Cop Killer Exterminated Like the Vermin it was, at Long Last

All murderers are despicable and utterly deserving of the one way ticket to Hell administered by states who still care more about the safety of their citizens than the “rights” of vermin, but there will always be a special dose of hatred in my heart for those who murder our sheepdogs, our law enforcement officers.

One of those worthless parasites upon mankind was put down yesterday, and you shouldn’t miss LC & IB Nicki’s take on it, but here is our two cents as well:

The killer of a Winchester police officer whose case became a flash point in the debate over Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s views on the death penalty was executed last night by lethal injection after Kaine declined to intervene.

Edward N. Bell was strapped to a gurney, administered a sequence of three drugs and pronounced dead at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt at 9:11 p.m.,

…and there was much rejoicing…

Although capital punishment has been the subject of long-standing debate in Virginia, the case had particular resonance for Kaine (D), a Catholic who personally opposes the death penalty but has said he will enforce the law.

Which is an exceedingly polite way of stating that he likes to beat his “moral” drum, but he’s keenly aware that beating it too loudly would cost him his nice sinecure, a.k.a. “eating your cake and having it too”, a.k.a. “being a hypocritical demorat populist”, a.k.a. “business as usual among liberals.”

Too harsh? It’s no different from those “Catholic” politicians who claim to be oh-so-devout while simultaneously supporting abortion because, well, there are just too dang many of their constituents who do so as well, dontchaknow? Either you have a standpoint or you don’t. I’d rather have an arsehole with idiotic standpoints ready to stand up and take a beating for them than a lip-synching milquetoast moron with all the right opinions who runs away in abject terror when it’s time to step up to the plate.

Timbrook’s widow, Kelly, denounced Kaine’s views in an emotional television ad during the 2005 gubernatorial campaign.

“How could you not think the death penalty was appropriate?” Timbrook, who was pregnant when her husband was slain, said in the ad made for Kaine’s Republican opponent, Jerry W. Kilgore. “When Tim Kaine calls the death penalty murder, I find it offensive.”

When pathetic, ball-less, sniveling cowards like Kaine breathe, His Majesty finds it offensive.

Timbrook family members witnessed the execution, and Bell addressed them in his final words, Traylor said. He quoted Bell as saying: “To the Timbrook family, you definitely have the wrong person. The truth will come out one day.”

The truth is coming out to you today, turdslime, as your sphincter embraces the barbed cock of Satan’s most well-hung and horny demon. From today until eternity. That’s a loooong time, we might add, and you’re about to find out just how long.

An attorney for Bell, James G. Connell III, said Bell should have been spared because his trial lawyers failed to present positive “mitigating” evidence about his life that could have swayed the jury.

Let’s see if we get this right: A subhuman sack of syphilitic scum who gunned down a police officer in cold blood, a husband with a highly pregnant wife whose child will never know its daddy, just because he was doing his job, should be “spared” because his equally worthless scumslurping defense attorneys failed to embroider a sufficiently tear-jerking story about how the potty the murdering swine sat and shat on while he was a wee parasite-to-be was too cold?

We suppose it’s alright if Officer Timbrook’s child grows up and wipes out the entire syphilitic Bell clan in a murderous rage one day? After all, it’s hard to beat that child’s story about a tough childhood without the dad who was brutally slain while he or she was still in the womb.

Oh, and did we mention that Bell was black? Normally, His Majesty wouldn’t give a flying fuck about that irrelevant factoid, but now that our new A.G. has put us on notice, we find it incumbent upon ourself to confront the racial angle as well.

Not to do so would be “cowardly”, after all.


  1. 1
    AyUaxe says:

    Yeah, let’s have a brave, forthright and honest conversation about race and the vastly disproportionate murdering, raping, dope fiending, robbing, burgling and otherwise detestable scum that the African American comoooonitay poops out like diarrhea after a pork rind eatin’ contest, how about that, MF’r Holder-of-cocks? Let’s all jump up and down and shout, Free Mumia, Free Mumia, so someone can ice that MF’r, too. Damn glad to see the catlickers’ hypocrisy finally produced a favorable result. A lyin’ catlicker a-hole ex-persecutor down here in N’awlins just got one murderin’ sack of black shite out of Angola, by lying about another ex-da’s alleged death bed confession to having withheld exonerating blood evidence from the defense–BS, I knew the decedent and that’s total BS. I knew the lying sack-o-shite catlicker and I know he’s lying. I’ve also seen the trial and appeal records and John Thompson’s defense lawyers chose not to have the blood evidence tested, because they were pretty sure it’d cook his goose. The fact that it also might not have is da breaks. None of the above means that a person convicted of a murder isn’t guilty of that murder or others and shouldn’t go to hell, directly to hell. Nice commentary–Timbrook says it’s not him, but his defense doesn’t say he’s innocent, they just want to whine about “mitigating” factors. That says it all right there. Not only was he the murdering scum he was convicted of being, he’s also still trying to lie his way out of it–have fun with those demons, Timbrook; I know they’re having fun with you!

