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I just got off the phone with LC Rurik and he has given me permission to let y’all know how he’s doing.

He did suffer a minor stroke and he has a minor speech impediment from it, but no cognitive defects and to the best of his knowledge no apparent physical defects. He does plan on hitting the range as soon as he’s discharged to verify that however.

He’s making the best out of the situation and in best Rurik fashion is busily recruiting new LC’s and members of the VRWC. As well as chasing the pretty nurses, even the one that he lost a fight with over whether or not he would be pushed around in a wheelchair.

He’s currently in a first class VA facility and he said the care has been exemplary. He is itching to get back to the Rott and to several other projects he has going, and his prognosis for a recovery is good. He is also very grateful for the prayers and well wishes of all his friends here and at other blogs, and wanted me to tell y’all thank you. However, the rumors that he is in the hospital due to a whorehouse incident (speaking at you here FM Woods :-) ) are, as of yet, unfounded. He plans on earning that particular reputation as soon as he is out of the hospital however.

I asked him if there was anything that he wanted or that we could get him, and true to the Rurik we all know and love, asked for Dear Leader’s ears on a necklace.

So, speaking for Rurik, and for myself, thanks for the prayers and keep em coming for a speedy recovery.

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Of all the tools in the dictators tool box, propaganda is one of the most effective. And it works even better when you have a gullible, or civics  ignorant population. I’m talking at you fiddy two’ers. Of all the trends of Socialist tyranny thrown at us since Teh Ascension of Teh One™, propaganda has largely been handled by the state owned mediots of the MSM. Now, thanks to  a heads up from Ron at Conservative Analysis, we learn that Dear Leaders minions want to make it an official departmental function of the new politburo.

There’s little that I can add to his excellent commentary so go read it for yourself. I will say though that before someone pooh pooh’s the idea of official Government propaganda to coerce our population, think about how the tobacco companies were extorted to pay for the guerilla campaign waged against them by Truth. Or the Cash for Clunkers abortion to make people buy more “ecofriendly” cars. Or so called “sin taxes”. And a plethora of other tax breaks for certain “acceptable” behaviors. They’ve been doing it for years already, now they’re making it official, with a statute and everyting. Yeah them!

Time to buy another few hundred rounds.

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Hey, Gunga Dan, here’s one of the possible reasons why Americans aren’t listening to you and your fellow travelers in “journalism.”

PMSNBC’s very own Andrea Mitchell on why Hussein “Raider of the Last Tonsil” Obama’s “health care” plan isn’t performing too well in the polls:

ANDREA MITCHELL: You’ve got 47% of the people in our NBC/Wall Street Journal opinion poll who have health insurance who don’t like what the president is doing. The problem he’s got — 47% of the people who’ve got coverage don’t want change. They don’t like what they’re hearing. Now, they may not know what’s good for them

…and so on and so forth…

Listen, Andrea, you condescending cuntmuffin, if you’re out to “win the hearts and minds” of voters and viewers, a good first step would be NOT to tell them that they’re too dumb for their own good and that you know better what’s good for them.

If you’re out to expedite the Obamedia’s descent into eternal obscurity, on the other hand…

In which case we encourage you most heartily to carry on.


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At least now we know what you need to do to qualify for one of those.

Get drunk, screw around, drive under the influence and then leave your mistress to slowly suffocate in a submerged vehicle while you save your own hide and political career. Add a bit of trying to cut a deal with an avowed enemy of the United States, the Soviet Union, in order to undermine the office of a sitting president that you happened to not like. (As an aside, the offer was too disgusting for even Brezhnev to accept it).

DUI, adultery, murder, perjury and high treason and you can go collect your medal.

The other recipients, most of whom actually deserved it, must be conflicted about keeping the worthless piece of tin.

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In one of the most unintentionally hilarious pieces of self-serving nonsense, the nitwit who ruined his own career by wasting weeks pushing an obviously fake document as “news” gets down on his knees and begs for the Anointed One to bail out the news as well. Not that they don’t need a bailout, their popularity ranks around the same level as SIDS and their credibility is in the neighborhood of Wrasslin’.

