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SorryI’vebeenabsentlately, beenworkingongettingmy spacebarfixed.Nolucksofar.

ButasabelatedChristmaspresent toalltheRottiesandapartingsho tforthenewyear,Ileaveyou withthis.

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The more I think about Dear Leader’s resolute determination to lose the Long War, the more I think of this face.


This Marine’s gaze is set forward, his eyes focused on his goal. He knows his mission. He knows not only what is expected of him, but what others expect from him. He has made the commitment to do his duty. He has already sacrificed, he’s away from his family, in a foreign land, freezing at night, sweltering during the day. He faces uncertainty every time he steps outside the wire while his family waits at home, apprehensively waiting for his safe return. And he is prepared to sacrifice even more to win this war.

Look at this face, Obama. He needs to know that his sacrifices, his efforts are not in vain. He needs to know that the person who claims to lead him is prepared to do his part.

Look at this face, Obama. Look into his eyes. He knows the gravity of the situation, he knows the mettle of his enemy, and he’s prepared.

Are you, Obama? He needs to know.

And so do our enemies.

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dEar Leader sent me an e-mail today.

John –

John Galt that is…

As we head into the final stretch on health reform, big insurance company lobbyists and their partisan allies hope that their relentless attacks and millions of dollars can intimidate us into accepting the status quo.

So I have a message for them, from all of us: Not this time. We have come too far. We will not turn back. We will not back down.

But do not doubt — the opponents of reform will not rest. So I need you to fight alongside me.

We must continue to build out our campaign — to spread the facts on the air and on the ground, and to bring in more volunteers and train them to join the fight. I urgently need your help to keep this 50-state movement for reform going strong.

Please donate $5 or whatever you can afford today:

(Link whore deleted – crunch)

Let’s win this together,

President Barack Hussein Pashsa Obama, Your Glorious Leader

With just a few minor modifications, namely replacing references to the eeeevil Rethuglicans with the Jihadis, and the health care abortion with the war, that’s what we should have heard at West Point. Maybe then the Cadets would have stayed awake.

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Across the world, where ever our nations standard flies, today it flew at half-mast. Did you notice? If you did, did you know why Old Glory dipped in mournful respect today?

I’m sure the readers here did notice, and I’m even more sure you knew why. But what of the rest of our countrymen? Do they remember the 2,043 lives lost that fateful Sunday morning 68 years ago? Do they remember the 1,178 wounded?

Do they remember the vengeful wrath that was awoken? Do they remember the way a nation united against the treacherous evil which wanted to subjugate the world?

The Arizona remembers.

She still weeps for the dead.


Are we as resolute today as our forefathers were then?

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One of the hirabi scum who bombed the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 has filed to have his case dismissed. On what grounds you my ask? He was denied the right to a speedy trial of course.

Lawyers for a terrorism suspect once held at Guantánamo Bay who is now facing prosecution in Manhattan asked a judge on Tuesday to dismiss his case on the ground that his nearly five years in detention denied him his constitutional right to a speedy trial.

Remember all the talk about the pitfalls of treating a military threat as a law enforcement problem? There ya go. Foreign born and bred terrorists are being granted Constitutional rights. Or trying to claim that at least.

The terrorism suspect, Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, was captured in Pakistan in 2004, held for two years in secret prisons run by the C.I.A., and then moved in 2006 to the naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

Perfectly appropriate treatment for an illegal enemy combatant captured on the battlefield. Another legal way to treat the bastard would have been to immediately put him up against a wall too. Perhaps the little fuck stick should be a bit more grateful.

During his detention, he says, he was subjected to cruel interrogation techniques and denied a lawyer.

His halal meals weren’t tasty enough.  Yet another example of the Fifth Columns incessant bleating about alleged “torture” coming back to bite us in the ass. It sure made for a good campaign tactic though, didn’t it? Accuse the other party of encouraging, if not outright ordering, torture, so you can regain political power, all the while playing right into the enemies playbook. But we still can’t question their patriotism, right?

Although Mr. egg sucking dog terrorist filth Ghailani faces charges stemming from a terrorist act that predated the Sept. 11 attacks, his speedy trial motion could foreshadow issues that could arise in the prosecution of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the professed organizer of the 9/11 plot, and four other Guantánamo detainees who were recently ordered sent to New York for trial.

Gee, ya fucking think so skippy? Claim your Kewpie doll you mouth-breathing moron.

