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Someone needed to change the subject.

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Hat tip to LC, IB Vulcanrider for the link:

It’s irritating enough that we can’t get into our cars and just get from point A to point B without constantly having to worry about regulations, laws, and those LEO’s with egos the size of Rosie O’Donut’s backside.  I don’t know about you, but just avoiding idiot drivers is enough to cause you to want to travel with your pistol sticking out the window.

It seems that Obambi wants to make it even harder for us measly peons to get around freely.

President Obama’s pick to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration raises a few red flags. If confirmed by the Senate, Chuck Hurley, CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, will drive motorists over the cliff with regulation.

Not the least bit surprised.  Anyone that Messiah Meglomaniac can find to harrass the hell out of the rest of us, has a damn good future in his administration.

Just how bad is this lastest addition to the Obama S&M Club?

The nation’s traffic-safety czar has broad powers to control the roads and road-going habits of Americans. Mr. Hurley has a history of pushing laws that harass millions of law-abiding citizens to ensnare a few lawbreakers. He supports returning the 55 mph speed limit to our highways as well as roadblocks and random pullovers to make sure drivers aren’t doing anything wrong. This methodology is based on a presumption of guilt – not innocence – of the average driver who is doing nothing wrong.

Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong…you can be pulled over just to make sure you aren’t thinking of doing anything wrong. The fact you may be a conscientious, safe, and honest driver just means that you are more suspect than others.

And good luck with that 55 mile speed limit change Skippy.   Ain’t happening.

Herr Hurley is just another Liberal/Progressive SS wonk that will be allowed to come up with whatever wild assed idea he can use to restrict our movements.   I’m really not surprised that he was chosen.  When Obambi isn’t buzzing buildings in New York with AF1 and scaring the ever loving hell out of all the citizens, and denying knowing a damn thing about it, he’s concocting ideas on how he can make damn sure we never want to leave our houses.

I’m nearly at that point already.

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Thanks to LC EFA, The Thundering Chunderer From Down Under, we bring you ClimateClueJava® Theater, direct from that Socialist EUtopia, Once-Great Britain!

(Note: The author of the article, Dr. David Whitehouse, is a noted astronomer and has defended the rights of “deniers” to openly debate Algore’s “settled science” of Glow Bull Worming. He has stated in the past that he believes that the “theory” of Glow Bull Worming may have some merit, but that it is in no way “settled science“.)

Could the Sun play a greater role in recent climate change than has been believed? …

By whom? Those of us without our noses buried deeply within the musky recesses of Algore’s neatly-coiffed short ‘n’ curlies have been pointing out, for quite some time, the fact that there’s a big ol’ ball o’ fusing hydrogen atoms up in the sky, that might just have a little say in how hot or cold it gets on our little ol’ ball o’ dirt. Dr. Whitehouse has been saying the same thing, albeit in much more civil terms.

We’re really starting off wondering how much “creative editing” was done between the time Dr. Whitehouse turned in his manuscript and the time it went to press. We just wanted to set the record straight before we proceed on our little ClueSafari™.

…Climatologists had dismissed the idea and some solar scientists have been reticent about it because of its connections with those who those who deny climate change.

Let’s take a few seconds to dissect that, shall we?

Climatologists had dismissed the idea…

You’ll note the definitive use of singularly authoritative “Climatologists“, instead of “Some climatologists“, “Many climatologists” or even “Most climatologists” by the author. By using the definitive term “Climatologists“, it immediately implies that “All” or “Every” climatologist on the planet has been full-bore, balls-to-the-wall supporters of Algore & his Socialist Sockpuppet, James Hansen, since the very beginning of The Great Glow Bull Worming Scam™. We’re really starting to suspect that a very heavy hand was used to edit what has been, over the years, a quite even-handed approach to global warming climate change by Dr. Whitehouse.

Now for the rest of the sentence:

…and some solar scientists have been reticent about it…

See? Since the vast majority of “solar scientists” have been pointing out that the Earth has undergone billions of years of global warming “climate change”, due to that aforementioned burning ball o’ gas, they don’t get the singularly authoritative billing that the Goreacolytes do. More “creative, post-submission editing“?

…because of its connections with those who those who deny climate change.