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called on President Barack Obama to form a White House commission to help save the press Tuesday night in an impassioned speech at the Aspen Institute.

“I personally encourage the president to establish a White House commission on public media,” the legendary newsman said.

Being a polyglot, we believe that what he’s looking for used to be called a “Propagandaministerium”. Which, as is always the case when neo-fascist liberals come up with a “new” idea, sounds so much better in the original German.

Such a commission on media reform, Rather said, ought to make recommendations on saving journalism jobs and creating new business models to keep news organizations alive.

Because, Heaven knows, when the traditional model of “selling stuff that people actually want to pay for” is being used, modern “journalism” is a never-ending parade of Epic Fail.

At stake, he argued, is the very survival of American democracy.

“A truly free and independent press is the red beating heart of democracy and freedom,” Rather said in an interview yesterday afternoon.

And we’d like to have one. It sounds like a good idea. Unfortunately, we haven’t had one since the “press” dropped their collective britches for Dimbulb Cah’duh and Billy Blowjob and decided that their “mission” was to serve as loyal tongue-bathers for the Royal Leftwing Testicles.

“This is not something just for journalists to be concerned about, and the loss of jobs and the loss of newspapers,

Keep it coming, Danny. We’re already smiling from ear to ear.

and the diminution of the American press’ traditional role of being the watchdog on power.

The word you’re looking for is “lapdog”, as long as the power belongs to somebody with a “D” after his name.

This is something every citizen should be concerned about.”

His Majesty is deeply concerned about that too. What in the name of Caesar Augustus favorite horse is taking so long? They’re still around, aren’t they?

Rather, who has been a working reporter for more than six decades and currently hosts “Dan Rather Reports” on HDNet,

We appreciate the update. We were wondering what “Fake-Doc-Gate” was doing these days and, not knowing any of HDNet’s four viewers personally, we had no way of finding out.

pointed out that there are precedents for such national commissions, which have been used to help other at-risk industries.

“at-risk industries” being Blather-speak for “businesses trying to sell a product that there isn’t a market for.”

Corporate and political influence on newsrooms, along with the conflation of news and entertainment, has created what Rather called “the dumbing down and sleazing up of what we see on the news.”

The removal of a clown using a document that a three-year-old would recognize as an obvious fake as “fact” was a perfect example of what he’s babbling about. With his dismissal to the Outer Rim as a result an important step was made, but we’re far from there yet.

It has also thinned the amount of investigative and international journalism.

We don’t remember any shortage of “journalists” “investigating” every single dumpster in Wasilla back in ‘08 while studiously ignoring their Chosen One’s decades-long association with terrorists and racists.

The latter loss of correspondents covering America’s two foreign wars, Rather opined, is both a critical detriment to the nation and a disservice to our troops.

“Loss of correspondents?” We had embedded journalists with every unit larger than a fire team and, in most cases, even with fire teams as well.

Tears welled in the lifelong reporter’s eyes as he discussed the dwindling number of war correspondents.

Anything that makes Dan Rather (than truth)’s eyes well with tears is a Good Thing. We relish the pain and suffering oozing from that discredited, partisan hack. It is like nectar to our very soul.

Oddly enough, the “dwindling” of war correspondents seem to coincide perfectly with the turnaround in the war from “bad” to “excellent.” Funny that. That, of course, coupled with the fact that in the few areas where action continued to be hot, “journalists” suddenly developed a fondness of doing their “reporting” from the bars of five star hotels and, we assume, eventually the bar tab got to be too much for the left wing media’s remaining 12 readers to handle.

“I feel particularly strong about coverage of the wars,” he said, noting that covering the war in Afghanistan is his top priority on his HDNet program.

From his air conditioned studio, relying entirely on press releases plus a healthy dose of creative writing, we’re sure.