“We respectfully submit that this case presents possibly the most unique and egregious example of a speedy trial violation in American jurisprudence to date,” Mr. Ghailani’s lawyers said…

And I respectfully submit that you are a clue-bereft, fifth columnist traitor, using our very own Constitution to aid our enemies sworn to destroy us.

…in a motion that was heavily censored because of its reliance on classified information.

Yeah, I’m real sure that classified information will remain censored. Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.

“This motion asks one primary question,” the lawyers, Peter E. Quijano, Michael K. Bachrach and Gregory Cooper, wrote. “Can national security trump an indicted defendant’s constitutional Right to a Speedy Trial? We respectfully submit that the answer is emphatically and without qualification, ‘No.’ ”

The answer is an emphatic and unqualified “You’re a fucking asshat!” Remember those names, Quijano, Bachrach (Ya think he’s Bert’s brother or sumthin’), and Cooper. These fucks think foreign, enemy terrorists have Constitutional rights. Is Ghailani a U.S. citizen? Hmmm, wonder what the chances of that are?

Mr. egg sucking dog terrorist filth Ghailani, a Tanzanian (emhasis mine- crunch) who is believed to be in his mid-30s, has pleaded not guilty. He has been charged with conspiring to help carry out Al Qaeda’s 1998 bombings of the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, attacks that killed 224 people. The military has also said that he later served as a cook and a bodyguard for Osama bin Laden.

Yep, U.S. citizen alright. I had totally forgotten about Tanzania being one of our 57 States.

The trial of KSM and his cohorts is sure gonna be fun. Everyone make sure you have good supply of popcorn handy. Or better yet, an even bigger supply of ammo. We’re gonna need it.

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So finally, after much careful deliberation and consultation with his crack team of military experts, our Dear and Glorious Leader has delivered his Chuchillian masterpiece speech outlining our grand strategy that will lead us to victory in The Long War.

Uhm, well, maybe not so much. Instead we were treated to a confusing mish mosh of how vitally important the battle in Afghanistan is versus the fact that we can’t afford it and it’s not worth the effort. Between his disgraceful use of the speech to defend his own procrastination and indecisiveness on the issue, thinly veiled swipes at George W. Bush, and his narcissistic self congratulations, was a half hearted acknowledgement that the war is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. But rather than committing our nation to winning the war, he squandered the opportunity to rally the nation and instead announced a meager and timid course of action. Rather than laying out a firm definition of what we are trying to accomplish, he restated his vague intentions of  “disrupting, dismantling, and defeating Al-Qaeda”. These are tactical goals against an identified single player in what has been, and is rightfully still, a grand war against an ideology and it’s savage adherents. He has reduced the overall war against Islamofacism to a narrow battle against two minor groups of fighters in a single geographic location. While completely missing the overall strategic picture in it’s entirety, Obama’s war has become a fight against only the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the latter who have no more than 100 or so fighters in the theater.

The most damning part of Obama’s strategy however is that he has given the military 18 months to accomplish their mission. While paying lip service to “conditions on the ground”, he said that the U.S. will begin a withdrawal in July of 2011. He gave the enemy the moral impetus they need to persevere against the very troops he is sending to defeat them. While on paper they have 18 months, in reality they have 4. Afghanistan does not have any road infrastructure or seaports that will allow for the easy deployment of our combat brigades. It will take at least 7 months to get the troops in place, probably longer. Although wisely the initial deployments will take place during the winter season when the enemy traditionally goes to ground, and extend through the spring and summer offensive season of 2010, they will not be completed until the following winter. Once the spring 2011 offensive season begins in roughly March, they will have only 4 months to accomplish their goals before the withdrawal begins. That is not enough time for a population centric COIN strategy to take hold and bear fruit. The Surge in Iraq was roughly a full 13 months of effort. Obama expects our military to do the same thing in a far harsher environment, with a total commitment of fewer troops, in 1/3 the time. He has set them up for failure, and announced the fact to the entire world, including our enemies in both Afghanistan and elsewhere.

And it’s the elsewhere which is the most troubling, because it has been ignored. Obama himself stated that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer a serious threat either to CONUS or to the government of Afghanistan, yet it is they and they alone that his strategy will focus on. Meanwhile, the architects and spiritual fathers of the Islamofacist movement, the Mullahs in Iran, are free to continue spreading the Khomeni Islamist Revolution and pursuing nuclear weapons.

In other words, last night the President of the United States announced our surrender to the forces of Islamic Radicalism.

