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A few minutes ago, we stumbled upon something, completely by accident, while looking for something entirely different and completely unrelated to this post. The first link that we clicked on, out of sheer curiosity because of the site name, led us to this rather unimpressive “relationship map”.

That gave us an idea to try a little “creative search”, just for shi’ites and giggles.

Click the “Give us more!” to find out the result.

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…and obviously some twat at Newsmax (the original article has since been mercifully flushed, hopefully out of embarrassment) insists that he wants it and somebody else is going to have to fight it for him.

There are a number of things offensive about that article, but what His Imperial Majesty found the most offensive is the apparent notion on the part of the writer that the Armed Forces are going to have to solve the Obama Problem. Excuse me? We think that we’ve already asked quite a bit of our brave men and women, and now this weasel is fantasizing about them solving our domestic issues as well?

Remind us again whose job the Home Front is? Remind us again who, exactly, is supposed to keep the Home Fires burning while our men and women are off in foreign lands protecting us? Yeah, we thought so too. We made the mess, we clean it up. In the nightmare scenario where the ballot box is no longer operable as a method we surely would appreciate a bit of help from our brave warriors, but we’re not there yet and now is not the time to push our responsibility away and demand that the cavalry come riding to our rescue, if ever there is such a time.

His Majesty finds it particularly irresponsible and pathetic to start bleating about “military intervention” at a time when the peaceful, and vastly preferable, solution is gathering such momentum. Even convinced lefties are talking about how it is not merely possible, but even likely that the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party are going to get an epic ass-whupping in the 2010 midterms and Newsmax sees fit to publish a load of drivel from an assclown who’s ready to throw in the towel and demand that our Armed Forces come save him?

Pathetic wanker.

Here’s a hint to the sad sack shitheel: Either ruck up, brush the sand out of your vagina and lend a hand to the peaceful solution or just sod the fuck off, swampie.

If that doesn’t work, if the ballot box truly has become worthless, which is a mighty fucking huge “if” at this point, but it could happen, THEN we can start reaching for the emergency brake.


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Because you for damn sure would never catch the Gubmint operated US Postal Service pulling a stunt like this.

WARNING: Dusty Room Alert

Because of caring people and a caring company, a terminally ill little Green Forest girl was flown home Friday by air ambulance from M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, so she can spend her last days surrounded by the people who love her most.

Yep. Those evil capitalists have hearts. I’m sure though that they will get a nasty letter from Nanny Piglosi for daring to show it.

Friday afternoon, Jada was flown home to the Ozarks — on a gurney, attached to the machine that breathes for her. FedEx Freight paid the $11,000 bill for the special medical flight her family was unable to afford.

One reason this article caught my eye was because Jada was receiving treatment at M.D. Anderson. My Dad went there for his cancer treatment…and like Jada, they were not able to save him. He died 7 years ago today. I just wish that we had been able to get him home to the rest of the family. Fortunately thanks to some caring people, Jada will be surrounded by all of her family when her time comes.

Now…you name me one single Government operated clusterf*ck that would even consider doing this without the thought of charging the family for it? Military doesn’t count.

Beuller? Beuller?

I for one will not be complaining about Fed-Ex shipping charges any time soon.

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This time, surprise surprise, they’re rallying to the defense of a child rapist. Note, if you please, that the writer is a “feminist”, which continues a long pattern among “feminists.” As soon as the allegations of rape or harassment are against somebody they like, they can’t drop their panties quick enough and promptly forget every single word they’ve ever said on the issue.

Puffington Host writer Joan Shore has finally had it with the Swiss for arresting a fugitive child rapist. How dare they? What is their problem???

The judge in the 1977 statutory rape case is dead.

We’ll comment in depth on that remarkable statement once we figure out just what, exactly, that has to do with the validity of the charges against kiddy diddler Roman Polanski and the fact that he drugged, raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl in spite of her repeated protests. (If you can stomach it, here’s the transcript of the girl’s testimony, h/t Patterico).