“No apologies, both as a journalist and as a citizen I just can’t stand to leave those guys out there, fighting, dying, bleeding, getting torn up and say, ‘Look, it’s page 14 news.’ Or ‘Sorry, not on tonight’s newscast.’ It’s an example of the problem, that and not having the watchdogs.”

“Watchdog”, in Rather parlance, meaning “somebody who rants and raves when a president with an “R” after his name is in power and slurping down the milky loads when it’s somebody with a “D” after his name.

“The free press, as established by the First Amendment to the Constitution, ought to operate as a public trust, not solely as a money-making endeavor, Rather argued,

Much in the same way as a thirteen-year-old arguing that the Fourth Amendment guarantees his “right” to not have his parents looking to see if he’s got copies of Playboy stashed under his bed.

and it’s time the government make an effort to ensure the survival of the free press.

It’d be nice if we, as a nation, could re-establish one.

If not the government, he suggested, then an organization like the Carnegie Foundation should take it on.


Without action, he predicted, America will lose its independent media.

You’d have to be a complete idiot (or a Fiddy2er, but we repeat ourself) to not be able to see the inherent contradiction in simultaneously demanding a benefactor to ensure your survival and, at the same time, insisting that this would make you “independent.”

“If we do nothing more than stand back and hope that innovation alone will solve this crisis,” he said, “then our best-trained journalists will lose their jobs.”

Such as yourself?

Since it’s obvious that what you consider “our best-trained journalists” happens to coincide perfectly with what you consider yourself to be, we’d consider that a feature, not a bug.

Please continue to enjoy irrelevancy, you lying, sycophantic, immoral bastard.

And thank you for the gift of your pain. We needed that boost. We feel better already.


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We’ve been informed, much to our chagrin, that our very good friend LC Rurik is in a VA hospital in need of our prayers. Nothing life-threatening, from what we understand, but serious nonetheless.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Project your healing powers through the hands and minds of the health care professionals taking care of our friend in this his hour of need. Grant our friend strength to pull through to a speedy and full recovery.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,


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We’re not even sure that we should be posting this, since we know that there’s a school of “thought” regarding blogging that says, in essence, that if you post anything, it automatically means that you wholeheartedly, unbendingly and unquestioningly endorse and agree with it. Which we don’t. We enjoy eschatology quite a bit as a speculative mind game, but we also believe the Book when it says that we will not, cannot know when the end times are coming, nor will we recognize them before it’s too late. So, if we think we’ve figured it out, it automatically means that we haven’t.

Regardless, the video below is either interesting, funny, hilarious, silly or a combination of all of the above depending on where you stand.

YouTube Preview Image

Just to make sure that we weren’t being entirely hoodwinked here, we went ahead and checked the Hebrew and yes, the words for “lightning” and “height” are indeed what the video claims, although in the latter case there are quite a few Hebrew words to choose from, only one of which agrees with the premise of the video.

That being said, we’ll immediately go to work arguing with ourself, the authors of the video and anybody else. Voices in your head can be quite helpful at times.

As mentioned above, according to our beliefs we can’t know who the Anti-Christ is, because if we think we do, then he isn’t. Besides, the Anti-Christ is supposed to be overwhelmingly charismatic, everything to everybody and able to get anything he wants done immediately since everybody will agree with him. Even if you look at the most notoriously Obambi-skewed polls these days, that is clearly not the case with King Hussein. On the other hand, and this is where it gets really confusing (and it’s a reason why eschatology should only be done while drunk so that you may blame the ensuing headache on your hangovers the next day, not to mention that you’ll have forgotten any “conclusions” you’ve reached) this evidence that he is not could be said to be evidence that he is.


Then there is the matter of his name. Obviously, his name is Arabic which, in turn, is a Semitic language which, in turn, means that it’s related to Aramaic/Hebrew. And it’s really not such a stretch to imagine somebody naming their son “flash of light”. Did those of you named “Peter” know that your name means “rock?” (or our own name, which means “who is like G-d” which definitely is a stretch).