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A quick laugh before nitey nite, thanks to Grouchy Old Cripple, via LC Rurik.



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Dear Leader has finally figured out he can’t vote “present” on this one (from They Who Must Not Be Linked™.)

WASHINGTON – After months of debate, dithering (fixed it for ya- crunch) President Barack Obama will spell out a costly Afghanistan war expansion to a skeptical public Tuesday night, coupling an infusion of as many as 35,000 more troops with a vow that there will be no endless U.S. commitment. His first orders have already been made: at least one group of Marines who will be in place by Christmas.

Merry Christmas you bastards. (USMC= U Suckers Missed Christmas). Have to give Obama half credit on this one, at least he agreed to most of what Gen. McChrystal had requested. I would have gladly congratulated him and even praised him if he hadn’t felt the need to throw in the prerequisite caveat about “ending” the war. He just can’t bring himself to be an actual leader and say and do what’s necessary to actually win the fucking war. No, instead he has to take what could have been a resounding moment of moral strength and destroy it by throwing a bone to his leftist base. Well, close Bambi, real close. I was about to make a lot of peoples heads explode by complimenting you.

Obama has said that he prefers “not to hand off anything to the next president”

Already looking at 2012 are we?

and that his strategy will “put us on a path toward ending the war.”

Would your universe implode if you were to just once in your wretched, cursed, Presidency, use the word “victory”? Let me clue ya in on something; wars don’t “end”, they are won or lost. Your choice, pick one.

Before Obama’s call to Britain’s Gordon Brown, the prime minister announced that 500 more U.K. troops would arrive in southern Afghanistan next month — making a British total of about 10,000 in the country. And French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose nation has more than 3,000 in Afghanistan, said French troops would stay “as long as necessary” to stabilize the country.

Do you hear that Bambi? The Fwench *minor spit* are more committed to victory than you are! Do you realize how bad that is? Do you have any fucking clue how far down you have dragged the greatest nation on the Earth when the Fwench have more balls than you do? Breaking news; Chesty Puller is digging his way out of his grave so he can kick you square in the nuts.

Obama’s war escalation includes sending 30,000 to 35,000 more American forces into Afghanistan in a graduated deployment over the next year, on top of the 71,000 already there.

Spend our grandchildren into economic serfdom, destroy the greatest health care system the world has ever known, usurp the Constitution by appointing unaccountable czars to control every facet of our lives, bow and scrape before monarchs, belittle and denigrate our nation, all have to done NOW, THERE IS NO TIME! IT’S A CRISIS! Make the effort to save western civilization and defeat the Isamofascists bent on our destruction, take your time, no rush. News flash for ya Ear Leader, wars aren’t won with graduated deployments. They are won through bold and decisive actions. You may need to find a dictionary to look up the meaning of those words when used in a context other than advancing a radical socialist agenda.

He also will deliver a deeper explanation of why he believes the U.S. must continue to fight more than eight years after the war was started following the Sept. 11 attacks by al-Qaida terrorists based in Afghanistan.

Because we have to score a decisive victory against the forces of evil?

He will emphasize that Afghan security forces need more time, more schooling and more U.S. combat backup to be up to the job on their own, (There also will be a fresh focus on training Afghan forces to take over the fight and allow the Americans to leave. - ibid)  and he will make tougher demands on the governments of Pakistan as well as Afghanistan.

Damn, had my hopes up there for a minute. Nope, instead of the decisive victory we need, the troop increase is seen as only a means to our eventual withdrawal, not our eventual victory. So instead of a rousing justification and Churchillian call to victory that a “war weary” nation needs, his speech will be yet another tepid, milquetoast promise of a gradual defeat and a chance to once again insult and belittle our allies.

On a few of the bigger questions most on the minds of increasingly restive members of Congress and the public, such as how much the additional $30 billion to $35 billion cost will balloon the already skyrocketed federal deficit, how long the U.S. commitment will continue and how it will wind down, Obama was expected to make references without offering specifics.

Because that would once again call for a decisive stand on the issue, something he is genetically incapable of. Let me answer those questions for ya Hussein. The $30-35 billion is an expenditure required to meet the federal government’s Constitutionally mandated obligation to provide for the common defense. It will not balloon the skyrocketing federal deficit because effective immediately all federal expenditures not expressly authorized by the Constitution of the United States are hereby ended. The resulting budgetary surplus will be spent on winning the Long War, and once and forever obliterating the threat of radical Islam. All surplus revenues will be immediately returned to the people of the United States in the form of a permanent tax cut to a flat 5% of income, until such time as the 16th Amendment can be repealed. The U.S. commitment will continue until victory is achieved and will “wind down” with a victory parade conducted on a road constructed with the skulls of our vanquished enemy. Hows them for some specifics?