Polanski had agreed at the time to a plea bargain, but then the judge reneged on it. Polanski has tried to appeal.

The plea bargain being that he admitted to statutory rape in order to escape charges of rape and sodomy. And no, the judge didn’t renege on it. What happened was that the judge wanted desperately to let the child rapist off with a slap on the wrist, so he wrote a screenplay with lines for both the prosecution and the defense that they were to follow, after which he’d come in and issue a “fair” slap on the wrist. When the prosecution tattled on this “clever” little scheme, it started to look like the judge, having been caught with his pants down (but hopefully not with his ejaculating dick buried in the anus of a 13-year-old like his protegee, Roman Polanski), might not be able to pull it off, so Polanski ran away.

But there is more to this story. The 13-year old model “seduced” by Polanski had been thrust onto him by her mother, who wanted her in the movies.

“Seduced” is an interesting choice of words for dropping quaaludes in a child’s drink and then, in spite of repeated protestations, proceeding to molest her. And what’s with the “thrust onto him by her mother” bit? Are you trying, you purulently discharging sow, to suggest that her mother wanted her child to be raped by a middle-aged pervert? Or are you “merely” saying that letting your kid hang out with a director in hopes that she might land a career in the movies as a result is a carte blanche for said director to do as he pleases with her?

I may be going out on a limb here, you diseased, perverted skanky bitch, but somehow I don’t think that “I want my kid to have a career in the movies” is the same as saying “I want my baby daughter to have Roman Polanski’s cock ejaculating in her colon.”

Besides, doesn’t the kid get a say in the matter? Obviously not, in Joan Shore’s pedophile fantasies.

The girl was just a few weeks short of her 14th birthday, which was the age of consent in California. (It’s probably 13 by now!)

No. The age of consent in California at the time was 18, and had been since 1913. But hey, keep pulling “facts” out of your ample arse. (Did Roman Polanski unload in there too?)

Not that it matters, really, since you yourself mention the word “consent”, which your syphilitic mind obviously doesn’t have the faintest grasp on the meaning of. When Roman Polanski told her to take her clothes off, she said “no.” When he started fondling her, she said “no.” When he kissed her, she said “no.” When he went down on her, she said “no.” When he raped her, she said “no” and when he proceeded to sodomize her, she said “no” again.

Didn’t “feminists” use to say, over and over again, that “no means NO!” Obviously it doesn’t mean that when it’s being uttered by children about to be raped by Roman Polanski. If that’s the case, then “no” means “consent”, according to “feminists” and just about any pedophile rapist who ever polluted our planet.

Polanski was demonized by the press,

Can’t have been all that hard, considering he’d just drugged and repeatedly raped a 13-year-old child. OK, in California perhaps, but we’re talking about the sane part of the world.

convicted, and managed to flee, fearing a heavy sentence.

What could possibly have made him fear that?

And Joan Shore isn’t the only liberal outraged that a child rapist might be punished for his disgusting crime. Filmmakers and other perverts everywhere are signing a petition to let poor Roman go.

Most are European and unfamiliar, but among the people whose movies I’ll never watch again: Jonathan Demme, John Landis, Michael Mann, Martin Scorsese, and, bless his heart, Woody Allen, who I guess was forced to sign lest the press seize on the idea of a guy who married his almost-stepdaughter passing judgment on Polanski. Open question to any of these rape-defending turds: How far would you have let Polanski go before deciding that, hey, he probably should serve some time after all? What if he punched the kid in the face when he was raping her? Beat her with a tire iron? Seriously, how far?

That’s easy to answer: If he’d ever voted Republican. Or maybe if he’d waterboarded her? Yeah, that’s it. If only she’d been a muslim terrorist instead of an innocent, frightened child. The liberals would be screaming for his bloody head now.

