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NY 23 District Election has been a hot item on alot of radars.  The GOP thought they could slip another useless RINO under our noses, thereby assuring that what was once a great party, takes another squishy slide to the left.  Thankfully we’ve managed to get enough attention focused in that direction that a few more faux conservatives had to finally come out of the closet and reveal their Democrat/Liberal colors……

and that led to a great deal of attention on the candidates themselves.

Dede Skuzzface finally decided that the microscope fixed intently on her REAL political leanings was just too much.

So now the race is down to just ONE Liberal and one Conservative.   Hoffman is doing far better than the GOP would have liked, and he’s putting up a hell of a fight.   Good Luck to him.  Just getting that empty headed asshat Scozzafava to drop out is a major victory no matter what the outcome of the election.

Oh and Newt….Kiss My Ass….Bwaaahahahaha!!

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…albeit a deeply embarrassing one, if you happen to be somebody respecting the rule of law, democracy and our glorious history of defending those concepts.

President Zelaya of Honduras is poised for a surprise return to power after his four-month exile. The leaders who toppled him in a coup agreed a deal to end the crisis, which has caused months of simmering violence in the Central American nation.

Once again, for the dimwitted among us who get their “news” from the slip stream media, the only one plotting a coup was Zelaya when he suddenly decided that this thing about term limits and constitutional constraints didn’t apply to him. At which point he was duly and lawfully removed by the Honduran Congress and Supreme Court in full accordance with their constitution.

At least if you believe the Honduran Supreme Court as well as our own Congressional Research Service, who found the removal of the Chavez/Castro/Ortega wannabe fully legal, no matter how much John Fuckin’ Kerry wants them to retract their opinion in order to avoid embarrassing his Messiah.

We don’t know if it’s humanly possible to become more of a humiliating clown than John Fuckface Kerry. Once a presidential candidate, he’s now reduced to currying favor by servicing Prince Obamandias’ royal penis.

Mr Zelaya’s clandestine return to Honduras in September and his defiant stay in the Brazilian Embassy appeared to have paid off finally as the de facto leader Roberto Micheletti capitulated under US pressure to an agreement allowing for his reinstatement until the end of his term in January.

A pressure that will forever live in infamy as our nation, once known for shirking from no sacrifice to defend liberty, democracy and the rule of law, became a bully pulpit for tinpot wannabe dictators. President ACORN, who can’t find it in himself to issue as much as a stern note of concern to Iranian mass murdering terrorist dictators when they gun down civilians in the street and pursue nuclear weapons in order to enact the Final Solution, had no problem cutting off aid, support and visas to an ally of ours when they had the nerve, the nerve to follow their own laws.

Mr Zelaya, speaking in the capital Tegucigalpa, expressed his “satisfaction and optimism” at the deal, which he said heralded the return of democracy to Honduras.

He keeps using this word “democracy.” Somehow, we don’t think that it means what he thinks that it means. Then again, he has a perfect ideological fellow traveler in Resident Obongo and his imbecile fiddy2er cultists.

On behalf of what used to be a proud nation, a shining beacon of liberty, a stalwart defender of justice until a bunch of starry-eyed cockblisters decided that they wanted a token negro for president no matter what he believed in, we would like to apologize to our Honduran friends.

We can never make up for what our sub-retarded voting population did to you but, once we’ve cleaned the mess up and sent the retards off to remedial classes until they attain a level of intelligence sufficient to vote on anything ever again, we promise to try.

Our “president”, by siding with fellow communist thugs like Castro, Chavez and Ortega, has earned the same fate as we wish upon them and, once he has been thrown out of office and been disposed of, we cordially invite you to join us in pissing upon his grave.

There might be a line, though, but we’ll grant you first access.

We are deeply ashamed of our nation today and what it has become.

Once the Arsenal of Democracy, we’ve been reduced to a cabana boy for thugs, terrorists and tyrants.

May Almighty G-d have mercy upon us for what we have done, even though we don’t deserve it.


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Where’s your damn cover, pogue?

We suppose we should be pleased that Prince Pussypants finally at least pretended to give a shit about the servicemen and -women who are still waiting for him to get off the golf course for long enough to decide whether he wants to shit or get off the pot regarding the situation in Ashcanistan.

So, in that spirit, we’ll pretend to be pleased.

Now get that damn hand back in your pocket where it belongs. Then write a hundred times “I will not salute without a cover.”


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By Cyril Dixon

A MUSLIM march to promote sharia law in Britain looked set to end in violence today after rival demonstrators bombarded its hardline organisers with death threats.

Muslims and violence, politics and corruption, you always have one with the other.The words “peaceful Islam” are, as we all know, an oxymoron.


London braced itself for clashes as the radical group Islam4UK claimed its enemies on the far right had threatened to disrupt their demo with violent attacks.

“Far right” – UK slang term for anyone who dares argue with the Religion of Peace™

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We shamelessly stole this from Tall Cool Drink of Water.