The president’s review was anchored by 10 extensive war council meetings, starting on Sept. 13, that featured a debate between a counterinsurgency strategy focused on protecting the local population and building up the Afghanistan government or a more limited counterterrorism strategy Joe Bidens sooper secret soooper special magical Ninja strategy.

The former was referred to as “The Surge” when we actually had an administration that knew how to fight a war. The latter is only one minor step above sending the FBI in to Nuristan to arrest the Taliban.

The final product is neither, though it leans more toward counterinsurgency.

Almost there Bambi, but not quite.

The length of the process drew sharp barbs. Less than two months in, Vice President Dick Cheney accused Obama of “dithering,” beginning a drumbeat of criticism from Republicans. The White House shot back that the administration Cheney helped lead had given inordinate attention to Iraq while turning its back on Afghanistan.

You own this issue now Bambi, you can’t blame Bush forever. Quick strategy primer for you. We focused on Iraq because it was an easier theater to fight the hirabi in, and because Iraq was the key to Iran, the true center of gravity in this war. Iran was a present that was handed to you on a silver platter by seven years of the blood sweat and toil of men far superior to anything you could ever even aspire to be. A gift which you squandered when you preferred to once again vote “present” and “bear witness” to the savage repression of the aspiring democracy activists we have cultivated for so long. You “bore witness” rather than giving the Iranians the real support, material or moral, they needed to overthrow the Mullah’s. Now we are no closer to toppling the Khomenist Regime in Tehran than we were in 1979. Yep, that’s some powerful change you foisted on us you mulim fellating cocksucker.

In recent days, leading Democrats have talked of setting tough conditions on deeper U.S. involvement, or even staging outright opposition.

The Fifth Column scum resorting to type, ensuring that there will be no chance of an American victory in yet another war.

Obama spent much of Monday and Tuesday on the phone, outlining his plan — minus many specifics — for the leaders of France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, India, Denmark, Poland and others.

Still in campaign mode. Vague platitudes, no hard policies or details. Probably for the best. Any discussion of details would show how totally clue bereft he is.

A briefing for dozens of lawmakers was planned for Tuesday afternoon, just before Obama left for New York to give his speech against a military backdrop photo-op.

*Heavy sigh*. Somethings never change. The men and institutions which adopt the warrior ethos so that others may live in peace is nothing more than so much stage dressing to the Immaculate One™.

So close. I so badly wished that I would be able to sing Teh Ones™ praises and give him a hearty pat on the back for finally doing something worthy of his Oval Office predecessors. But alas, it is not to be.

Well, at least it’s nice to know that there are still some constants in the Age of Obama.

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Remember this?

Fallujah Blackwater

How about this?

Fallujah Blackwater 1

Or maybe this?

Fallujah Blackwater 2

That was the scene in Fallujah, March 2004. The charred, butchered pieces of carrion being drug through the street and hung from the bridge were once Americans. They were employees of Blackwater USA, the favorite pariah of the left. They were escorting a food shipment through Fallujah when they were ambushed by jihadi’s. Gunned down and burned to death in their vehicles, their corpses were desecrated and hung as grizzly trophies by the same barbaric savages that the Marines and Army would later exterminate during Al Fajr.

I suppose it would be gratifying to know that a team of Navy SEALS recently captured Ahmed Hashim Abed, the mastermind of the attack and one of the most wanted hirabi in Iraq. Except that he apparently suffered a boo boo at some point. So now three of the operators are facing criminal charges. Yes, three of our most elite warriors, the super ninjas that Biden expects to win the war singlehandedly in Afghanistan, will face courts martial because Ahmed suffered a split lip. I fucking shit you not, a motherfucking SPLIT LIP!

Ahmed Hashim Abed, whom the military code-named “Objective Amber,” told investigators he was punched by his captors — and he had the bloody lip to prove it.

Perhaps he would have preferred to have been burnt and flayed open, his mutilated corpse hung from a stanchion.

Now, instead of being lauded for bringing to justice a high-value target, three of the SEAL commandos, all enlisted, face assault charges and have retained lawyers.