By their friends shall you know them…


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We know you’ve missed them, we certainly know that WE’VE missed them and, guess what? They’re back!

From the “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Roam The Internet” department:

Connie and I have decided to explore this strange new technology called “radio.” Starting on Saturday October 3rd, we will begin a weekend Internet radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com.

The show will run on Saturday and Sunday evenings, at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central. You can find a BlogTalkRadio widget to listen to our “preview” show at our new site: www.kimandconnie.com.

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well if I lived in the Palmetto State anyway. (via Pat Dollard)

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It’s only a matter of time (and continued skull-crushing PWNAGE) until Teh Great Goreacle and his Socialist Sockpuppet, James “Data Mangler” Hansen are relegated to history’s grease trap and looked upon with the derision and hate that they so richly deserve.

To those out there who might be “open-minded” on the question of whether Anthropogenic Glow Bull Worming™ is real or not (Read: Klimate KoolAid® drinkers), we’d highly recommend that you not click the above link, if you’re not ready to finally admit that you’ve been hoodwinked by the biggest scam to ever hit the face of the planet. (If you’re not ready to admit it, then we highly recommend that you go suck on the tailpipe of an idling V-12 engine for a couple hours and remove your “carbon footprints” forever. You’d be helping out Mother Gaia, after all.)


“Settled science”. Indeed.


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Since we just got done insulting our British cousins, we think it only fair to present to you evidence of Brits who still have their heads screwed on right:

Barack Obama: President Pantywaist restores the satellite states to their former owner

Barack Obama’s chances of re-election in three and a half years’ time may be evaporating at unprecedented speed, but his presidential ambitions could still be realised in another direction. He would be a shoo-in to win the next Russian presidential election, so high is his popularity now running in the land of the bear and the knout. Obama has done more to restore Russia’s hegemonial potential in Eastern and Central Europe than even Vladimir Putin.


And oh so very true. Of course, it must be said that Il Douche is only doing what the Leftwing Media have been endlessly praising him for, which is emulating FDR. Now Il Douche, too, can brag about having sold out Eastern Europe to Russia.

Before anybody starts sneering “who cares about those Euroweenies? They’ve stabbed us in the back before!” we’d like to point out that these aren’t the Euroweenie droids you’re looking for. The Eastern European nations, once they got out from under the Soviet yoke, have been some of our most steadfast and loyal allies, particularly in the Long War.

And this is how we thank them. Thanks, Fiddy2ers. Through your idiocy, we finally have a concrete answer to the burning question “why do they hate us?”


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(H/t Patterico)

ZURICH – Director Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss police as he flew in for the Zurich Film Festival and faces possible extradition to the United States for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, authorities said Sunday.

Polanski was scheduled to receive an honorary award at the festival when he was apprehended Saturday at the airport, the Swiss Justice Ministry said in a statement. It said U.S. authorities have sought the arrest of the 76-year-old director around the world since 2005.

And finally we found a country (NOT France) where raping children wasn’t an acceptable way of spending your time.

His victim, Samantha Geimer, who long ago identified herself publicly, has joined in Polanski’s bid for dismissal, saying she wants the case to be over. She sued Polanski and reached an undisclosed settlement.

Oh, so she received an “undisclosed” amount of money for his child rape and she’s decided that that’s enough punishment? OK. She’s a prostitute as well as a victim now. How charming. Unfortunately for pedophiles, having sex with 13-year-olds is still a crime even if you pay the victim to shut up later.

It’s called “The Law.” Look it up.

If it weren’t for the law, you could rape your way through the entire cast of High School Musical if you had enough money without punishment. Which, considering that Democrats have more millionaires in Congress then the other party does, would probably be a desirable outcome as far as they’re concerned.