Yeah. Pointing out the fact that the Earth has gone through billions of years of “natural climate change”, all without the slightest bit of help from Eeeeevil SUV’s, immediately makes one a “Denier“. Nice use of stealth ad hominem there. We’re beginning to see a distinct and disturbing pattern developing here, and we’re not even through the first paragraph…

…But now the speculation has grown louder because of what is happening to our Sun. …

No. It hasn’t “grown louder“. It’s just “getting harder” for Algore & the rest of the Stalinists to deny the fact that the planet hasn’t been warming for the last decade, DESPITE rising levels of that minuscule trace gas, CO2. If the “science journalists” would have been listening to us, instead of busily trying to see who could deliver the deepest, wettest tongue-bathing of Algore’s ample ass crack, they would have heard the message, loudly and clearly.

… No living scientist has seen it behave this way. …

And none want to, either. It’s called “A Prelude To An Ice Age” or “Ski Florida: Fun, Sun & Snow!”.

… There are no sunspots.

So much for those “infallible, robust models“, eh?

Father Sun is showing Mother Gaia who’s in charge by pimp-slappin’ her and then giving her the ol’ Climatological Cold Shoulder™. Can’t say as we blame him, either. After all, she’s been gettin’ down an’ dirty with those nasty hippies for going on 40+ years now. With that many STD’s running through her system, it’s amazing that she’s only had a fever for a few years and hasn’t had her girlie stuff fall off.

Anyhow, we were going to do a full-fledged Fisking on the article, but it’s getting late and we’ve only managed to get through the first paragraph in this much space. Go read the rest yourselves. It’s going to be fun watching Algore & his fellow scammers being set adrift on icebergs in the Gulf of Mexico in a few years. We’ll bring the firewood if someone brings the beer.


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock and remain blissfully unaware, April 29th is Teh Magic Negroes™ milestone of “the foist 100 days”. Expect to see glowing hosannas and eloquent homages to Dear Leader in every rag and two bit “news” show from CNN to local cable access.

Oh, and this piece of blasphemy too.

Excuse me while I go puke. h/t LC Caveman for the link. And to borrow from him, rage is too mild a word.

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Teh One and his Merry Moronic Marching-to-Marxism Minions in The Biggest Little Whorehouse on the Potomac are doing their damnedest to “make the most out of a completely fabricated crisis” and jam through Cap & Trade Crap & Tax legislation that will, if allowed to pass, doom the United States to an economic future resembling Somalia’s.

First, they have the freak of nature, Henry Waxman (D-New Moscow), go behind closed doors to bribe “persuade” the few remaining non-suicidal, semi-sentient Dhimmis into voting for their national self-annihilation pact.

Next, they hold an an “open, impartial, science-based debate” (HA! We tried to type that with a straight face, but just couldn’t.) in TBLWOTP to go over the merits of Glow Bull Worming and the how to best tax your asses into submission Save Mother Gaia. The Divinity School Dropout Great Goreacle was greeted with open arms (and open mouths & knee pads) by Stalins Lil’ Helpers, but Lord Monckton was rejected, out-of-hand, by Lenin’s Lil’ Lobotomized Leprechauns. That’s like asking a retarded, comatose, opium-overdosed shaved weasel to give a dissertation on quantum physics, then turning around and telling Stephen Hawking that he’s not welcome to give a dissenting view on the topic, all because he’d make the retarded, comatose, opium-overdosed shaved weasel look like, well, a retarded, comatose, opium-overdosed shaved weasel.

If Obambi and his Sycophantic Socialist Shell-gamers aren’t stopped, soon, we are all well and truly up Feces Creek without a manually-operated propelling device.


Note: As always, please respect Anthony’s commenting rules & be polite over at WUWT. Thatisall.

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A big ol’ tip o’ the hat goes out to LC Darth Bacon for the heads-up to this guffaw-inducing “Feel Good Story Of The Week”

“You want that regular or extra-crispy?”


PS: You can also consider this your “Weekend Open Thread”.

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Did you know you could actually serve more time in jail or prison for shoplifting or stealing a car for a joyride than if you and two of your friends beat an old man to death on the streets of Seattle?

Tell me THIS isn’t a miscarriage of justice.

Two teens were sentenced to a maximum of 72 weeks in juvenile detention, and a third received a maximum of 36 weeks.


The teens who received the longer sentences also pleaded guilty to charges of second-degree robberyfor attacking two North Seattle teens just before assaulting McMichael, 53, a Seattle fixture known for playing his tuba outside sporting events.

So the base-level for killing another living, breathing human being is only 252 days in jail.  If you roll someone on the street, you can receive an additional 252 days.