And I’m glad to say they have demanded Courts Martial instead of Captains Mast. I want to see this judged by a jury of the operator’s peers. Then the weenie dicked, pusillanimous, mewling staff pussies who pursued these charges can explain how they think that Ahmed is a fucking victim here because he may have taken a punch, while the most highly trained and dedicated warriors the world has ever known are the bad guys.

Now let me be perfectly clear here. I in no way condone or advocate the deliberate mistreatment or abuse of detainees or EPW’s. Not because they may or may not deserve it. No, quite simply because we don’t do that. We are better than that. Having said that however, let’s be honest about what abuse really is, and what disciplinary actions, if any, are appropriate. If, and that’s a huge if, an operator did slug this guy, so what? In my day that would have been handled with a little one on one time with the company gunny. If they had inflicted serious abuse or torture, real torture, not the watered down politically expedient definition of the Bush years, then we throw the book at the people who do it. They are a disgrace to the uniform and harm the war effort with their actions. But not even in Code Pinks cerebralaly challenged world does a bloody lip rise to the level of deserving an article 15.

So what will this do to the morale of our war fighters? Think about that for just a moment. SEALs who capture one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, after a 5 1/2 year manhunt, are facing career ending charges. And for what? Not a God damned thing. While the Marxist Usurper tries to figure out how to vote present on whether to win the campaign in Afghanistan, our warriors fight, bleed and die for an unknown future. With the prospect that their sacrifices will end up being for nothing, they charlie mike anyway. That’s what they do. That’s what they have always done, what they always will. But they will reach a point where they say fuck it. Why should they be the last man to die in a fight that their CiC doesn’t want to win? Why should they risk not only their lives, but their very freedom, to capture a man who can play the AQ playbook to a hilt. Make an allegation of abuse and watch the infidel eat their own. It’s all written in black and white, yet we still fall for their ace in the hole. Thanks to the hirabis’ willing and gleeful accomplices in the media and the fifth column leftists who brayed far and wide about “torture” at Abu Graib, our military is hypersensitive to any hint of misconduct. So much so that a SEAL team who should be up for commendations are instead facing a court martial.

So why bother capturing a potential treasure trove of intelligence when you can just put a bullet in his head. Or why even bother running down that lead when it could lead to actually having to catch the bastard and then dealing with the lawyers.

Just what the fuck is going on?

A jihadi wearing a U.S. uniform guns his down supposed comrades while they do paperwork. Our chain of commands response is to fret over the possible impact on “diversity”. The media moan about how he was “picked on” and suffered a never before know condition of PRE traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD transference. Meanwhile our enemies use it as a recruiting tool.

The Afghanistan Theater is ripe for a population centric COIN operation like the Iraq Surge, and we dither and delay. Iraq is largely won, and yet we continue to be our own worse enemy and the jihadis’ best friend. We CAN lose this war. Eight years of struggle and sacrifice for nothing. And once again, just like Vietnam, we will have done for our enemy what they could not do for themselves.

The major difference is that when we lost the political war in Vietnam, it was a tactical loss in a grand strategic game of chess that we eventually recovered from. If we lose this war there will be no recovery. The Islamic fascists will reap a strategic victory and gain a momentum that can not be stopped. We WILL lose western civilization if we lose this war.

It’s time for a national gut check on the part of our leadership, both military and civilian. Fight the fucking war or pull out and surrender.

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Seems the Somali pirates didn’t learn the last time when the Navy shot ‘em in the head from the fantail of a moving destroyer, on a Sunday, at night. Nope, they decided to try and hit the Maersk Alabama again. A slightly different outcome this time though.

NAIROBI, Kenya – Somali pirates attacked the Maersk Alabama on Wednesday for the second time in seven months and were thwarted by private guards on board the U.S.-flagged ship who fired off guns and a high-decibel noise device.

A high decibel noise device huh? The guns I can see, but using shrieking moonbats seems a little excessive. Even pirates don’t deserve that.

Pirates hijacked the Maersk Alabama last April and took ship captain Richard Phillips hostage, holding him at gunpoint in a lifeboat for five days. Navy SEAL sharpshooters freed Phillips while killing three pirates in a daring nighttime attack.

Four suspected pirates in a skiff attacked the ship again on Wednesday around 6:30 a.m. local time, firing on the ship with automatic weapons from about 300 yards (meters) away, a statement from the U.S. Fifth Fleet in Bahrain said.

Man it just keeps getting better. These sub-retarded pieces of human detritus engage at 300 yards with  worn out pieces of shit AK’s, for which 300 yards is stretching it on a good day, while I’m sure that the on-board security contingent were using something just a tad bit more accurate at that range. How in the hell have they been so successful so far? We’ll see if the answer to that particular riddle lies somewhere in the rest of article.