UPDATE: LC Cricket points out in the comments that it’s more likely because his victim is tired after 30 years of being denied justice. Fair point. The way it was worded in the article made it look, to me, as if she wanted it over because she’d already received a chunk of cash. Which isn’t her fault, it’s the fault of the journalist (and my way of reading it). Fair point. I retract and apologize. But the fact that his victim has had enough doesn’t exonerate the swine. The law isn’t supposed to look at that and, hopefully, it won’t.

Frederic Mitterand, “culture” minister of the country in which Polanski has been successfully hiding out for 30 years, presumably because the fwench find it perfectly reasonable to rape children, plays the victim card for the perpetrator:

Mitterrand added that he was “dumbfounded” by Polanski’s arrest, adding that he “strongly regrets that a new ordeal is being inflicted on someone who has already experienced so many of them.”

Those comments referred, in part, to the fact that Polanski, a native of France who was taken to Poland by his parents, escaped Krakow’s Jewish ghetto as a child during World War II and lived off the charity of strangers. His mother died at the Nazis’ Auschwitz death camp.

Ahhh… So in the view of the fwench, who were among the most enthusiastic collaborators when it came to handing over Jooos to the Nazis, if somebody you knew suffered enough as a result of their own policies, you automatically qualify for a “get out of jail free” card even if you rape your way through an entire middle school.

Fwance has issues, that’s for sure.

Of course, this whole extradition thing is going to come to naught. Our Beloved Führer, All Are Equal In His Sight, Mmmm mmm mmm, wouldn’t ever allow prosecution of child rapists, especially considering that the ACORN he sprung from are big fans of child prostitution.


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Tell that to gun owners in Toronto and see how far it gets you:

Toronto police have seized almost 400 firearms with lapsed registrations in a six-month push aimed at reducing the number of guns on the city’s streets.

In March, officers began soliciting people who owned firearms once registered across the city as part of what they call the Safe City Project. Many of those who had to surrender their firearms had either let their registrations lapse, or had stashed their guns improperly under beds or in closets.

Most had simply inherited the firearms, police said.

The Firearms Act stipulates guns must be stored in a secure place or be locked so that they are inoperable.

“Of COURSE we’re not in any way suggesting that you can’t defend yourself against armed criminals, it’s just that we want to make sure that, should you need your firearms, they must be in a condition where they’re no use to you at all. The poor criminal might get hurt otherwise.”

Targeting people who had registered their guns is a preventative measure, said Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

“Legal handgun owners are not dangerous individuals,” Blair told reporters at a Tuesday news conference.

“But their guns ARE! Who knows what those horrid, evil inert pieces of metal might get up to if they’re left to their own devices!”

“But we know from experience that their firearms can become extremely dangerous when they get into the hands of criminals.

You don’t SAY? Well then, here’s a novel idea: How about you focus your efforts on getting firearms out of the hands of CRIMINALS rather than kicking in the doors of law-abiding citizens in the middle of the night to steal their property? Yes, we know, it’s so much safer to deal with individuals who wouldn’t dream of breaking the law. We’re sorry that you’re lily-livered, gutless pussies, but tell us again why law-abiding citizens should pay the price for your lack of courage?

And so we have undertaken a number of initiatives to reduce the availability of those handguns.”

Why of course. In order to keep criminals from stealing your guns from you, the government will steal them FOR the criminals.


Meanwhile, the only individuals still armed will be criminals and the government, but we repeat ourself.

Bottom line: Keep this in mind the next time “sensible gun laws” proponents assure you that firearms registration is not, NOT, cross our hearts and hope to die, a way of collecting a nice list of people in need of a visit once the government decides that angry, armed citizens are a danger to the progressive agenda.

Also, should you find yourself in one of the states where fascism has reached the point where firearms registration is mandatory, buy yourself a throw-away gun and register it. That way, when the Obameinführer’s goons show up on your door step, you can hand over the piece of worthless crap as a “Good German” and then shoot the motherfuckers in the back of their heads with one of your unregistered guns as they turn around and leave.

Keep the country clean of fascists. It’s for The Children™.

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