As to “height” well, as we mentioned, there are a lot of Aramaic/Hebrew words for that, depending on the meaning. We’d have to have been there when the words were spoken to know which one was used.

We just realized that we’d have had a lot more fun writing this if we’d been drunk.

So, have fun, consider this post a thread to bandy around your favorite eschatological speculations. Since it deals with the unknowable, anything goes, nothing is any more or less silly than what everybody else is saying.


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…in which we shamelessly lift material from another website to link it up in one post. “Leveraging information” is how we like to refer to it. The day started out bad enough when we learned that, while the Obamination is talking about starting negotiations with the Taliban who are, you know, well known mainly for being directly involved in that “small issue” of 3,000 of our countrymen getting brutally murdered in 2001, his screwed up, terrorist and tinpot dictator-loving misadministration decided to double down on their breathless support of Honduran dictator wannabe Zelaya:

The U.S. government said Tuesday it has revoked the diplomatic visas of four Honduran officials, stepping up pressure on coup-installed leaders who insist they can resist international demands to restore the ousted president.

The U.S. State Department did not name the four, but a Honduran official said they included the Supreme Court magistrate who ordered the arrest of ousted President Manuel Zelda and the president of Honduras’ Congress.

The State Department is also reviewing the visas of all officials serving under interim President Roberto Micheletti, department spokesman Ian Kelly said.

It won’t be long until Obamarxias starts mumbling about military force as a means of reinstating his and Chavez’s dictator buddy.

Oh, and as an aside: We herewith decree that it be the duty of any Loyal Citizen of the Empire to go forth and kick a “journalist” in the tender bits whenever one of theirs call the Honduran government and Supreme Court dethroning a dictator in accordance with their constitution a “coup.”

And if that totalitarian freak show in the White House doesn’t lay off of it himself, we predict that he might soon get a demonstration of what a real coup looks like. See “Ceaucescu, Nikolae.”

So: Talking to terrorists with direct, admitted and proven involvement in the worst attack on the United States in the history of our nation = O.K.

Maintaining diplomatic relations with a nation following their own laws in getting rid of a dictator = Not O.K.

Just for those of us who are keeping score.

We were pretty sure that our blood pressure couldn’t possibly have a worse day after we read that. We were wrong. Now we hear this:

The ousted president of Honduras reportedly asked President Obama to revoke the diplomatic visas of members of interim President Roberto Micheletti’s de facto government.

Manuel Zelaya, who was removed from office on June 28 and has now retreated to the mountains of Nicaragua to organize a “resistance,” according to the Central American News Agency, reportedly sent a letter to Obama asking him to ramp up the pressure on the interim government and calling for the “revocation of visas” to those involved in his ouster, and the freezing of bank accounts.

So this nation isn’t merely being run by a fascist wannabe with sympathies for every totalitarian, terrorist tinpot dictator out there, we’re actually being run directly by a totalitarian tinpot dictator of a foreign country.

Some clever cartoonist needs to put O-worthless’s jugeared visage on a poodle and place it in the lap of [insert totalitarian arsehole here].

Except political cartoons work better when they’re slightly overwrought. In this case it would be called “an accurate description of the suspect.”

Thanks, Fiddy2ers. Not only did you manage to put the future and policies of our nation into the hands of a fascist freak, you actually managed to put our policies into the hands of foreign fascist freaks from nations with a GDP smaller than my kids’ lemonade stand.

You must be ever so proud of yourselves.

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But don’t expect Democrats to put their own health on the line to back up their bullshit Socialized Health Scam.

At least someone in Congress is making them put up or shut up.

Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) is a practicing family physician of 33 years.  He is serving his freshman term in the House, first elected to Congress in late elections from the Bayou State in December of last year. Fleming currently practices medicine in Minden, La.

Imagine that…a doctor that’s not only a Representative, but is less that pleased with ObamaCare.