  2. 2
    LC Spare Parts says:

    T’would be most fitting if the ACLU lawyers and judges who now dictate the rules of engagement to our police were held culpable in their deaths when these officers perish as a result of policies issued from the courts resulting from litigation: and more fitting still if they met the same horrid ends.
    That is all.

  3. 3
    mindy1 says:

    He got what he deserved-I hate cop killers :em96:

  4. 4

    AyUaxe sez:

    Timbrook; I know they’re having fun with you!

    Minor correction, though I know what you mean and certainly share the sentiment, Timbrook is the name of our brother in blue who got murdered.

    The murdering swine’s name is Bell.

  5. 5

    Mish, thanks so much for the story. I just want Ricky’s family to know that people do care about their son, and that this occasion is not about capital punishment, but about the death of a really good guy.

    BTW – Bell wasn’t just black. He was an illegal.

  6. 6
    Mike M says:

    Looking around the web, I see remarks by defenders of Bell who argue that because he had the IQ of a turnip he couldn’t possibly have appreciated the consequences of his actions. Thus, their argument goes, it would be unconstitutional to execute him.

    I also saw where Bell knew Officer Timbrook and disliked him because the officer was interfering with his cocaine dealing business and was always trying to arrest him. In fact, he wanted to kill him and had said as much. He knew Officer Timbrook wore body armor and told people it would require a head shot in order to slay him, which is exactly what he did.

    Good riddance to you, Edward N. Bell, you piece of shit. Your “mitigating factors” were unconvincing.

  7. 7

    During the chase, Ricky ran after Bell around a dark corner. It was Ricky’s mistake, because Bell was waiting for him. Shot him point blank. Bell knew exactly what he was doing.

  8. 8
    LC Gunsniper says:

    They should have sat Mumia Jamal on Bell’s lap and fried them both in one jolt.

  9. 9

    Since the AG has made it mandatory for us all to talk about race all the time, now…I gotta ask…what color was the cop?

    If he were white, this couldn’t possibly be a hate crime, could it? Cause after all, only whites are racist.

  10. 10
    Lc ORWN says:

    The gene pool just got a little cleaner :em69:

    my prayers go out to his widow and fatherless child

  11. 11
    LC Fei Long says:

    As a Virginian, I’ve gotta say: 2009 cannot come too soo— what’s that you say?

    I bet Kaine’s right hand is still burnt from the holy water I applied when I shook it at my high school graduation! :em95:

  12. 12
    americanexpat says:

    Shot him point blank. Bell knew exactly what he was doing.

    For having the IQ of a houseplant, as his criminal (defense) attorney claimed, he planned the ambush pretty well. The piece of shit knew what he was doing, all right. But now he’s just another dead oxygen thief. I hope the first day of his eternal torment went well…for Satan. For Edward N. Bell, not so much. If it makes me a bad Christian to think this, then so be it. I have no sympathy for cop killers, especially those that also happen to be drug dealers.

    On the other hand, my prayers go out to the Timbrook family.

  13. 13

    LC SkyeChild G.L.O.R., Imperial Grammar Hun @: Ricky was white.

  14. 14
    Sir Fresh Sign says:

    it seems like the jamaican swine who snuck in here are often pure trash and murderers. I’d bet their crime rate as a group is astronomical…. plus i also saw this little tidbit when i read this story at Fox yesterday:

    Bell, a father of five, met with four of his children, his sister and two women with whom he had children, his lawyer said. Connell said his client didn’t request a last meal because “he remained hopeful ’til the end” for a pardon and instead ate a cheese sandwich, which was what the rest of the inmates had.

    just pumping out useless babies too, just great, i look forward to them when they grow up.

  15. 15
    lc purple raider says:

    I’m trying to generate some sympathy for Mr Bell.

    Nah, not even a tiny tear came to my eye.

    As a matter of fact, my picture of Baby Jesus smiled.