One of the three teens who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Ed McMichael’s death unfolded a note he had written and read it as tears tumbled down his face. “I’d like to apologize,” he said, looking at Kelsey McMichael, who came from Florida for Wednesday’s sentencing hearing in King County Juvenile Court.

As the teen continued talking about how he planned to change and “move on as a productive citizen,” friends and family members in the packed courtroom cried and passed around a box of tissues.

 “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to beat that man to death.”

Horse-Pussy.  Then perhaps you can explain how it happened to be that you and two of your friends minions happened to come across a person standing at a bus stop and just start whaling on him — if you didn’t mean to beat him.

BTW:  Any time I hear the phrase, “Productive Citizen” fall out of the neck of a person standing in front of a court or parole board,  I want to punch that person’s nose down into his or her esophagus.  I automatically know that person has been coached to say this — it isn’t a phrase that is usually bantied about by someone who isn’t in trouble and looking to get out of it.

So I don’t buy any of this “remorse” bullshit.  Maybe in about ten years.  Maybe in twenty years. 

Just not right now.

I am a big believer in redemption — but it takes a LOT of time, and a LOT of work.  It isn’t something you can just say some magic words, wipe the tears off of your cheeks, and promise to change in the future.  Redemption is about action, not what you are planning on doing if you were only given the chance.  I don’t care how much you cry about it.  Redemption isn’t automatic, nor can you expect it.

I am just not seeing the mitigating circumstances in this case that would preclude any of these clowns from being locked up until at least the age of 21.  I can almost understand the reasoning why they couldn’t be tried as an adult — almost, but not quite.  I have seen kids remanded into adult custody under far less evidence.  But still, even if the prosecution couldn’t try them as adults, the juvenile court still has the authority to hold a child until the age of 21 — and that is the sentence that each of these kids should have received.

But THIS sentence is a judicial and prosecution cop-out.

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Thor knows that we’ve eaten our share of ‘em over the years. Hell, one of the nicest trends to come out of Algore’s Great Glow Bull Worming Scam™ has been the veritable explosion of shaved beavers all over the world since the temps really started crankin’ up in the 1980’s. Who knew that so many beavers would willingly shed their pelts after a measly 1.5F zero degree temperature rise over the last century? Anyhow, Basil explains the history of Urf Day over at IMAO.



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Two words are all that are needed to describe the following short news clip: Fucking OUTRAGEOUS!


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I suppose he is, since he’s typing and it would be prodigious hard to type if you were dead.

I’m also keenly aware of the fact that I have been neglecting my duties and I can offer nothing more than my apologies for it, worthless as they are. Why? Because… I don’t know… Disaster after disaster hitting our beloved country as the Teleprompter Marxist in Chief drives stake after stake into the heart of our sacred republic with nobody doing anything to stop it combined with prices on everything going up, as well all of you know, the continued insecurity about my personal employment future that I still know nothing about etc. etc. etc.

Still, now is the time for all good men…

And I suppose I’m not one of those. The muse has left me. She’ll return, I’m sure, but in the meantime I’ve left all of you wondering what the Hell happened to me and I’ve not done a good job of letting you know, and that’s a British Understatement. I apologize.

I guess that I’m mildly shocked. I always thought that Americans, an honorable group of people to whom I belong through Providence, wouldn’t put up with this kind of shit for more than five minutes, but I guess I was wrong. Back where I come from, an obvious poseur like the Teleprompter in Chief might have lasted for quite a while because the people over there just haven’t got what it takes, but I never thought that it could happen over here. I always thought that the love of liberty, stronger here than anywhere else on Earth since this nation was built upon that very notion would not tolerate a fascist bastard like the Obamessiah for more than the blink of an eye.

This is a nation that was built upon the blood and sacrifice of ignorant farmers standing up to the most powerful military nation on Earth after all, and they stood up and won.

It is kind of hard to imagine a nation like that meekly submitting to an inexperienced clown with a G-d complex but here we are.

We’d have been better off with King George. At least his subjects had balls and weren’t lining up to hand them in.

We have become a nation of cowards, and I suppose we deserve what we’re about to get because of it.

And that’s depressing as all Hell. Lucifer ain’t in it. Washington would weep to see what we’ve become, and Franklin would add to “a Republic, if you can keep it…” the words “but obviously you can’t, you fat, complacent, baaing sheep.”


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