We worked many “off-shifts” and no braver man wore the uniform and shield of a Trooper.

Wally, being the ever shy one, rarely failed to mention that he was the Navy’s Pan-Pacific champion in boxing for 4 years running during WW2. Also being fully qualified to wear the Dolphins of a submariner, he was capable of manning EVERY position on the “The Boats”, it’s a time honored tradition that ALL submarine sailors learn and endure, because we are few and all must be ready to assume any position on the boat in battle. Wally had served as Chief-Of-The-Boat during his final years before mandatory retirement. Meanwhile as a man, he had raised 3 sons and a daughter during the WW2 Pacific Campaign. The male heirs all received appointments to Annapolis and his daughter was accepted into OCS during her senior year in Law School at the University of Connecticut.

It was my singular honor and duty to bear his coffin to it’s final resting place, with full military honors. G-d take unto his bosom, fine men when and only when they have finished their tasks in this mortal world. I can only accept that my friend had passed along all that he knew, teaching me to be a better man and Law Enforcement Officer.

We will meet again, my old shipate a friend, and I stand ready to take the orders you gave me here on earth to train and strengthen St. Peter’s Navy. I know He needs old sea-dogs in the muster and count me in.

Additionally my friend was a Master Mason, and as such his money was worthless on many trips during wartime and peace. He would find a family to take him in, feed him and always ensure adequate libation for a sailor home from the sea. Be it Scotland (his favorite port of call) or Syndey, Australia, he knew that the brothers would accept him, regardless of his high-melanin content.

I can continue forward today because, while I put Wally into the cold, hard ground, I know that he has a squad of sailors that stand post on St. Peter’s gates, and they ARE in proper uniform as squared-away as sailors can be. No worries, as a devout Christian our Eastern District Chaplain, Father Dave (a Boston College, trained Jesuit), set my ass straight tout-suite on the whole issue. A precautionary word to our LCs, “have your shit together when debating Jesuits, they can and will be worthy opponent for the best of us.” Dammit they’re too right to discredit and must be considered one of our own with a collar.

It’s exceedingly late, but the calendar DEMANDS that I give tribute to a fallen brother and genuine hero of our way of life. Damn me to Hell if I ever forget what those that went before me purchased with their blood and determination that this REPUBLIC with all it’s weaknesses should stand and stand PROUD.

Requisecant in Pacem, Chief Coleman, in the L-rd’s mansion, especially prepared for you, my dear friend, you are missed here in the mortal world, but we’ll meet again in our true home.

Selah and Carry On my friends



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