Last week, Fleming introduced House Resolution 615  which would oblige any member of Congress voting in favor of a government run health care bill to leave their private insurance plan and join the Democrats’ “public option” boondoggle.

Any member of Congress who votes against Obamacare wouldn’t be obliged to sign up for it but those who do, would.

Holy Bed Pans Batman! Someone has the nerve to ask Democrat Congress Critters to have to give up their cushy taxpayer provided health care in favor of the bullshit fiasco they are trying to push on the rest of us peasants?

Wonder how many Repubs did?

So far, Fleming told me, the entire Republican leadership has signed his Fleming pledge.

Well at least SOMEONE is showing a few balls.
I’m sure that the Democrats are sooooo confident in the excellent, premier care that we plebeians would be receiving that they must have beat a path to sign up right?

I asked him how many Democrats have signed the pledge.  “Despite reaching out to the Democrats, including the Speaker, we’ve had no Democrats sign up for it.”

No shit Sherlock!!  They aren’t about to have to put up with inadequate health care.  It’s perfectly fine for the unwashed masses, but NOT for a Liberal Commie Marxist.

“Americans know that there’s a disconnect between the American people and Congress,” Fleming continued. “Congress and Washington in general have become sort of a ruling elite.  We have a bad habit of passing laws that subject the population to all sorts of problems and headaches, yet we exempt ourselves. So I think it’s time the American people hold Congress accountable.  If Congress thinks that there should be a public plan, which would effectually lead to Canadian-style/United Kingdom-style socialized medicine, then they should be the first to sign up for it.

You’re damn right they should have to.  If they want to foist this Socialized crap on us, then they should have to put up with it just like us.  Maybe they’ll stop shoving all their Commie dingleberries down our throat if they have to be the first ones to deal with it.  Starting with Pres. Dingleberry himself.

Go read the rest of it.  Fleming dishes the dirt on what options Congress really has for health care and what WE have to look forward to.
Like…Euthanasia for the Elderly.  If they don’t want to off themselves for the common good…they are going to bug the ever loving shit out of them every five years until they do it to get some peace.

“The bill also requires mandated visits between doctors and elderly patients periodically to discuss end of life,” Fleming continued.  “And if you’re in a nursing home, the requirement is even more frequent.  That means euthanasia — that we need to be talking to the elderly about the fact that maybe they’re using up more resources and that perhaps they should not use more health care resources and allow younger, healthier people to use that resource money.  That’s the kind of savings the President wants to have.  As a physician, I am definitely against that.”

How many Liberals are going to be willing to sign up for this?

Not very damn many I’m thinking.

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Since no amount of spin can put enough lipstick on the ailing sow that is the economy of the Age of Obamarius to make it look any less than the sagging, syphilitic swine that it is, the increasingly desperate neo-fascists of the National Socialist Democrat Workers’ Party have decided to, wait for it: BLAME BUSH!

How innovative, how brilliant, how — utterly predictable.

Democratic Party strategist Liz Chadderdon said the strategy of blaming the previous team has been effective.

“I think Bush-bashing has been alive and well since ‘07 and, since it keeps working, why not use it?” she said. “Voters have short memories. The administration needs to remind people that things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.”

“You stupid voters can’t remember anything, so we have to remind you.”

Actually, she’s saying “we dearly hope that you moron voters are too daft to remember everything, because otherwise there’s no way in hell we’re going to be able to get away with claiming that you were worse off in 2005-8 than you are now.”

So are voters sufficiently ADD-ridden and memory-impaired that a claim as transparently false as that can fly? We’d like to say “no way in Hades”, but the existence of the Fiddy2ers makes us wonder.

No matter what, people with a brain get to relish the idiocy of the over-the-top, hysterical claim that we were so much worse off back when the deficit didn’t have 14 digits, unemployment wasn’t double-digit, the economy was growing and people weren’t being laid off to the tune of half a million or more a month.

If that’s “worse”, then we could really, really use some truly “horribly bad” economic news, right about now.


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