  16. 16
    dcs2244 says:

    Sir Fresh Sign sez:

    “…just pumping out useless babies too, just great, i look forward to them when they grow up…”

    This is what the police refer to as “job security”… :em02:

  17. 17
    BigDogg says:

    My dad, a 30+ year veteran of law enforcement, firmly believed that God has a soft spot in his heart for cops – and I do too. That being said, I pray that Bell is receiving Divine justice.

  18. 18
    LC HJ Caveman82952 says:

    As do I , BigDogg. The ones I know here in Dog Patch I count as friends. One could view God as the ultimate cop………makes me smile inside, a nice warm glow very much unlike what the scumbag is experiencing right now.

  19. 19
    Ogrrre says:

    I really tried to find a little bit of sympathy for this worthless piece of shit (well, not really :em93: ), but

  20. 20
    Ogrrre says:

    Oh, hell! :em98: I tried to link to this

  21. 21
    Kane says:

    No sympathy here, except for the officer’s widow and his child/children. The execution should have been televised so that all of these young “gangstas” can see what happens when you kill a cop. Lethal injection!?! I say bring back the firing squad, as a cop myself, I would have volunteered. If you want a good perspective of what a widow goes through, and continues to go through, read “Murdered by Mumia”. The book was written by Maureen Faulkner and Michael Smerconish, it chornicles all of the events from when Maureen’s husband Officer Danny Faulkner was gunned down in cold blood, the trial, and harassment and intimidation Maureen was subjected to, and continues to be, by Mumia’s supporters. God Bless America. :em96:

  22. 22
    AyUaxe says:

    Yikes, RCOB and a work deadline and I just F’d up and did the worst thing–switched the perp and vic’s names. Management, clean up on aisle one, please! Damn, my sincerest apologies, sorry, sorry, sorry! Post 1 (oh, the ignominy of it all, First and F’d), should’a read at the end, “…have fun with those demons, Bell; I know they’re having fun with you!”

    Officer Timbrook, may God always number you with His saints and may the music of your celestial harp soothe those who remember you on this mortal coil.

  23. 23

    Just to let you guys know, I got a comment from former Winchester Police Chief Gary Reynolds. We hadn’t seen one another in about 10 years, so I was absolutely stoked to hear from him! He’s shed some light on the case, which, of course, the lamestream media has neglected to report.


    You go girl. You are 100% accurate in reporting the facts, as always. Have not seen you (forever?) and glad to catch up with you, though not at a good time. Bell is 100% guilty, period. The media has failed to mention the gun shot residue on his hands, which is only there if you have fired a gun in the prior 8 hours. The media failed to mention timbrook’s recorded radio message as he was chasing the suspect, described the suspect down to the gold emblem on the suspect’s hat, which matched bell’s. Bell admitted he was there, heard the shot and then hid because he was afraid! The evidence goes on and on. Oh, and we forgot to mention the 6 grams of cocaine Bell had in his pocket; he was convicted of possession with intent to distribute. The media forgot to mention that Bell had a hearing for the following Tuesday, Timbrook was the key witness, which would have found Bell guilty of being in the country illegally and would have sent him back to his country. Even though in court records, the media has not reported on the two men he chopped with a machete (sic?) and he spent time in a Jamaican prison. The list goes on and on.

    Bottom line is this man killed a police officer to evade arrest. If he killed a cop, he would certainly not think twice about killing an innocent citizen.

    I have had to remain silent for 10 years because of my position. Thank you for telling the story as it needed to be told.

    IQ of a houseplant, indeed. He was an evil piece of pernicious shit, for whom lethal injection was just too good. I think the aforementioned machete would have been better!

    I’ve updated my site with the comment, because I thought it was important to report what the media would not in their hanky-wringing moments of passionate sympathy for the murdering bag of fetid effluvia!

  24. 24
    anonymous hourly worker says:

    Forget the lethal injection. Do it like they did in 1950’s Saudi Arabia. My uncle was there; they made an annoucement that they were going to demonstrate Saudi justice and that no one was leaving. Then they closed off the exits for the market square, rounded up all the people, brought the foreigners right up front, and beheaded their murderers, chopped the hands off the thieves, etc.

    It made quite an impression on my uncle. Could be the one and only thing those camel-humpers have right. Or we could just shoot the monsters right in the middle of the exercise yard at the prison during yard time. That might work. I’m pretty sure the other inmates would remember it.

  25. 25

    OT, disturbing, dunno’ where else to post this about a feller that pushed a thug out of his burger place, took half a clip in the gut, THEN, McScheizboogers nixes any medical help.

    THAT Dude deserves alot more.

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