Black History Bitch Slap

In case you haven’t been paying attention, or managed to escape having it shoved down your throat every 5 minutes, February is Black History Month.  I’m sure the fact that there are no White History, Jewish History, Irish History, Latino History, German Beer Drinkers History, and Polish Midget Tossers History Months hasn’t escaped your notice.   It’s probably just an oversight that will be resolved as soon as some of that Pork Barrel Stimulus money filters down and they can get those new calendars printed.

A good many Blacks seem to think that this is perfectly fine.  After all, their “history” is far more important than all the others combined, BUT…Morgan Freeman thinks it’s a load of bull (as if I needed another reason to love that guy).  Unlike Eric “I’m a race baiting asshole” Holder, he thinks “talking and dialog” is a load of horse shit.

Get some popcorn, because when he bitch slaps that liberal pansy ass Mike Wallace, you’ll want to watch it several times.



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    LC Gonzman says:

    As to the “lawn jockey” insult, it’s just that: an INSULT. You think I picked it at random, Dave? Of course you don’t, you know me better than that. I picked it because I know that the empty suit on Penn Ave is as thin-skinned as they come, a self-doubting piece of effeminate shit, and I know that it HURTS. I’ll never get over the laugh I had when he whined about people making fun of the size of his ears. That baby boy wanted to be president of the strongest nation to ever exist and he can’t handle a pathetic schoolyard insult?

    I much prefer “Teh Magic Negro” myself. It’s a recognized literary device, and one in which the left has eagerly cast Jugears into the role of, to which he has just as eagerly acceded. Don’t like it?

    Truth fucking hurts, don’t it?

    I didn’t vote for John Fucking Kerry, lily-white blue-blood for similar reasons that I hold Obambi in contempt. I made fun of GWB as a stammering and inarticulate Pointy-haired boss pinhead, Clinton as a Redneck Mafioso, Bush the Elder as a RINO who exemplified the Peter Principle, and Ted Kennedy as a brain damaged congenital drunk.

    All of which are spot fucking on. I’m part Indian, Deej – so riddle me this – do I add Redskin racism as the reason I’m making fun of those white guys – or is it liberal racism which is making you only object to the satire and contempt directed towards the black guy?

    Wll, besides that fact that for all your pious preaching on it, you leftie rat bastards don’t object – and even joyfully participate – when such “wacist” slurs are directed towards Oreo black Republicans. Like pelting Mssr. Steele with Oreos or photoshopping him in blackface.

    Clean your own house first. Until then your moral authority to pontificate to anyone else is zip.

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    GamerFromJump says:

    “They only nigger ’round here is you”

    Back when that was an insult and not a generic term of address.

    Maybe some day, when ethnicity is finally bred out will we all be homogenized HUMANS again.

    How sad a world to live in. We have to be homogenous to come together? I think not. Leave the Balkanization out. There are still places around where two different ethnicities can’t be within a meter of each other without losing their damn minds, we don’t need that shit.

    I still say the US military wins the prize for racial equality. It’s basically a non-issue. Any idiot who thinks he can refuse to work with someone because he’s (fill in the blank) will get “corrected” double-quick.

    Another interesting point is that a LOT of my foreign students come here and take American names…Tracy, Sam, etc., while insane black parents are giving their kids so-called “African” names.

    I’ve noticed that too. Had a kid Friday whose name was Dongting, but written as “Becky” on her work. To be honest, I don’t find it necessary, any more that I would change my name to Saito if I moved to Japan, though he was pretty cool in Ghost In the Shell :em93: .

    I’m totally with you on the faux-ethnic naming bit, which mostly seems to involve gratuitous use of “q”s and spelling it so as to defy any attempt at phonetic pronunciation. It’s stupid, and a direct attempt at Balkanization. Take a list of these names to Africa, you won’t find a match, or not many.

    We used to call them

    Operative, “used to”. Only ones doing it now are the ones using it to address each other. I note, too, that they’re the only ones doing this. I’ve never heard a hispanic or Jewish person refer to another hispanic or Jewish person this way. Ever.

    For some reason, the past only matters to some people when it’s a beatstick to use to foment collective guilt. When the past record is used to show the utter retardery of their supposedly “new” ideas, it’s dismissed as irrelevant.

    nor do I observe Earth day

    The only way I’d be interested in Earth Day is if the discussion were converting from Martian days or somesuch. That other one’s just a reminder that we haven’t removed the scourge of envirothuggery from the world yet.

    I much prefer “Teh Magic Negro” myself. It’s a recognized literary device

    Description from a site that collects such things.

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    LC Aggie Sith says:

    Maybe some day, when ethnicity is finally bred out will we all be homogenized HUMANS again.

    Holy crap…..didn’t Hitler have the same issues, too???

    I’m not calling DJ a Nazi, but sheesh….think before you post.

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