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Technical matters first. RadioCIA has migrated to two shiny new shoutcast servers. What does this mean to our fine listeners? Simple…..you’ll have to go to the RadioCIA Listen Now page and click on your player of choice (don’t forget broadband unless you’re a dial-up listener) and reset your bookmark once the stream is up and running. This will only be required if a) you use a bookmark (as you should) and b) only the first time you visit the page. Following this everything will be status quo ante to get on our stream.

The rest of bidness, it IS Tuesday and in spite of another kick in the teeth I’m ready to clue-bat the left, and no I won’t tell you what the kick was about, my blood pressure doesn’t need to go more hyper than it already has.

Uber-DJ Jay will start things off with his Rock Warm-Up around 7 pm CT and I’ll be ready to roll with the rants onTuesday Truth sometime on or about 8 pm. The pile is guranteed to piss you off tonight and the Production Staff™ (thanks Sis) is busy killing trees (oh the horror of destroying Mother Gaia) printing it all out for me. I’ll be around until probably 11 pm or so.

See ya’ then, now it’s back to hitting the “For Hire” listings for me. Dammitall.


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To paraphrase from the WWE…If ya smelllllllll…what the BECK…is cookin’…

Seems to be a night for videos in the Empire…and since I seem to be the only Management™ type who hasn’t contributed lately (ahem)…here’s something that’ll warm the cockles of thine hearts: Glenn Beck opening a can of whoop-ass on poooooooor (not!) Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.
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Big fucking grin.

KABUL, March 26 (Reuters) – A would-be suicide bomber accidentally blew himself up on Thursday, killing six other militants as he was bidding them farewell to leave for his intended target, the Interior Ministry said.

“The terrorist was on his way to his destination and saying good-bye to his associates and then his suicide vest exploded,” a statement from the ministry said.

And the Baby Jesus smiles. (H/T Frank J.)

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U.S. stocks dropped Monday amid uncertainty about the struggling U.S. auto industry and other concerns about the economy.

“…concerns about the economy” is a polite way of saying that Wall Street knows the Marxist in Chief is giving us the royal fucking.

The losses started at the opening of the U.S. markets and continued to the close, following those across the world earlier in the day.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 254.16 points down, to 7,522.22. The S&P 500-stock Index closed 28.41 points down, to 787.53. The NASDAQ lost 43.40 points, closing at 1,501.80.

The cocksucker sure is consistent.

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That was sarcasm BTW. I’m referring to Dear Leader Poofy Hair getting ready to pull a Slim Pickens and ride the missile.

Japanese, South Korean and U.S. missile-destroying ships set sail to monitor North Korea’s imminent rocket launch, as Pyongyang stoked tensions Monday by detaining a South Korean worker for reportedly denouncing the North’s political system.

Would that be the “unproven missile defense” system Teh Magic Negro™ promised to stop wasting money on? So while the Norks are detaining a citizen of a U.S. ally for daring to speak ill of Dear Leader and his “extreme diet plan” called communism, they are also gonna launch a ballistic missile test. Yeah, these are people we can “deal” with in an “open and constructive dialogue.”

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The patriotic fervor after 9/11 apparently had a pretty limited shelf life. “Never Forget” my ass cuz never is here.

Even without the name, the symbolism of the Freedom Tower as an American response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks was hard to miss.

Bureaucratic delays, infighting, political bickering, multi-cultural diversity, yep.

The original architect designed a twisting form he wanted to imitate the Statue of Liberty, with a spire that rose to the deliberate height of 1,776 feet to recognize the year of American independence. Politicians called the tower proof of the country’s triumph over terrorism.

The same politicians who used the Freedom Tower for a quick photo op to show that they were Hawks; just a quick diversion on the way to getting Code Pinko their gallery passes so they could scream “murderer” at the top of their lungs while those actually prosecuting the Long War were testifying before their sell out cronies in the whorehouses of the Potomac.

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A common characteristic of recipients of the Medal of Honor is humility. Humility and a strong sense of honor, personal integrity and a principled uprightness of character. One man’s integrity was so strong that he refused to ever acknowledge that he had been awarded the Medal of Honor because the circumstances that put him there were based on a lie. He never told his family, and the conspiracy was only ever discovered because of the tradition that MoH holders are saluted by all ranks.

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On Tuesday March 17th a man in Parma Ohio walks into a Taco Bell to get his evenings dinner. Future gastrointestinal distress aside, a perfectly normal occurrence right? Well the man in question, Bill Carlisle, was exercising his 2nd Amendment right and carrying a Glock 21. Mr. Carlisle has not yet received his Concealed Firearms license, so in order to comply with Ohio’s laws he was openly carrying the pistol in a holster on his hip. Mr. Carlisle ordered his food, paid for it and made small talk with the Taco Bell staff, ate and left.

Cue the Gun Fearing Wussies.
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LC Thresher Redux is headed to the May Clinic for some more testing and a diagnosis of some severe GI problems he’s having, severe enough to have just landed him in the hospital for a few days. So far the tests say he does not have Crohn’s Disease, but all the symptoms say he does. I would greatly appreciate it if y’all could say a few prayers for him.

Thanks pups.

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