Vice Adm. Bill Gortney of the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, said the Maersk Alabama had followed the maritime industry’s “best practices” in having a security team on board.

“This is a great example of how merchant mariners can take proactive action to prevent being attacked and why we recommend that ships follow industry best practices if they’re in high-risk areas,” Gortney said in a statement.

Sounds like some good, old fashioned, unequivocal  common sense there. He doesn’t have much of a career ahead of him with the current CiC unfortunately.

However, Roger Middleton, a piracy expert at the London-based think tank Chatham House, said the international maritime community was still “solidly against” armed guards aboard vessels at sea, but that American ships have taken a different line than the rest of the international community.

Yeah, we’re special that way. We haven’t handed in our testicles yet.

Shipping companies are still pretty much overwhelmingly opposed to the idea of armed guards,” Middleton said. “Lots of private security companies employee people who don’t have maritime experience. Also, there’s the idea that it’s the responsibility of states and navies to provide security. I would think it’s a step backward if we start privatizing security of the shipping trade.”

And the riddle is solved! The Edward Teach wannabe’s, while stymied over how to tie their own shoes, have no problem boarding and seizing huge sitting ducks because the crews have been told not to resist. Just like a hot 20 year old co-ed walking down a dark alley at night in a cheer leading costume. You know what’s coming, and the best these weenies can do to protect her is to tell he not to resist and spread ‘em. Fucking disgusting. What ever happened to the Rule of the Sea where you could hang a pirate on sight? There are a couple of real gems in fucktwaddle Middletwat’s quote though;

“Lots of private security companies employee people who don’t have maritime experience…

Uhm, OK. Gurandamnteee you that a a few of those guys once wore the Eagle Globe and Anchor,or even just an anchor, on their uniforms. And even if they were landlubbers, it don’t take that damn long to teach starboard from port, bow from stern. What a euroweenie.

Also, there’s the idea that it’s the responsibility of states and navies to provide security. I would think it’s a step backward if we start privatizing security of the shipping trade.”

Yeah, but it’s, as you Brits would say, a “quaint idea”. Don’t holp up very well in the real word. Especially when the majority of these “Navies” are told not to engage the egg sucking dogs. Well, except for the fwench that is. Even their resupply ships have gotten in the game lately. Pretty sad state of affairs ain’t it?

As to “privatizing security of the shipping trade”, God forbid someone does something that works rather than rely on the glorious nanny state to do it for them. “I would think” that you’re an emasculated nancy boy who pisses his pant’s every time a puppy farts.

A Massachusetts Maritime Academy professor, who is also the father of a sailor who was on the Maersk Alabama during the first pirate attack in April, said about 20 percent of the ships off East Africa are armed.

Leaving the other 80% at the tender mercies of the Somali’s.

The owners of the Maersk Alabama have spent a considerable amount of money since the April hijacking to make the vessel pirate-proof, Murphy said, including structural features and safety equipment. The most dramatic change is what he called a security force of “highly trained ex-military personnel.”

But do they have “maritime experience”?!!?

Somali pirates understand one thing and only one thing, and that’s force,” said Capt. Joseph Murphy, who teaches maritime security at the school. “They analyze risk very carefully, and when the risk is too high they are going to step back. They are not going to jeopardize themselves.”

Which is why it’s best not to resist, eh  Middletwat?

A self-proclaimed pirate told The Associated Press from the Somali pirate town of Haradhere that colleagues out at sea had called around 9 a.m. — 2 1/2 hours after the attack.

“They told us that they got in trouble with an American ship, then we lost them. We have been trying to locate them since,” said a self-described pirate who gave his name as Abdi Nor.

Check the bottom of the ocean. Or the ear doctors office. High decibel noise devices and all. :-)

Pirates have greatly increased their attacks in recent weeks after seasonal rains subsided. On Tuesday, a self-proclaimed pirate said that Somali hijackers had been paid $3.3 million for the release of 36 crew members from a Spanish vessel held for more than six weeks — a clear demonstration of how lucrative the trade can be for impoverished Somalis.

Don’t sound too damned “impoverished” to me, $3.3 million for one job. Yep, lucrative alright, as long as they pick on the right ship that is. You know, the ones who follow Roger Middletwat’s advice. Anything with the name “Alabama” on it though…not so much.

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