Oh, and consider this your “Friday Open Thread”.

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But these ghouls don’t.

Oh yes, we can turn this into an endless discussion about how adult stem cells have turned up amazing discoveries and, yes, cures at this point whereas embryonic stem cells have, so far, only contributed to our knowledge of just how horrible tumors we can create. We can also babble on for about three hundred comments about the simple fact that if embryonic stem cell research was so promising, then how come companies very much vested in their bottom lines haven’t been interested in throwing money at it, but this is about more than that.

It’s about this concept that doesn’t mean squat in a “progressive” society: Just what will we accept in the name of “progress?”

I mean, sure, from a utilitarian point of view, it would have been a horrible waste to just murder those Jooos and burn their remains when so many useful lamp shades could be made of their skins. And why just throw away their personal possessions after you’d gassed them when those shoes, glasses, gold teeth etc. could be put to such good use? And why would you want to spend hundreds of thousands on prolonging the life of a senior citizen who’d never be a net contributor to the treasury when that same amount of money might help a dozen younger subjects get back to the production lines?

So I guess using blended fetuses to slow down the aging of your skin isn’t all that bad either.

Unless you’re a human being with values, that is.

Scratch a “progressive”, find a Nazi.

You can kill them, or you can wait for them to decide that you’re a net loss to the “common good” at which point they’ll kill you.

Your choice.

Not that there’s anything wrong with peaceably going to the camps.

After all… “Arbeit Macht Frei”, Nein?


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This one via LC EFA from Down Under:

Supermarket giant Coles will change the name of an in-house brand of biscuits amid claims it is racist.

Coles Spokesman Jim Cooper said the name of the “You’ll Love Coles” brand of chocolate and vanilla biscuits, called Creole Creams, will be changed as part of the company-wide rebranding of Coles products.

The name change comes on the back of claims of racism, with the word Creole used to describe a person of mixed European and African ancestry.

“The word Creole comes from a period when people’s humanity was measured by the amount of white blood they had in their bloodstream. This is the same kind of thought that underpinned horrific regimes like the Nazis,” Sam Watson, the deputy director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit at the University of Queensland, told brisbanetimes.com.au yesterday.

Creole cooking and Auschwitz. Same thing, really. No, no difference there. And this week’s Hysterical Hyperbole Award goes to… Actually, we’d be quite happy if the drooling dimfuck who uttered that abysmally asshatted idiotic nonsense would just do us all a favor and go impale himself on a didgeridoo. He continues, in the same vaporbrained vein:

“People need to exercise their intellect. This so-called blending was actually the institutionalised rape of black women. They were victims of brutal regimes of rape and victimisation.”

Before you go urging other people to “exercise their intellect”, you should go to the trouble of actually acquiring one. We hear the current resident of 1600 Penn Ave has one for sale cheap. Never been used. Guaranteed.

If you’ll pardon us. We’re getting hungry here and have this sudden urge to go cook a heaping helping of racist Jambalaya.

Bloody idiots.

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…then this surely will:

People will need to turn vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming.

“A leading authority on global warming.”

That’s just about as respect- and awe-inspiring as “a leading authority on fairies.” But we digress…

In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: “Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases.

We’ll concede part of the point. Meat certainly is a wasteful use of… just about everything if it goes into producing something like you. If it’s invested in something useful like a pig, a cow or a flea-infested rodent, on the other hand…

It puts enormous pressure on the world’s resources. A vegetarian diet is better.”

For herbivores, maybe. And Homo Sapiens aren’t herbivores. Look it up. Besides, a vegetarian diet has a decidedly unpleasant side effect when you expose His Imperial Majesty to it, manifesting itself in an uncontrollable urge to load up every piece of weaponry he can lay his hands on and go on a meddling busy-body killing spree.

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I’m in the middle of an 80 hour work week here so this will be quick.

No matter how bad things may be for you in your daily grind, things could be worse. You could be a wounded warrior trying to learn how to live without hands, or arms. Imagine if a simple task like checking your e-mail or reading a blog is no longer possible for you. Well we all know that our brave war fighters won’t let something like that keep them down, but that’s still a huge obstacle to overcome. Fortunately there is someone to help, because no matter how brave and resolute you are, everyone needs help sometime. For these men there’s Project Valour IT. As I’m sure many of you are aware, every year the fantastic folks at Soldier’s Angels launch a fund raiser to buy voice activated laptops for our warriors who need them due to their injuries.

I can think of few charities more worthy of your hard earned money. So if you can spare some scratch, and I think all of us, no matter how bad things may be, can spare a little something to those who have given so much for us, please hit the link above.

Best part is that you can choose which branch you want to contribute to in honor of. A friendly inter service rivalry for a fantastic cause.

So that’s it pups. Back to the grind for me. Well, after I hit the link for Team Marine Corps anyway.

That is all, carry on.

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